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Orthodox Jews, elderly, beaten and abused ... by Jews ... for being religiously anti-Zionist   also  Jew_Orthodox_beatings
Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews brutally attacked near Regavim Kibbutz, Holy Land, April 17, 2005
Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews brutally attacked in synagogue, jerusalem, Holy Land

more information on Zionism? Israeli peace group:  or
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Opposing or Questioning ANY policy of our govt is NEVER unpatriotic, it's the foundation of America.
A core principle of our Nation is distrust -- checks and balances -- distrust of "kings" who claim Divine Right to rule.  WE are SOVEREIGN.  WE rule.  THEY are our PUBLIC SERVANTS.
Ditching subservience was the main point behind the American Revolution.
Understanding what's wrong is a start to making things right.

Check back often for new files.
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Dr. Parenti  explains it all (link)  
Parenti is first for good reason.  His insights provide an essential operators manual for understanding POWER, and expanding democratic power from the people.

Parenti is a Marxist critic of the ruling class monopoly on political and economic power, in America and the World. A Marxist analysis always looks for economic realities behind political relations and events.

Don't be prejudiced by the word "Marxist".  Nobody wants to channel the ghost of
Stalin - except the Neo-Cons in power.
Parenti discusses the relationships between State brutality, Terrorism, Capitalism, Politics, corporate Media, and War ... SO SIMPLE and SO OBVIOUS. 

Parenti's talks and books gave me a HUGE leap in understanding our world.
Parenti is a professor who comes across like an old friend, as if he owns the family pizza joint and you just sat down to have a slice and talk politics (though he mentioned he doesn't much care for pizza).
Michael Parenti photo
see  and
read Blackshirts and Reds
read Dirty Secrets
Even though Parenti is a passionate Leftist Radical (radical means looking at root causes) while Alex Jones an ardent Conservative Christian, their criticisms and viewpoints converge in many many ways.
Both talk about the New World Order, corporate One World dictatorship.
Jones adds in real info on secret societies, with an occult evil character.

Parenti and Jones would disagree on the inherent nature of Capitalism.  Parenti sees it stomping all over the world, starting wars, destroying people and the environment, in search of new markets to capture, infinite growth.

Jones wants to go back to "true" Free Market Capitalism.  In my opinion that has never existed, nor can it, and any attempt would evolve back to the crony monopoly cartel-capitalism we have now.

Same object, different perspective.

Both men care passionately about Freedom, Liberty, and Justice. 

Frankly, Michael Parenti seems more consistent and in-depth,  makes more practical sense, but Alex Jones' videos raise alarm bells, and can reach a more traditional religious audience.  I'd love to hear them talk for a few hours, have them go over each other's material.

audio files

Dick Becker on Iraq 1998, human aid during the sanctions.
How the heck did we get to where we are now????

Assata Shakur, discusses the
Black Liberation Army
, and her daring escape from prison in US to her new freedom in Cuba.

Amy Goodman of  Democracy NOW
coverage from a massacre in East Timor
LIVE gunfire and screaming!!

+ interview with Newt Gingrich,
who was extremely interested ... not in stopping the genocide, but in "getting" Clinton for it.
Gerald Ford and Henry Kissinger authorized attack by Indonesia in long meeting the day before.


Democracy NOW, at
A discussion on Reagan's Funeral, during one week of Honoring the Dead. 

I am sharing my ENTIRE ARCHIVE of video and audio from my Home PC.
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STRONG 9-11 info
Conservatives:  Alex Jones is your guy!!
Jones is a colleague of Republican Congressman Ron Paul.  In his film Matrix of Evil they speak at one public event. 
He has ALSO featured Democrat Cynthia McKinney, and Dennis Kucinich in his documentary films, as well as CIA and military personnel.
(link to)   more Alex Jones clips
Alex Jones is a conservative Christian radio host who is bridging the phony Left-Right paradigm and debate.

Listen to Alex in a brief clip discussing how:
BOTH conservative & liberals LOSE their RIGHTS

  Jones covers "conspiracy" not "whacko theories with no basis in reality",
rather the dictionary def:
  • A secret agreement between two or more people to perform an unlawful or unethical act.
  • Evidence of people planning to commit some crime which harms other persons.
  • A typical Congressional committee could fit this definition.
Liberals talk about human rights and civil rights.
Jones is a friend of Liberty and tradtional American values, as well as human rights. 
Jones believes not in Democracy, but limited democracy -- a Republic.  I understand this much -- right now we live in a poll-driven democracy where Public Relations firms shape mass opinion per contract, then govt decisions are justified by "majority support" - which trumps the Constitution. So we hear "Most Americans backed the President's decision to go to war", not "the President's decision to attack a non-aggressor nation is unconstitutional, whatever public sentiment believes."

I disagree with some of Jones' viewpoints, but he unveils Global Tyranny, stripping away the façade.
download portions Jones' videos
or  BUY SOME of his works or

MUST HEAR: Jones going off against Bill O'Reilly.
Jeremy Glick's father died on 9-11.
Liberty, especially public protest, ARE paleo-Conservative values.
  LINK on this site for more Jones talks.

Humor and Politics
outrageous (and profane) (but accurate) comedy on the Gulf War
Bill Hicks: a comedian who died around 1993 of pancreatic cancer.

Noam Chomsky an excruciatingly detailed critic of US policy who is highly respected throughout the world.
Being critcal of US govt. policy is NOT the same as being a critic "of America".
Chomsky's talks are sometimes a little dense and require attention.  Chomsky advocates incremental change over violent revolution, but also challenges the legitimacy of authoritarian institutions.
Chomsky is Left, sometimes accused of being a Left Gatekeeper.  picture
Chomsky's facts often come from official documents of the US government, and from other official sources in business and trade publications, the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, foreign press. 
Here are some of Noam Chomsky's talks.

(long interesting piece on economics and war -- why Americans are dead broke but the military isn't, what "free trade" really means)

brief excerpts:






Former punk singer for the Dead Kennedys (a political band) has been doing Spoken Word tours for several years, exposing tyranny and corruption.  I missed him at Kent State, but he was said to speak to a full audience for 2.5 hours, take a break, and come back for 2.5 more.  With that name, you know he's got a sense of humor.
Jello went after Reagan, Bush, Ollie, Tipper Gore, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, and in 1995 he predicted a silent coup would take over America and we would have only FIVE MORE YEARS of semi-Democracy before the crackdown would be complete. 

Discussing CIA-supported terrorism inside the US, against Latin American human rights activists seeking asylum. At that time, his prediction sounded a slightly bizarre.  How could a silent coup take place? 
(Buy the movie UNPRECEDENTED for an answer to that
silent coup question.)

  Alternative Tentacles
Jello Biafra: Spoken Word site