The real question is where to start.
Let's start with a framework of understanding, before the juicy details.
This should be a no-brainer. Everything is about interlinking global corporations now.

If you look back on past American wars, like the Spanish-American war in Cuba that also seized the Phillipines, that was a war for Corporate Globalization.  President McKinley even said so.  It as a war to "open up markets", including China, which was closed to American business.  So were wars and many occupations in Central and South America, from the earliest beginnings of America on through today.  Revolutionary movements of peasants and campesinos would sometimes try to overthrow the mostly-Spanish European oligarchs and their dictators, and American would come in and repress the peasants, or in the case of a truly democratic government that supported the will of their people, they would overthrow or kill their leaders or actually send in Marines.  This is what Marine Commandant General Smedley Butler was explaining, when he wrote "I was a gangster for capitalism" and "War is a Racket". 

World Wars One and Two also had their geo-political and geo-strategic factors for America, in terms of dominating global trade with fractured Europe, and beating back the British Empire.  Hitler beat back BOTH Britain and France, as well as Belgium and ... well ... about ALL of Europe, some of America's biggest imperial competitors.  Hitler and Mussolini also crushed communism and labor activism growing in popularity in Germany and France, and Hitler nearly destroyed the newly founded USSR.  (Stalin signed a non-aggression pact with Hitler only after Britain refused to sign a mutual defense pact with Stalin, and some in British govt and Intell were covertly helping the Nazis.  Wall Street heavily helped the Nazis.)

Even the invasion of North America and annihilating the native population was to find new sources of raw capital for European corporations, and the American Revolution was to get rid of unfair taxes and control over American corporations by what was being seen as a foreign power, Britain.

By the way, it's not about "liberals hate corporations"Every corporation is a quasi-government entity.  It's not simply a "large company".  Someone could incorporate a solo lemonade stand. 

The point is, it's a contract or "charter" that a company takes, via a relationship and agreements with government, for protection against personal liability, elimination or limitation of personal responsibility.  This relationship is defined by mountains of Corporate Law precedents and rules.  There is really no such thing as a "private corporation".  The Corporation is a legal tool for growth of capitalism, but "no legal responsibility" is dangerous for society, because "society" is excluded.

Yet at the same time, every US corporation is considered a "person" due "equal protection"under the the 14th Amendment in the sense of "civil liberties" -- these legal instruments can claim all the protections that the Bill of Rights guarantees to humans, but this "equal protection" gives corporations far more power than human beings. "Treaties" and "Agreements" have been in process for many years, setting up non-democratic institutions that manage global corporatism.  They place the "divine" right to profits over any rights of human beings. We've been trumped.   So getting back on track ...

To summarize a long point, in the Military-Industrial-Finance-Corporate-Media-Security-Infotainment complex, the heads of many of the largest corporations and conglomerates include former military intelligence officers, bankers, and former/future govt appointees.  Most govt. appointees are not lifetime politicians, they're corporate officers, chiefs, lawyers, bankers.  The Central Intelligence Agency, which has never been about collecting information but 80% covert ops, according to retired agents, it's directors are typically Wall Street bankers and lawyers, not military intelligence.

Most people know that Pepsico owned both Taco Bell and KFC, and many more companies.
Most people have heard about "holding companies" and "corporate shells", giant conglomerate umbrellas, like Altria Group, previously known as Philip-Morris (Marlboro, other tobacco), that has owned Miller Beer, Kraft Foods, Nabisco, and more. But not just smokes and food.
Philip-Morris Directors consist of a former Secretary of Defense and Wall Street bankers.  Read some of these biographies: Govt positions, Airline deregulation, Aerospace, SALT II treaty, Brookings Institution, Neuro medicine, UK politics, Fox Entertainment, Travellers, US Airways Group, Lehman Brothers Private Equity, Federal Reserve, U.S. Treasury, Overseas Private Investment Corporation (govt), Marriott International, National Geographic Society, Citigroup, New York Stock Exchange, Lazard Frères & Co. LLC (Wall St), etc. 
Get it?  This financial shit is interlocked and layered, with subsidiaries and shells and cross-linking.  Corporate CEOs, lawyers, and bankers run the government. Govt officials support multi-national corporations. It's a revolving door.

The Boards of Directors of most major Fortune 500 companies are cross-linked with other companies, often with competitors.
Since the average Corporate Director sits on 14 Boards, these boards include people from across Industry, Media, Food, Medicine, Military Contractors, and more.  This is called "interlocking Boards of Directorate", a financial and control infrastructure.  Approximately the top 1% (or less) of America basically owns or controls the entire country, 99% of corporate property, including land.  This is simply an economic fact.

This is how the world is really organized.  The White House, Congress, Cabinet, Departments, Judiciary, CIA is just one more set of players.
Then there's high military intelligence, what some call "Shadow Govt".
As a matter of fact, most CIA directors do not come from a military background, but rather Wall Street lawyers and bankers.
As Thomas Friedman said, "The hidden hand of the market will never work without a hidden fist" of the U.S. military.  (Why is that?  Why does buying and selling and free trade require armed force?  Isn't it just like shopping?  Doesn't everyone want to make money?  Who brandishes heavy weapons to go shopping ... except for a robbery?)

"What we in America call terrorists are really groups of people that reject the international system..." - Henry Kissinger

Charles Townsend, former CEO of Avis, wrote a critical guide for successful corporations called "Up the Organization".  He mentioned that a mere 5000 people control the "commanding heights" of the US economy, and that this ruling elite "regard this country as their own whore house and they treat each president as their private towel boy."  So there ya go.

Why would a country based on a system of govt called "capitalism" be any different? 
*(did you think I was going to say "democracy" or a "republic"?)

AUDIO version of above:  Parenti__vid_Terrorism,Globalization,Conspiracy.mp3
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Please note that it is part of untaught history of America that many top Wall Street firms and top U.S. corporations avidly supported the German Nazi Regime, and were principally responsible for the rise of the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler.  One of the mid-level players was named Bush, the current President's grandfather, but he worked for richer people.  Some of the others founded the CIA, modelled after the Nazi SS.  That just happens to be the world we live in now.

Please note, the depth of the Wall Street-Nazi relationship was obscured from researchers for many decades, by the structuring of holding companies and shell corporations and other similar instruments.  At least one of these NY companies, Union Banking Corp, was really a German-Nazi company masquerading as an American company, with the New Yorkers holding only non-voting stock.  The point of this was to keep obscure the financial flows and dealings in weapons and industry.  These Wall Streeters later formed the CIA.  This is buried history, replaced by common historical myths.
"I never would have agreed to the formulation of the Central Intelligence Agency back in '47, if I had known it would become the American Gestapo. "
-- Harry S Truman (1961)  (leaders always seem to leave us these neat warnings after they've safely left office)

Allen Dulles reassured a colleague who had concerns about the Warren Report , "Americans don't read."
Allen Dulles, who was previously fired as CIA Director by JFK, appointed Warren Commission leader by Johnson:
"But nobody reads. Don't believe people read in this country. There will be a few professors that will read the record...The public will read very little."
(September 6, 1964, Warren Commission internal memo)

So there you have it. A starting point. A framework of understanding.
A light overview of Global Corporatism.
MORE at same link above:  Sell the Lexus, Burn the Olive Tree.

An entire encyclopedia could be written to explain what is known about ties between Al-Qaeda, corporations, and govt(It already has been written. It's the Cooperative Research website, may be mirrored as "History Commons".)

Speaking of corporations and business, this is not "proof" but some astonishing coincidences:
The Saudi-BinLaden Group does a lot of construction and military work, close to the Bush family and US corporations.  Guess what DATE their Internet domain  expired.  Check it out.  LOCAL COPY  Probably just a coincidence.  The new site is
The World Trade Center's architect, Minoru Yamasaki, was a favorite designer of the Binladin family's patrons—the Saudi royal family.
The Saudi's Lawyer who got them out of hot water regarding 9-11?  The prestigious Baker-Botts Law Firm.  See below.
But I don't entirely blame the Saudis -- a defector brought 14000 internal documents to the FBI, but was repeatedly rejected.

And many people now know somethine of the relationships between the Bushes and Bin Ladens, with members of both families on the board of the Carlyle Group in 2001, and before that, Bush Junior's first oil business venture financed by a Binladen. There are many more financial relations, even more shady, including a company named Ptech owned by wealthy Saudis linked to terrorism that had computer service contracts for a big chunk of our defense and government infrastructure -- FAA, NORAD, DoD, White House, etc.

As a matter of fact, the Saudi Regime itself was founded by Allen Dulles and John Philby of the MI6.  A lot of this is up on Wikipedia, and in various books.  Dulles was a Wall Street lawyer and a diplomat in Turkey.  Dulles and Philby supplied weapons for Ibn Saud to defeat his rivals, helped him found Saudi Arabia.  Then they brought in SOCAL, an arm of Rockefeller's oil cartel, and formed ARAMCO, the Arab-American Company for oil extraction, and made it available to the Nazi regime, which was one of the Dulles financial clients.  There is evidence that the Nazis were not only supported by Wall Streeters for profit reasons, but was actually brought to power by Wall Street.  At that time, many US companies looked very favorably on fascism as the most profitable system of government they could imagine, and were seeking the "right model".  Nazi History of the USA.  It is important to note here that these Nazis were businessmen, gentlemen, and diplomats.  They didn't look like brownshirt thugs, or jackbooted SS men.

Scholarly books have been written about what is known about Corporate Globalization of Poverty and the War on Terror. (Chossudovsky)
One very important book about Globalization was written by a former World Bank Chief Economist, gone "rogue", Joseph Stiglitz. I liked "Globalization and it's Discontents".  It's the book he wrote after getting fired from the World Bank for asking a question about reform.
As a matter of fact, a top Pentagon spokesperson promotes that the War on Terror is really about Globalization, which he says leads to peace ... after you kill all the people who oppose it ... the terrorists.
But he's far from the only one to promote this idea.  Again, even Bush's Citadel speech linked Globalization with peace and democracy, and the need for war to expand it.

Globalization and Poverty:  Economic issues related to 9-11
(for conservatives and the rest of us)

  • A human being is a person which was created by one Creator -- according to our Declaration -- and therefore inherently endowed with certain Inalienable Rights by God (or "God" for you atheists).  Everyone knows that those rights include Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.
  • A Corporation is a "person" which was created by Lawyers.
  • How is it that the Lawyer-version has been judged to be superior to and entitled to more Liberty and more protection than the Creator-version of a "person"?
  • Courts have slowly re-made corporations into omnipotent "gods". 
  • Our United States has not been "stolen" by the Globalists ... it was BOUGHT, individually and collectively, by a miniscule network of billionaires and multi-millionaires. Not to imply we were not also defrauded by robber-barons.
  • What makes this "corruption" is that OUR government was NEVER intended to be up for sale.
  • YOU DIDNT KNOW A CORPORATION is legally a NON-HUMAN PERSON??  check this later: economic.html   "what if you don't want to be 'penetrated' by foreign capital?  Afraid it might hurt?"
  • The most SECURE way to carry out Globalization and Poverty:  Global Fascism via force + mental
  • Global financial crime syndicates and the Economics of 9-11 - the BCCI Scandal in the 1980s, Bank of Credit and Commerce International, "Bank of Crooks and Criminals", a.k.a. "The International Bank of Al-Qaeda and Terrorists", tied back to Iran-Contra.

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