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Brzezinski and the history of Al-Qaeda

||  Brzezinski in Pakistan  video
||  Brzezinski and Bin Laden photo ||  Islamic extremism and terrorism on "The Grand Chessboard"
creating the "Arc of Crisis", manipulating the "global zone of percolating violence",
fomenting Muslim Brotherhood fundamentalist insurrections ...
||  Brzezinski and CIA with Islamic Jihadists today -- in Chechnya with ACPC.
||  MEET Tim Osman, a.k.a. Osama Bin Laden...
|| Bush and officials give Bin Laden AMNESTY
"Let bin Laden stay free", says top US official
||  Al-Qaeda and the Taliban
highlights: domain expired on 9-11-01  
||  America's 'War on Terrorism - Chossudovsky
||  more background of Brzezinski, CFR, TLC, Rockefeller
||  even more DETAILED history of CFR and Rockefeller past

must-see detailed analysis: BRZEZINSKI-DECODED via HIS OWN WORDS and BOOKS
  some duplicate
Brzezinski: How Jimmy Carter and I started the Mujahedeen

[za BIG new, bruh ZIN skee]
foreground (or background) advisor on US foreign (and domestic) policy
under Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Bush,
appointed National Security Advisor under Jimmy Carter
(arguably, Carter served under Brz)
for structuring the world for regional corporate interests, Europe, Asia, Americas
lifetime member of the COUNCIL on FOREIGN RELATIONS
Tri-Lateral Comm is spinoff of CFR, for US-Intl elites' financial interests.

The Tri-Lateral Commission and CFR are not a "conspiracy theory".
Trilateral Commission
1156 Fifteenth Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005   202-467-5410
Trilateral Commission Member List 2008  (emailed to me) (PDF file needs Adobe Acrobat Reader or Foxit)
Council of Foreign Relations 
Washington Office 1779 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.  Washington, DC 20036   202-518.3400
However "the Illuminati" has no known address or phone number.

"The technotronic era
involves the
gradual appearance of a more controlled society.  Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values  (of Liberty). Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities."

--- Zbigniew Brzezinski ~ from his book, Between Two Ages
quote published by a twenty-eight year investment banker (Member AIBD) based in the City of London
(This is not just "London" -- the "City of London" is the heart of London's Royal Elite and Financial District
inside London.)

Investment banking is  synonymous with the CIA (Mike Ruppert, audio), and their Brit counterparts are called MI-6.
Before CIA was established, OSS was military intell, State Dept Intell was Allen Dulles, but the closest thing to CIA was Sullivan and Cromwell law firm, which then hired Allen Dulles.

ALEX JONES introductory
VIDEO on Martial Law.  Over the top, but worth seeing.

 "The Trilateral Commission is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States.
The Trilateral Commission represents a skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power--Political, Monetary, Intellectual, and Ecclesiastical
What the Trilateral Commission intends is to create a worldwide economic power superior to the political governments of the nationstates involved. As managers and creators of the system, they will rule the future."

--U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater from his 1979 book "With No Apologies".
(I would not have voted for Goldwater. Nuke Vietnamese? No way. But he was right about this.)
ran for President in 1964
called Mr. Conservative, model for Ronald Reagan (in some ways)
one of the most hardcore conservatives in the history of America,

he opposed anti-gay laws and discrimination on a Constitutional basis,
unfortunately he was a comm-phobe who wanted to NUKE Vietnam,
and is linked to a capitalist criminal syndicate around Ronald Reagan
Reagan suggested a bloodbath on college campuses, for protesters.  Some hero.
It is too late for the politburo to gloat, but Ronald Reagan,slayer of the "evil empire," tried to join the Communist party as a young man and was rejected for being too dim.
The party conducted an investigation, said Fast, and "word came back he was a flake ... who couldn't be trusted with a political
opinion for more than 20 minutes."
 "It took hours to talk him out of it."

The Trilateral Commission:  Not a conspiracy theory.  300+ of the most wealthy powerful guys in the world, meeting and "sharing", all looking out for NUMBER ONE -- themselves -- willing to step on any toes, via geostrategic theories of imperialism, domination, regional power alliances, using America as a base for their activities.
(Some people, including themselves, call their group and plans "The New World Order".)


* "God is on your side"  speech to Mujahideen   (1 min Real Video) alt site
"God is on your side" - A pep talk to Al-Qaeda
Our National Security Advisor addressing Al-Qaeda.
One Degree of Separation between the generic "Islamic mujahideen" warriors, the Taliban and United Front (two US proxies), and Saudi-based Al-Qaeda, in terms of CIA support for all of them.
WMV-1mb  WMV-3mb  WMV-6mb  AVI-DIVX-4mb  Real Video
Thanks to "SUPER", I was able to convert Real Vid to MPG-VCD and then other formats.
Zbigniew Brzezinski tours the Afghan border
with Pakistan’s minister of defense in 1979.
groovy video of Brzezinski personally on the ground in Pakistan, praising the future Al-Qaeda forces, telling them "Brzezinski is on your side and he's hijacked America for the ride".

BRZEZINSKI to "Islamo-fanatics": "We know of their deep belief in God, and we are confident that their struggle will succeed. That land over there is yours. You will go back to it one day, because your fight will prevail and you'll have your homes and your mosques back again, because your cause is right and God is on your side."

to CNN: "The purpose of coordinating with the Pakistanis would be to make the Soviets BLEED for as much and as long as is possible." 
  (full transcript)

Operation Cyclone, details on Zbig's Big Plan to arm Al-Qaeda via Saudis to kill Anwar Sadat of EgyptIs he like "The Godfather"?  Um .. yes.
HISTORY LESSSONS by Doug Ireland  (photo -->>)
History Lessons

Zbignew Brzezinski, National "Security" Adviser under Jimmy Carter, intelligence advisor under Ronald Reagan and Bush Sr., advisor to Kennedy and Johnson, and everyone in between and beyond, also co-founder (with David Rockefeller) of the Tri-Lateral Commission and also member of the CFR, Tri-Lat's "older sister" of which Rockefeller was a Director.

The Incredible Rocky by Joel Andreas 1973  (Acrobat PDF book)

(Jimmy "Habitat for Humanity" Carter - he backed and armed the genocide in East Timor as well as Al-Qaeda.)
Zbignew did not merely shamefully ADMIT that he founded Al-Qaeda.
Zbig bragged that he founded "Al-Qaeda" in 1979, PRECEDING any Russian invasion

He unleashed Islamic Radical Terrorists like dogs from hell to
provoke a Soviet response, to increase the likelihood they would invade Afghanistan, using terrorism as a lure to start a war and to trap Russia in a 'Nam-style quagmire conflict.

The 2nd goal was to overthrow the LEFT govt in Kabul which was attempting to modernize Afghanistan
(by sending girls to school and investing in local human infrastructure and such), in a manner which would have provided less "opportunity" for future oil pipeline looting
by the Totalitarian Global Capitalists like Rockefeller and his cronies.

Al-Qaeda was born as a CIA/National Security covert project of Brzezinski and others on July 3, 1979?
During America's "Independence Day" celebrations, Brz started Al-Qaeda.
When did Clandestine Services QUIT funding Al-Qaeda?  What's that date?  I don't believe we've been given one.

(audio: Ed Griffin disputes that these people are "capitalists" at all, as do many Libertarians.)

Zbig BRAGS in a 1998 interview in 'Le Nouvel Observateur': launching Al-Qaeda "to induce a Soviet military intervention".   condensed version --->  brzezinski_interview_short

"Regret what? That secret operation was an excellent idea."
That project only cost Americans maybe twenty or thirty billion dollars ... plus what we're spending now, $10 billion per month.  And he said he'd do it all over again!!
Sen. Orrin Hatch agreed: Al-Qaeda was a grand idea!!

HINT:  It was no accident. It's all on purpose. Al-Qaeda. Everything. According to their plan. See below.

Zbig seemed to taunt the French interviewer, like she was an idiot, because she couldn't appreciate his sheer clever brilliance in creating Al-Qaeda, for his geo-political "Grand Chessboard". (the title of his book)

link to  Grand Chessboard excerpts from Brzezinski's book

Ok, Brz technically did not launch "Al-Qaeda", per se.  He armed the fanatic Islamic fundamentalist Afghan mujahideen who fighting right alongside the Wahabbi-Saudi terrorists were later named "Al-Qaeda" by either Richard Clarke, or by New York Prosecutors including Time Mag studly, steely-blue-eyed male pinup Patrick Fitzgerald and his cohort Michael Chertoff. 

Sorry. My bad.  I didn't mean to "mischaracterize" the Islamic Jihadist Freedom Fighter terrorists as actual, bona fide Al-Qaeda.

slight correction: Brz launched the Wahabbi Mujahideen, who were Afghani fighters funded from CIA via Pakistan.  Pakistan later added the Wahabbi Taliban, who CIA also funded.  CIA controls Pakistan Intell and military.  Saudi Arabia also bolstered the Mujahideen by adding Arab warriors from the Wahabbi Muslim Brotherhood which technically became Al-Qaeda.  Saudis work for the CIA and Washington too.  See Ptech story.

By pure definition, this was/is a criminal conspiracy, thinly veiled by the "legality" of Carter's Executive Order, then by Reagan's continued complicity, etc., Iran-Contra, Clinton's wars, covering five administrations.

Brzezinski Terror Doctrine Strikes the Caucasus  use of terrorism in Chechnya

Brzezinski and Pakistan fighter

this looks like Brzezinksi, but photo is disputed here:
"Why would Brzezinski go out into the field to meet the Islamic tribesmen?"
Motivated by nationalism and religious fervor, the Islamic warriors were unaware that they were fighting the Soviet Army on behalf of Uncle Sam.
wrong: PROOF OF PHOTO in video above He DID meet with Mujahideen warriors!!

Taken at face value, the 9-11 attack has been described as "blowback" by official sources.  This is the theory that a reckless CIA op from the 80's accidentally backfired on America 20 years later.


Blowback makes sense, except for several key facts: 
ongoing work with Al-Qaeda after they were declared 'terrorists' and the unexplainable military Standdown on Sept 11, pressure groups urging to invade the M.E. for decades, becoming URGENT and more strident, history of false-flag operations and lies,
the fascist coup plot of 1934, and other relevant ties.

Take a look at CHECHNYA.  The most powerful group there is not Al-Qaeda, but ACPC, a "non-govt. org", that includes Brzezinski, former CIA Dir Woolsey, and oil geeks from the American Enterprise Institute.  ACPC MEMBERS.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, the guy who, in hindsight, would fund & train al-Qaeda all over again (TENC) , (playing the good cop, today), cryptically brags (see "pull out" from UPI below) about ‘The Game’ in his keynote address at the Center for American Progress’ :

Brzezinski is not a household name, but his crime partner is none other than David Rockefeller, robber-baron oil billionaire. The Rockefeller family holds or has controls in Exxon-Mobil, various Standard Oil, Amoco, Chevron, Conoco, etc. AND  J.P. Morgan-Chase-Manhattan bank -- and all the holdings of these corporations.

David Rockefeller co-founded the Trilateral Comm w Brzezinski for "capitalists" orbiting within his caliber of stratospheric wealth and power, so when you see "Brzezinski" think "Rockefeller".  (Some conservatives label these groups as really "communist", in that they seek global government ... under their authority.)  The CIA was founded by a bunch of Wall Street hoodlums who had been funding Hitler (a long story).  This CIA includes these guys AND the Bush family. 
(David Rockefeller's father John D. Rockefeller stole his way to the top using insider deals with govt, espionage, sabotage,  blackmail ...  but that's another long story too).

MORE Quotations by and about these Globalists, see what THEY SAY about subverting America!!

Tri-Lateral Comm, Brzezinski's group, is the sister of the  Council on Foreign Relations.  Brzezinski is a member of both groups.  Several members of the 9-11 Commission are CFR members

TRI-LATERAL is one of several orgs that run America, WHO WE DO NOT ELECT, made up of the pinnacle of global banking, finance, media, arms, government,  industry, etc.  Madeline Albright and Tom Browkaw are board members.

On the other hand, they do a pretty good job of picking our government "choices" for us. <HOW??

Every President since Truman has been as member of CFR or Tri-Lateral, and filled his cabinet and advisors from this group.  Every CIA Director has been a CFR member.  They run the world, the own the banks, they start the wars ... and the CIA, which is run by people chosen from Wall Street lawyers, investors, and the SEC, is their own private army for covert operations, assassination, coups, mass murder, and industrial espionage.  Jimmy Carter, the first Tri-Lat-selected 'outsider' President had 286 CFR members in his cabinet.  Reagan was just as bad.  The Bush family and Clinton are both CFR, Tri-Lateral, or both.

This is how the world really works.

("world government" means "destruction of American sovereignity and democratic representation"and "Rule by Laws replaced with Rule by ruthless Global Corporate Fiat"  ... we're already there, but not yet quite enslaved enough)

generic information on David Rockefeller and his holdings
generic information on Chase-Manhattan bank
generic explanation on what is the Tri-Lateral Commission
  MORE below on Brzezinski, the TLC, and the CFR

Islamic extremism and terrorism ...
 ... is representative of Islam in sense that the KKK "Christian" movement
is representative of Christianity.  The reality of America in the late 20th century, is that the Pentagon and CIA have supported, funded, and armed Islamic extremist groups. (Alex Jones estimated that only about 6% of Muslims are extremist and violence prone.)

America even provided EXTREMIST textbooks to Madrassas via Univ.of Nebraska, (and Neil Bush sold them software) with which to re-educate Arab youth with a rigid fundamentalist Islam and to connect that with US-sponsored guerilla warfare training. The Pakistani madrassas were jokingly called
"CIA U".

Primers from which boys learned math by counting pictures of soldiers, tanks, guns and land mines.
The Purpose: Create a generation of militant Islamic freedom fighters — another term might be "terrorists"
The Globalist | Global Security -- The United States and Madrassas
Looking back, it seems unbelievable that the U.S. government would ever hatch such a scheme. But during the presidency of Ronald Reagan — when all vision was still focused on the Cold War — the United States got itself into the business of sponsoring militant Islamic schools for Afghanistan, then a nation under the influence of the Soviet Union.
We didn't even find out about Reagan funding the Madrassas 'til 2002.

(It is not a coincidence that during the dawning of civil rights in the American south, the FBI also collaborated with the KKK carrying out repression and lynchings.)

Ronald Reagan referred to these mujahideen as "freedom fighters ... defending principles of independence and freedom that form the basis of global security and stability."
Do you agree with Reagan that Al-Qaeda is like our Founding Fathers, Jefferson and Washington??

HOW COULD WE KNOW?  It's covert.
CIA's "Operation Cyclone" - Stirring The Hornet's Nest Of Islamic Unrest
ACTUALLY, we DO know ... if you trust Macedonian civil authorities ....

According to "The Washington Times," "The Canberra Times," (Australia) "The Charleston Gazette," and numerous other publications, Osama Bin Laden and co. were directly involved in pro-American "terrorist" organizations in Bosnia, Kosovo, (KLA) and Macedonia -right up until the summer of 2001.

The critical geo-political component to recognize here is this: de-stabilization.

We didn't find out about Brzezinski launching Al-Qaeda prior to the Soviet involvement, until 1998 when he couldn't resist bragging about his little secret.

a report of the Republican Policy Committee  --  January 16, 1997
A Republican Party report shows a covert America-Al-Qaida relationship extending at least a decade beyond the fall of the USSR into 1997, long after Al-Qaeda was considered an official enemy, hidden from sleepy Americans. 
How much beyond?  Don't you "get" what "covert op" means?
It means WE are on a need-to-know basis when it comes to CIA working with Al-Qaeda.
US operations in the Balkans continue (it's an oil and gas strategic region).
The Macedonian government reported Al-Qaeda on the ground with US officials in October 2001 and beyond. 
That's astonishing ... but it fits the Republican report and other reports and Brzinski's confession.

Take a look at CHECHNYA.
"On the surface, this would appear to be more horrific Islamic violence, hardly uncommon in Russia’s Islamic provinces, yet another incident of jihadist madness. However, when the neocons stake their interest in the world, particularly in the Middle East and Asia, Muslim violence invariably follows."

The most powerful group there is not Al-Qaeda, but ACPC, a "non-govt. org (tax-free NGO), that includes Brzezinski.  This is the heart of neo-con and neo-liberal capitalism, tied to Exxon, Enron, and the Carlysle Group, looking to expand influence, build pipelines, and checkmate Russia. ... the committee is composed of more than one hundred distinguished [neocon and neolib] Americans representing both major political parties and nearly every walk of life ... no shortage of Straussians from the American Enterprise Institute, the Freedom House (chaired by the “world war four” proponent and former CIA director, James Woolsey), the neolib Jamestown Foundation, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (a long-time CIA psychological warfare outfit), and the perennial warmongering RAND Corporation (a confluence of Ford, Rockefeller, and Carnegie foundation money and conniving globalist agendas).
relationship of all these right wing groups:  and  Council for National Policy

ACPC MEMBERS (popup) mhtml file, need compatible browser
or try this
is this really a peace NGO????

CRG -- Who Is Osama Bin Laden?  - With regard to Chechnya, the main rebel leaders Shamil Basayev and Al Khattab were trained and indoctrinated in CIA sponsored camps in Afghanistan and ...
  Fake Al Qaeda - Zacarias Moussaoui fought for the CIA in Chechnya ... CIA reins in loose cannons, and keeps their Al Qaeda creation alive and well ...

It's not as though a "liberal media" like CBS or CNN  (headed by intell pros) would highlight this!!  (some have had to mention it discreetly)

WHO is supporting terrorism? 
Corrupt "officials" at the very top of WORLD (U.S.) government admit to supporting terrorism.
Zbig brags about setting up Al-Qaida "to induce a Soviet military intervention"
"Regret what? That secret operation was an excellent idea."
Zbig Interview: my short edited version

Here's Zbig's own book, The Grand Chessboard, spinning tales on this topic.
I'd suggest stealing it but you may want to buy it instead

THIS IS A PEACE GROUP?  It's crossover to PNAC.

"Grand chessboard" theoretician Zbigniew Brzezinski, former US national security advisor, defines Persian Gulf/Central Asia as the "global zone of percolating violence":
An "Industrial Music" artist called Black Lung titled his CD "The Grand Chessboard" with a song "Zone of Percolating Violence".
This region "will become a major battlefield, both for wars among nation-states and, more likely, for protracted ethnic and religious violence".  Pentagon officials talk of an "arc of instability" running from the Andes in South America through North Africa, the Middle East and into Southeast Asia.
American military intervention is making sure this is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

See the "global zone of percolating violence" is not really a problem.  It's the PLAN, for decades!

During the Carter Administration, Bernard Lewis was the architect of madman Zbigniew Brzezinski's "Arc of Crisis" policy of fomenting Muslim Brotherhood fundamentalist insurrections ...

"global zone of percolating violence"

... by manipulating this "global-zone of percolating violence," which happens to be a raw-materials-wealthy region... Brzezinski proposes to further contain and weaken Russia.

A Lexicon of 'Brzezinski-isms' Brzezinski testifies against himself:  "For America" after the Cold War, Brzezinski adds, "the chief prize is Eurasia."  The Grand Chessboard by Zbigniew Brzezinski is a blueprint for how to start such a war, which would plunge the majority of mankind into a New Dark Age for generations to come.

(I repudiate LaRouche, but this is still a ok page.)

The Muslim Brotherhood: The Globalists' Secret Weapon -
I.  The Roots of Islamic Terrorism
II. Creating the 'Arc of Crisis'
III. The Muslim Brotherhood Branches Out
IV. Osama Bin Laden: The Early Years
V.  Bin Laden In Exile
VI. World Trade Center 1993
VII. Bin Laden's Money Problems
VIII. The Brotherhood Revolution Continues

Chomsky summary: It's Imperialism, Stupid
The willingness of top planners to risk increase of terrorism does not of course indicate that they welcome such outcomes. Rather, they are simply not a high priority in comparison with other objectives, such as controlling the world's major energy resources.

Shortly after the invasion of Iraq, Zbigniew Brzezinski, one of the more astute of the senior planners and analysts, pointed out in the journal National Interest that America's control over the Middle East "gives it indirect but politically critical leverage on the European and Asian economies that are also dependent on energy exports from the region." If the United States can maintain its control over Iraq, with the world's second largest known oil reserves, and right at the heart of the world's major energy supplies, that will enhance significantly its strategic power and influence over its major rivals in the tripolar world that has been taking shape for the past 30 years: US-dominated North America, Europe, and Northeast Asia, linked to South and Southeast Asia economies.

It is a rational calculation, on the assumption that human survival is not particularly significant in comparison with short-term power and wealth.  And that is nothing new.  These themes resonate through history.  The difference today in this age of nuclear weapons is only that the stakes are enormously higher.

Here is a talk about the REAL DEAL on Islamic Terrorists
A War in the Planning for Four Years
Zbigniew Brzezinski and the CFR Put War Plans In a 1997 Book -
It Is "A Blueprint for World Dictatorship," Says a Former German Defense and NATO Official Who Warned of Global Domination in 1984

Arab hijackers did it.  They hate our freedom.  We have the evidence.  Honest.  But we can’t give it to you.  That would hurt our national security.  So we'll just bomb the hell out of other people in countries --  and set up pacts to privatize their oil.
see more below

(To be strictly accurate, just like "the artist formerly known as 'Prince'", "Al-Qaida" or "Al-Qaeda" was formerly known as the generic "mujahidden", but it's the same people doing the same thing -- as a matter of fact, it was NY prosecutors who came up with the name "Al-Qaida" from a database on Osama's computer file of Jihadists-for-Hire - the same computers CIA supplied him, right?)

Photo of Usama Bin Laden, THANKS robert-fisk.comMEET Cofounder of Al-Qaida, CIA asset Tim Osman:

Tim Osman (Ossman) has recently become better known as Osama Bin Ladin. "Tim Osman" was the name assigned to him by the CIA for his tour of the U.S. and U.S. military bases, in search of political support and armaments. [...] There is some evidence that Tim Osman ... visited the White House. There is certainty that Tim Osman toured some U.S. military bases, even receiving special demonstrations of the latest equipment.  Why hasn't this been reported in the major media?

Remember, we were given zero evidence on Al-Qaeda at first.  Since then, most of the govt's Al-Qaeda story has been heavily debunked, and a lot has been shown to be shaky and unable to stand up to scrutiny.
This includes, 7 hijackers who are alive, an obviously fake Osama video (see left) and audio tapes of Osama admitting complicity, which followed the original public statement by Osama firmly denying involvement in what was supposedly his crowning achievement.

Who Is Osama Bin Laden?
In the words of CIA's Milton Beardman ... "bin Laden and the "Afghan Arabs" had been imparted "with very sophisticated types of training that was allowed to them by the CIA"
U.S. narcotics policy in Afghanistan has been subordinated ...

Who is Tim Osman? Ask Jeeves, he knows

Bin Laden's Oxford days

Bin Laden Comes Home to Roost (local MHTML) - 1998 MSNBC story on Maktab al-Khidamar, Pakistan, and the CIA.
Sen. Orrin Hatch, a senior Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee making those decisions, told my colleague Robert Windrem that he would make the same call again today even knowing what bin Laden would do subsequently. “It was worth it,” he said.  (In contrast, the 9-11 Commission DENIED that Osama Bin Laden was EVER involved with the CIA.
The actual perp, Ali Mohammed, was an Egyptian Intelligence operative, a former US Army Sargeant and Special Forces op, and trainer of Osama's bodyguards, worked for the FBI.

AMAZING details on more "Al-Qaeda" operatives who actually worked for the US Intelligence.
WHAT IS AL-QAEDA?  many similar opinions
 2 degrees of separation from Bush

VERY LONG series of articles tying Osama Bin Laden to the Wackenhut-CIA crime syndicate.

Whereas the site by J. Orlin Grabbe has some other viewpoints on it I'm skeptical about, Michael Rivero's site WhatReallyHappened, which IS an excellent credible resource, has a photocopy of this govt document backing up Grabbe's story, naming "Tim Osman" a.k.a. Osama Bin Laden.

The majority of Americans don't even know the established fact that Al-Qaida was originally launched by CIA, but for the minority who do break through the curtain of lies to get to that level of understanding, they have a nuanced answer:
"Osama, our past puppet, later went against us, like the son going against the father." -  BLOWBACK theory

See Chossudosky below for debunking of Blowback.

Yet, despite ALL THIS AND MORE, these "Islamo-fascist mercenaries" subcontracting thru Pentagon or CIA are considered an "outside enemy" by most of the American public.

About 6% of Muslims are truly anti-Western.  Of course many more people have "issues" with US foreign policy -- as any moral human being
should -- but they do not seek to kill or destroy anyone.   But most Arabs who ARE actually killing anyone -- any major attack -- they are getting covert support and funding from Western Intell and govts.  That is, IF there actually is a "they".

Al-Qaida began as a tool of the Military-Industrial Complex, primarily the CIA.  It was created by the CIA, funded by the CIA, and controlled by the CIA, with some activities outsourced.  Obvious assertionIt still is.  (That's one reason everything is so *secret* now.)  It's purpose was/is to destabilize societies and govts unfriendly to the interests of Western capital, AND provide a justification (past pretexts) for war against other countries, to crush nationalist and indigenous efforts at liberation and self-determination , in other words, to crush Liberty thru terrorism and reaction, at home and abroad. 

Kabul, Yugoslavia, New York City, Baghdad, Saudi Arabia, Bali-Indonesia,
Chechnya, etc.  Pretty successful, eh? 

International-global elite intelligence organizations cooperate and coordinate,
above and outside nominal governments (audio).  Often they control actual governments.  You have an international mafia running countries -- and the world -- draped in an air of legitimacy.

NOTE:  It is difficult to ascertain 100% whether Osama -- a terrorist instigator -- was involved in ANY terrorism whatsoever against the USA that was not CIA-driven.  We know he did terrorism for the USA.  Schoenman raises reasonable doubts on "Libby-Fitzgerald" audio on Page 1, due to details showing others with ties to Clandestine Ops definitely involved, plus the fact that Osama denied responsibility rather than crowing about it.  In either case, it stands that Osama IS beyond any doubt a CIA subcontractor, not an "outside enemy".

020910  9/11: False Flag Operation   download     play
050524  9/11 and Other False Flag Operations of the Terror State   download    play
SHOCKING Two hr special, with WBAI fundraising.  discusses Osama bin Laden
Gulbuddin Hekmatyar saying "I work for you guys" at about 55 min
Intelligence connections to Nairobi, Kenya, and Achille Lauro

Alex discusses Halliburton contracts for Internment camps,
and (partly debunks) the "threat" of Islamic people (no more than 7% globally) as terrorists.
  very LOW quality  MED quality  consider Alex Jones with some skepticism, he's "over the top" and may be a very clever disinformation agent.

Bin Laden

Bush on Bin Laden
  • Wanted, Dead or Alive. All I want and America wants him brought to justice.
  • I said, 'No, I'm not too worried about him. He's the guy that needs to be worried.' [Laughter] But I want to assure you, the objective is not bin Laden.
  • I don't know where he is. I -- I'll repeat what I said. I truly am not that concerned about him.
US chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, General Myers - "the goal has never been to get Bin Laden"

Let bin Laden stay free, says ex-No. 3 CIA man   (A. B. "Buzzy" Krongard)
   (also A. B. "Buzzy" Krongard)

Report: bin Laden treated at US hospital - The Washington Times - saved by Infowars
Where was Osama bin Laden on 9/11? - Bush Admin knew the Whereabouts

Enemy Number One in hospital recovering from dialysis treatment "negotiating with CIA"?
The meeting with the CIA head of station at the American Hospital in Dubai, UAE was confirmed by a report in the French daily newspaper Le Figaro, published  in October 2001.
Binladin family domain name coincidentally expired on 9-11-01
now it's purpose is promoting peace and hope

Bin Laden Forgotten?

Apr 20, 2005 - Judicial Watch, the public interest group that fights government corruption, announced today that it has obtained documents dated September 24, 2003 through the Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) in which the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”) has invoked privacy right protections on behalf of al Qaeda terror leader Osama bin Laden.
 (Vanity Fair wanted info for an article.)

Al-Qaeda and the Taliban

Remember Pakistan, our ally in the Global War on Terror GWOT
Pakistan is also US leaders' #1 conduit for creating Islamic Terror

If that doesn't strike you as just a little odd, stop reading now and get back to your X-Box and Hannity.

It was reported in mainstream news (and confirmed by FBI) that Paki ISI also sent over $100,000 to the lead hijackers in Florida in Sept 2001, but that doesn't disqualify them from helping us "stop terrorism".


Taliban was supposed to become the pipeline partner of Unocal, then later BP-Amoco owned in part by Exxon, cutting out the Bridas oil firm in Argentina, and cutting the Russians out of the region.
This is the essence of current US foreign policy, at it's most blatant. 

Iraq, of course, as we all know was not about OIL profits, but freedom, democracy, and dangerous weapons they didn't have.
The fact that Iraq is sitting on trillions of dollars worth of oil, with which to blackmail China, Russia, India, and Europe, is not relevant.

What about GEORGE SOROS?
Didn't he fund the Democrats battle against Bush??

Between 1978 and 1992, the USG poured at least US$6 billion (some estimates range as high as $20 billion) worth of arms, training and funds to prop up the mujaheddin factionsSupport continuing under Bush, Clinton, and Bush admins. 

Clinton agreed to create the Taliban govt in 1996  at the behest of Unocal by an estimated total influx of $4-6 billion or more in bags of money and lots of dangerous weapons through Pakistan Intelligence (ISI)

Unocal execs quoted as saying: "No democracy, no rights for women? We can live with that."
As recently as 1999, American taxpayers paid every cent of the salary of EVERY official in the entire Taliban government.
One could almost say that "We owned them".

And when they refused to say "How high, sir?" over the pipeline, we bombed their country to smithereens, backing the former Soviet-backed Northern Alliance, and we replaced their government --- with Unocal executives.  The USG drafted
planning documents about this well before 9-11.
Taliban got more than $130 million a few months before 9-11.

According to "The Washington Times," "The Canberra Times," (Australia) "The Charleston Gazette," and numerous other publications, Osama Bin Laden and co. were directly involved in pro-American "terrorist" organizations in Bosnia, Kosovo, (KLA) and Macedonia -right up until the summer of 2001.

"But, one may protest, "this doesn't make sense. Why would the U.S. military support anti-American movements?"

The critical geo-political component to recognize here is this: de-stabilization.
We must further concede at least the possibility that, the existence of a "terrorism" which supports "western" (NATO) foreign policy doesn’t necessarily end with that foreign policy.

Includes info on planned September 11 plot recorded by FBI informant Randy Glass in NYC
hot links to key sections: SEE JULY 14  and AUG 17, 1999
Randy Glass  SEE OCT 7, 2001

That's what can happen when defense contractors at Lockheed are also Dept. of Defense officials, and when oil company execs like Enron and Exxon are also Energy and Foreign Policy officials, and head of Army.

from "America's 'War on Terrorism" by Michel Chossudovsky
Defined in Washington's 1999 SRS (Silk Road Strategy Act
), America's war is intent on destroying an entire region, which, in the course of history, was the cradle of ancient civilizations linking Western Europe to the Far East.  In turn, covert support for Islamic insurgencies (channeled by the CIA through Pakistan's ISI) in the former Soviet Union, Middle East, China, and India has been used as an instrument of conquest --- by deliberately destabilizing national societies and fostering social and ethnic divisions.

More generally, war and "free market" reforms destroy civilization by forcing national societies into abysmal poverty. ...

Under the New World Order, the pursuit of profits hinges on manipulations, bribing of public officials, and the routine exercise of covert intelligence operations on behalf of powerful corporate interests. ...

Under the New World Order, the demarcation between "organized capital" and "organized crime" is blurred.  In other words, the restructuring of global trade and finance tends to favor the concurrent "globalization" of the criminal economy, which is intricately tied to the corporate establishment. 

MORE on Brzezinski and the TLC and CFR
The Tri-Lateral Commission, Brzezinski's group, is the sister of the  Council on Foreign Relations.  Brzezinski is a member of both groups which were founded or co-founded by Rockefeller.

CFR is a think tank, a political-economic lobby founded by former Nazis and Nazi-sympathizers, with more power than say "the orange juice lobby".  Both groups actually set all the important aspects US foreign and domestic policy, and world economic policies.  They even manipulate elections and control mainstream media, which they essentially "own"

Sourcewatch says:  The CFR dates back to 1921, and in 1996 published its history, available on its website.

The membership of the CFR includes past Presidents, Ambassadors, Secretaries of State, Wall Street investors, international bankers, foundation executives, think tank executives, lobbyist lawyers, NATO and Pentagon military leaders, wealthy industrialists, journalists, media owners and executives, university presidents and key professors, select Congressmen, Supreme Court Justices, Federal Judges, wealthy entrepreneurs, and as many as ten 9-11 Commission Members.

Due perhaps more to its origins, associations, and history, than to its current composition and activities, the CFR does have a reputation as one of the "triumvirate of elite organizations" together with the Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission. Elitism doesn't necessarily preclude the ability to provide unbiased and useful service however.
Also see: Committee of 300 

The Boards of Directors and top stockholders of Mainstream Media is the same people who own the Federal Reserve Banks, NY Investment Firms, Insurance,  Energy, Food, Pharmacueticals, other major corporations.  They also count the votes and fund the major political parties, and key candidates.  (Mild Dissidents who might support the public instead of their masters still sneak in, get elected occasionally --- but even when they do, they have little power, sit on no committees, and sometimes face giant campaigns to remove them.

They have their own websites.

ok, here's the conspiracy theory:

Billioniaire politicians, investors, bankers, "business" men, weapons dealers, heads of media, Euro royalty, etc. have a lot of power, they control or "strongly influence" the US and British govts, and other lesser govts around the world, and they do so in their own interests.   (HOW BIZARRE!  People conspiring to get what they want? Absurd!)

They own or run the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Trade Organization which sets international trade policies, overriding domestic laws, so they can get more money and control. 
They DO NOT want to have to answer to democratic initiatives from their slave population,  "the rabble". 
They complain about a "crisis of democracy", too much democracy stops them from doing all they want.

Bizarre?  Strange?  Or common sense?

There is also clear evidence that TLC and CFR bigshots choose our leaders behind the scenes, stage the elections, and set our national policies, because they own the banks, the media, the Federal Reserve, and the top Fortune 100.

Since 1940. nearly ALL presidential candidates have been CFR members, except i think Reagan, but they filled his offices too.
Brzezinski was "intelligence advisor" to both Reagan and Bush.

Jimmy Carter is a member of the TLC and CFR.  Bill Clinton, a CFR member, did his "job interview" at the secret Bilderberg meeting, in 1991.  So did Tony Blair. The Bush's are all CFR members, as are their top appointees. So are the heads of the Pentagon, Intelligence, Information (media), and Business.

Roughly 2 percent of the population in the United States owns 90 percent of the national wealth. The former President of Avis and American Express, Robert Townsend, calculated that some 5,000 people control what he called the commanding heights of the U.S. economy.  That's far less than the richest 2%.  The top of the top 2% is far more rich and powerful than the bottom of the 2%.

This small, concentrated ruling class presides over corporate and banking capital and has captured the state through "one big property party with two names" (audio).

We have but 5 percent of the world’s population within our frontiers but the rapacious capitalist ruling class commands close to 70 percent of the world’s natural resources. It has been evident since the advent of the first World War, that U.S. rulers preside over an empire and deploy the State to subsidize their rule and to enforce it.

even more DETAILED HISTORY of Brezezinski / Rockefeller / Tri-Lateral / CFR

Standard Oil Gas Station

The Rockefeller family is Standard Oil, is also Exxon-Mobil, Amoco, part of BP, Chevron, Arco, Conoco-Phillips, etc.  The Rockefeller family also owns Chase-Manhattan bank, which owns and controls other global banks and financial institutions. 
Besides oil, Wall Street needs something called "petro-dollars.

OK, think fast.  Do they want less profit or more profitDo they want democracy and free speech or totalitarian control? 

David Rockefeller's father, John D.
Rockefeller, complained that competition was "a sin" and so he used every illegal trick in the book to establish his monopoly oil cartel, including sabotage and bribery.

John D Rockefeller and Standard Oil. The nightmare begins...
Standard Oil had its own intelligence and espionage service.
Ida M. Tarbell's exposee -

The CFR, Council on Foreign Relations was founded by totalitarian businessmen in 1921, who had ties to European fascism, and tried to stage a fascist coup in 1934.
I'll agree
with the author that this was "communist" in the sense of centralized control of the American banking and economic system, but the real point of communism is actually decentralized control, not tyranny of capitalists and corporations, which is fascism.

Tri-Lateral Commission includes members of CFR and other businessmen, and was founded as the "public" arm of the CFR which at one time ordinary American people considered a very dangerous institution. They fought so heavily against the CFR members founding a private central banking system, that the "Federal Reserve Bank" had to be put forward in a stealth campaign.

The Bilderburg Group includes members of the other groups, more Euro royal despots.  HEY, we don't elect them, so I don't have to be nice.  Bilderberg sets foreign policy of the United States and the world, through their officers and through their financial influence and power. Bilderberg members pick and schedule our wars.

Today, people don't know anything about this history --- it's like we were born yesterday

Rockefeller Foundation (which is "completely separate" from Rockefeller business interests if you believe that),
George Soros' Open Society, and other war machine think tanks and policy planners also fund and control the compromised Left and Anti-war movements, like UFPJ
The fake, neutered, controlled Left is typically aligned with the other imperialist war party, the Democrats.

Top 11 reasons Dubya three times allowed bin Laden to escape Clinton's Predator drones in early 2001:

11. Seemed like an impersonal way to deal with an old friend.
10. Thought it might adversely affect Enron's pipeline deal with the Taliban.
9. Didn't want to give the guy who beat his dad the satisfaction of using his plan.
8. Didn't get the CIA briefing entitled "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in the US," and mentioning "hijacking," until he was getting ready for his month-long vacation in August, 2001.
7. Didn't want to be distracted from planning war with Iraq.
6. Didn't want to act rashly on sketchy intelligence.
5. "You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar."
4. Predator drones not manufactured by the Carlysle Group.
3. Waiting for a clear shot: didn't want to hit anyone from Pakistani Intelligence.
2. Mr. Cheney always seemed to be too busy building his bunker under the Vice President's residence to consult.
And the number one reason Dubya three times allowed bin Laden to escape Bill Clinton's Predator drones in early 2001:
1. Still waiting for his campaign contribution check to clear.

Osama & Al 'Qaeda's Afghanistan escape  local AVI, lo-fi WMV


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