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Economics and the New World Order

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SUPER-IMPERIALISM by Michael Hudson "A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order"
F. William Engdahl has written on issues of energy, politics and economics for more than 30 years, beginning with the first oil shock in the early 1970's. He has contributed regularly to a number of publications, including Japan's Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Foresight magazine, Grant's, European Banker and Business Banker International. He has also spoken at numerous international conferences on geopolitical, economic and energy subjects, and is active as a consulting economist.  Contact Mr. Engdahl directly at: Website
by F. William Engdahl

The price of crude oil today is not made according to any traditional relation of supply to demand. It’s controlled by an elaborate financial market system as well as by the four major Anglo-American oil companies. As much as 60% of today’s crude oil price is pure speculation driven by large trader banks and hedge funds. It has nothing to do with the convenient myths of Peak Oil. It has to do with control of oil and its price. How?

Incredible exploding deficit under Bush and its CONSEQUENCES


further detailed written substantiation from different angles:
Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy
by Murray N. Rothbard
Historical Sketch of the American Imperial Mind
by Joseph R. Stromberg
John Birch Society and CNP

substantiation from the Pentagon
American troops fight for Globalization, take orders from NYC capital firms

Get Your War On - Ayn Rand books

North American Union exposed
Economist says: Investors must focus on Amero, not Dollar.

I don't believe in the death penalty for people, but I do believe in it for corporations.

My cat is not a person.  A virus is not a person.  A car is not a person.  A corporation is not a person.

Back just after Lincoln died, the Supreme Court ruled that a corporation was a person... had the rights and privileges of a person. Then later on [about 1910] that was strengthened. In 1978, they said that not only is a corporation a person but it has Constitutionally protected free speech, and its money is its free speech. Which is like sort of a one-man, one-vote idea: There's me, one man, and then there's General Motors. I get to have my vote and it gets to use its money... not even thinking about the fact that it has eternal life and can be many places at once.

And that's an evil thing.

What IS Globalism?  The "solution" to every "problem" in the world.  Often called "democracy".
This includes imaginary problems, hyped problems, and manufactured problems.
Decrease personal liberty, increase tyranny via a combination of iron fist and velvet glove 'collectivism'.

Shift power and responsibility away from people, first to governments, then to private corporations, then to trans-national NGOs which really represent private corporate interests.  Beware of NGO's that are wolves in sheep's clothing.

What IS Neo-Liberalism?
"New" Liberalism or neo-liberal economics is about  Liberation for "repressed" MONEY.  See, ultra wealthy people (Bush tax cuts herd, govt-protected global banking cartels) argued that their money had been repressed by laws restricting predatory speculation of hedge funds, for example, and prohibited high-risk speculation by consumer banks, where risk and loss is backed by taxpayers.
(Wouldn't it be way cool if you could go to the racetrack and place bets on horses all day, and have taxpayers pick up your losses?)
(My friend in central Ohio says that 1500 people apply for minimum wage jobs, and that whatever min wage jobs exist are 70 miles away.  This is by design, not an accident.  Your government gives out tax breaks and subsidies to support this process.  One more way of covering the gamblers.)

 The point of Neo-Liberalism is to "free up capital" to liberally run amok like a child molester or rapist, and let it do whatever it wants, without "big government" telling it what it cannot do to people and to society.  Instead of locking down "hot money" speculators and locking up economic criminals in a stockade, the government locks up people who oppose this corrosive and undemocratic use of Capital for purposes of destruction and looting.  They are de-capitalizing the world, and using Capital (and force) to accomplish that.
Hugo Chavez, for one example, opposes neo-liberal economics, for what it has done to Venezuela, Argentina, and most of Latin America and the world, including America.  That is supposed to mean he's a communist dictator.  No, neo-liberal economics based on govt manipulation of economies is really Communist/capitalist.  Even the Pentagon says it's "Marx on steroids".

Castro came to power by opposing neo-liberalism before there was a name for it.  Most of these Third World countries have been "developed" into the ground by generous grants from US taxpayers (given to US corporations and banks) and by imposed debt and forced economic policies.  America is GETTING THE SHAFT RIGHT NOW!!  We've been giving this to everyone else.
Distribution of Net Worth in America 1998 SHOCKING GRAPH!
Like the saying goes, if your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

The August Review  - Global Elite Research Center -
Our Mission: Exposing the Truth About Globalism
the cold hard detailed facts
The International Monetary Fund 
The Bank for International Settlements

Bush Administration Quietly Plans NAFTA Super Highway

Wizards of Money audio files
explaining the whole fast-capital "hot-money" economic system
The first part of their solution is to step-by-step incrementally shift Power and Liberty away from Sovereign Persons.   "Sovereign Persons" is how the Declaration and US Constitution sees us, possessing "God-given" rights.

Seize upon personal sovereignity and Liberty, and transfer that UP the chain to City, State, Federal govt -- ultimately submit our liberty to the whim of private unaccountable Sovereign corporate powers -- the  50,000 or so people who actually fund elections and lobbyists.

That solves the problem of pesky humans, the "rabble", all the problems of "excess democracy".  True representative govt can be so "inefficient".  Most important, this quiet transfer of power prevents Liberty from serving "people who don't deserve liberty", rejects people who don't have enough money.   Under our "Rule of Law", Representatives" are held responsible to uphold the Constitution, and some swear oaths to do so..

simultaneously incrementally transfer National Sovereignty to GLOBALIST unaccountable trans-national, supra-national, and international bodies run by corporate chiefs, bankers, international finance, and Euro royalty -- and run by these same representatives who vote away their political powers up to these groups --- which they manage and serve.
These NGOs are run by International investment cartels.  IMF, World Bank, WTO officials, etc.

(The concept is parallel to moving taxable income and savings offshore, except it's doing the same thing with rights and freedoms. Note:  Constitutionally, the govt cannot take away your God-Given Rights.  They can only VIOLATE your Rights.)
Please note that these NGOs are shielded from much accountability, responsibility, or liability.  Defeat real elections with risky outcomes, and defeat tort (lawsuits).  The principle of Tort, "any wrongdoing for which and action for damages may be brought", payment instead of lynching, goes back to Magna Carta going back to the year 1215.
By removing these things
, the POWERFUL can gain all the power with none of the risks

That, along with control of the media, solves the problem of "an excess of democracy", as defined by Walter Lippman and others.

This MUST be the GREATEST SOLUTION, since most Democrats, most Republicans, and most corporate and/or tax-free Foundation-funded "think tanks" seem to agree on this type of solution to every problem, whether it's real problems which THEY create or exacerbate [make worse], or fictional problems and fears which they manufacture and market to us.

  • Global Warming/Environment
  • Population/Immigration
  • Education declines
  • Energy
  • Poverty and Economics, Trade issues caused in large part by capitalistic investment and trading rules and patterns
  • Crime, including non-crime crimes which primarily affect the criminal
  • Terrorism, including nuclear, bio-weapons, Axis of Evil
  • Health and disease 
Environment: mandate everything turned over to the UN [Rockefeller] and their sustainability plan. Give the elite Globalists control over it.

Managed by UNESCO, by forced sterilyzation.  Fund studies on forced population reduction.

Immigration:  Fund racist minority immigration groups, and protect them. 
Propose the gradual elimination of borders and US sovereignty, simply by combining Canada, US, Mexico, and eventually the rest of Central and South America into One Big American Union.  Allow the UN to trump US laws, and run things, despite their history of overseeing disasters like Iraq and Rwanda.

Education:  "Warehouse" children for a decade.  Turn authority over from local to Federal mandates, including forced psych testing..

Energy:   Let more international bodies run that. Create an International Tax on oil at the wellhead.  Let elites seize control of OPEC.  In the meantime, work to keep alternative energy off the market, including "disappearance" of inventors of viable alt. energy processes.  Instead, seize control of the Middle East.  Sit on oil in Iraq, prevent pumping, order Iraq to align with OPEC, ("Bush Didn't Bungle Iraq, You Fools"), and drive up prices.

Poverty and Economics, Trade issues:   create a central bank in 1913 which is quasi-public/private (private profits, public risks).  Have it create a BOOM for investors and a Depression for losers later on.  Use the Depression to seize assets and transfer them to bankers who created the bust.  Allow the Fed reduce the value of the dollar by 95% in less than 100 years via inflationary creation of money and national debt.
Create national poverty programs which benefit Big Agriculture (govt surplus food, "farm" subsidies) and Mil Contractors  (Lockheed manages welfare).  Create Social Security, then milk it and drain it to finance wars.
Turn final authority over to Globalist bodies -- by complex "treaties" the President can sign, not by unconstitutional laws -- and allow them to overrule laws and regulations passed by Congress.

Crime:  Gradually outlaw everything so it's difficult to impossible to not be an outlaw in some way.  Creates a growing sense of insecurity.  Use poverty to exacerbate crime. 

Claim Fed authority to outlaw certain plants by edict.  Create a new Prohibition without a Constitutional Amendment and gradually expand that power, to the point of arresting anyone on "suspicion", "conspiracy", etc., eliminating the 4th Amendment, and empowering Feds and States to seize private property "tainted" by drugs.

In the meantime, use the international "War on Drugs" to bomb small countries and to control and manage the narcotics trade,  managed by the Globalists,
sustaining flow of narco-dollars laundered by Wall Street and international banks and the CIA.  Use disposable "narco-traffickers" as mere agents, keep them compromised and vulnerable.

Create the CIA to manage drug flows, as an Intelligence Arm working for Wall Street.

"Sell" narcotics in the media, like movies and TV.  Then bust people for using  them.
Put "convicts" in prisons, more and more privately-owned by Lockheed, Wackenhut (precursor of the FBI) and other private companies tied in economically to the drug importers themselves by Boards of Directors and investors, by the legal system.

Sell dangerous prescription drugs, and begin to impose mandatory rules where people MUST take them or face punishment.

Health and disease:  Launch toxic radioactive waste on Iraq and our troops, causing it to spread world-wide, increasing cancer risks. 

Create health cartels like the AMA, and licensing laws for doctors and medicine.  Ration health care in this manner, for the "good of the people", for "public safety".  However, prevent citizen overview of doctors by not releasing any records of "bad doctors" keeping medicine just as dangerous as before, with the illusion of more safety.

Use the FDA to rubber stamp approval of dangerous pharmaceuticals, while outlawing (sometimes FBI raids) alt. medicine practitioners and providers.  Demand expensive procedures to "prove" that herbal folk treatments existing before Christ are safe. 
Outlaw various forms of alternative medicine as "dangerous" while pushing more dangerous pharmaceuticals.

Create Insurance cartels, and Big Pharma cartels.  Make health care unaffordable.  If people cannot afford it, offer them free govt health coverage, but only if they surrender privacy and sovereignty.

You get the picture.

THE FALSE LEFT-RIGHT PARADIGM described by Kurt Nimmo:
Horowitz Neocons Push False Left-Right Paradigm

What IS the NWO?   The modern version of the New World Order is a system of economic and social tyranny which either destroys political democracy  (the Will of the People, transmitted through representative government) or else renders it IRRELEVANT.

What difference does voting make when you're starving, OR when the voting system and every aspect of government is privately controlled?

Jeanne Garafolo actually encapsulated this well (from a Dem cheerleader viewpoint), when she said that we NOW live in a socialist country, where taxpayers pay for PR groups like Rendon so they can LIE to us.

Our "best" system of economics and organization is proudly based on the acceptance and universality one of the Seven Deadly Sins, and rewards whoever is the most sinful or most greedy. 
The New World Order is the ongoing efforts to build legal and political structures to ever more firmly implant and solidify this system globally, so as to pre-emptively intercept any resistance, anywhere on earth, forever. 
NEW WORLD ORDER ≈ Ruling Class, Super Bourgeoisie.

Gordon Brown New World Order Speech youtube
Gordon Brown announcing he is moving us slowly but surely into the New World Order.
Ponder this: SHIFT HAPPENS short video
my comment:  The NWO is not some occult bullshit. It's merely globalization, i.e. corporatism, i.e. international fascism.
OK, there's certainly some more ragged edges, but that's obviously the gist of it.
What is YOUR value as a human being? Depends how you measure it.
If you measure it by means of capitalism, the value of a human being approaches zero as time moves towards 2049. Global trade does part of that. Computers do the rest.  You're FUNGIBLE.

This is actually a call FOR SOCIALISM or for some form of HUMANISM -- but obviously a grassroots variety, not some Stalinistic parasitic variety. We need a vision that preserves the value of human beings AS human beings, NOT as mere worthless and expendable economic corporate cogs.

Full Spectrum Disorder The Military in the New American CenturyClearest, simplest explanation about War - Stan Goff, West Point instr, Spec Forces, ret.
book: Full Spectrum Disorder - The Military the New American Century
Stan Goff - Mind over Matters (audio link)

 "The Trilateral Commission is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States.
The Trilateral Commission represents a skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power--Political, Monetary, Intellectual, and Ecclesiastical."
--U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater from his 1979 book "With No Apologies".
ran for President in 1964
called Mr. Conservative, model for Ronald Reagan (in some ways)
one of the most hardcore conservatives in the history of America,

he opposed anti-gay laws and discrimination on a Constitutional basis,
unfortunately he was a comm-phobe who wanted to NUKE Vietnam,
and is linked to a capitalist criminal syndicate around Ronald Reagan
Reagan suggested a bloodbath on college campuses, for protesters.  Some hero.

President of the United States calls the Constitution ‘a goddamned piece of paper.'
well, at least they are honest about their contempt and hatred of America

"So, it's red counties vs. blue counties. The Republicans have their attention fixed on the blue cape, whereas the Democrats have their attention focused on the red cape. The bullfighter with the sword is ignored by all. So is the refrigerated meat truck just outside the arena.   Olé!"

Grandfather Economic Report series
America's Total Debt Report - $ 40 Trillion - - and soaring
The problem is not just deficit spending.  Like all useful things, sometimes it can be good.  Consumer credit and commercial credit is too, if it's used with restraint, if it's used to invest in something useful, something that will grow or throw off profits or social dividends.  There is NO restraint, and spending and debt is not driven by soundness but by the power of corporate lobbying (legal bribery) pretending to be "capitalist" while sucking off the teat of taxpayers, i.e. "wealthfare",  and, YES, some social service programs which are not designed to solve any problems in the first place.

At best, some social programs are used to mitigate the effects of the corporate rape room, and keep the masters in power, and the public in check.

Great story here:

root website here:
Perhaps one of the biggest things keeping most Americans politically and socially divided is a
political Tower of Babel

coupled with a heavily propagandized and sanitized world history and US history.

ONE of many ANTIWAR, PRO-CAPITALIST, conservative websites

The United States Is In Deep Doodoo!

But Nixon had to collateralize that debt somehow, and he hit upon the plan of quietly setting aside huge tracts of American land with their mineral rights in reserve to cover the outstanding debts.

But since the American people were already angered over the war in Vietnam, Nixon couldn't very well admit that he was apportioning off chunks of the United States to the holders of foreign debt.

So, Nixon invented the
Environmental Protection Agency and passed draconian environmental laws which served to grab land with vast natural resources away from the owners and lock it away, and even more, prove to the holders of the foreign debt that US citizens were not drilling. mining, or otherwise developing those resources.

From that day to this, as the government sinks deeper into debt, the government grabs more and more land, declares it a wilderness or "roadless area" or "heritage river" or "wetlands" or any one of over a dozen other such obfuscated labels, but in the end the result is the same.

We The People may not use the land, in many cases are not even allowed to enter the land.

livestock:  Another website explains that Americans, human beings, our bodies and minds, are also officially collateralized to pay the debt.  It says that there is a computer file somewhere in Washington or NY, with each of our Social Security numbers on it. 

Like so many heads of cattle or hogs, we are property of foreign and US investors.

That sounds weird until you realize that our National Debt is collateralized on our future productivity, and our future tax-paying ability.  That would mean that China, Japan, Europe, everyone who holds our debt essentially "owns us". 

So it probably IS true that each American citizens has officially been pledged as collateral on the debt like livestock.  The $1 Billion per DAY ($350bn/y) in interest we are paying right now with our hard labor doesn't even make a dent.  We are just intended to be in hock, indentured servants, forever.
Bush, by creating a total $2 Trillion of current and expected debt to finance this stupid war on Iraq -- more than any other previous President -- while giving $Trillions in tax breaks to the very people who promoted the War and who benefit from it -- he has SOLD all of us to bankers and investors -- including China, and well "the Jews", at least the tiny minority of Jews who head up the international banking cabal (including Paul Wolfwitz, architect of the Iraq War).  (I'm a Jew, but I'm not getting a check in the mail.)

ISN'T IT IRONIC THAT WHILE WE ARE FIGHTING FOR "FREEDOM" FOR IRAQIS --- THE FREEDOM TO VOTE SO LONG AS WHOMEVER THEY ELECT STRICTLY DENIES THEM CONTROL OVER THEIR OWN NATURAL RESOURCES -- in a war that was planned while Clinton was in office, and even going back to 1975, just waiting for the "persuasive casus belli" of Sept 11 to proceed -- GEORGE BUSH HAS SOLD OUR FREEDOM TO CHINA?
counterpoint:   A Capitalist War? by Lew Rockwell comparing US policy to Lenin and Stalin

The govt and private corporations pays professional bloggers, with OUR tax dollars, to create propaganda to "sell" us their war.  They expect us to email this around to each other. 

Just like any decent con artist, behavioral psychologists and PR consultants seize upon our deepest fears and desires or our greed, our highest moral, ethical, and religious values, and our noble love of America, and twist that around, confuse us, and screw us all with the very best of what we possess, and USE us for their benefit.

They have to spin it, because dropping bombs on people, destroying property essential for live, and destroying homes that people have worked their whole lives for, raiding someone's private home and lining up wives, mothers, and children and tying them up and shooting them, has nothing whatsover to do with love of America,

but they know enough Americans are stupid enough to fall for the lies if they spread them thick.

They know, because it's predictable throughout history, and because they do surveys on the 'effectiveness' of varous propaganda vehicles, just like Neilsen surveys on TV shows and other consumer surveys.
Not to get down on Americans too bad, the CIA has studied for decades how to properly psyop a population, as have PR specialists.

This page will be under revision.  I am not an economist or investor.  I am unclear at this point whether Marx was absolutely right, or as some astute and good people like Joe Stromberg claim, Marx was fundamentally wrong about economics but right about war and imperialism, but that 'real' free market capitalism will work (whatever that truly means - it's as devoid of existing evidence as 'real' communism).  However, one thing is certainly clear -- the current state of capitalism is the financial and political equivalent of an all-powerful and egomaniac global crack addict.

Profiteering: This year CEOs gave themselves, through a board vote (with other CEO's siting on these boards), on average a 22% raise. Executive pay jumped 571% between 1990 and 2000. If the minimum wage, which stood at $3.80 an hour in 1990, had grown at the same rate as CEO pay over the decade, it would now be $25.50 an hour, instead of $5.15 an hour.   Bush senior's Carlyle connection means he is on the payroll of corporate interests that receive defense contracts from the U.S. government while his son is president.

What IS Socialism?  Socialism refers to "social" "society" "people" but it's American roots of it are NOT in Stalin or Lenin.  American origins are in coal miners, railroad workers, steel workers, seamstresses, factory workers, all forms of hired labor who worked for the profits of owners.  People began to talk and then join together to fight for some autonomy (liberty, freedom), a liveable work week with time for rest, fair wages, decent and safe labor conditions, some protections for injured workers so they couldn't be cast aside like soiled rags, the abolition of child labor, fair treatment for women and girls, and ultimately the end of all forms of slavery, whether by ownership, chattel (debt), or de facto slavery of ordinary poor folks working to stay alive.

Criticism of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat distortions
The biggest ideological obstacle to thinking about a world not ruled by the bourgeoisie -- is the myth that the alternative -- the rule of the working class -- must necessarily assume the form of a police state (ie: the rule of a single party which has a monopoly of political power and which suppresses the democratic rights of its opponents).
Crisis of theory
This myth originates in the experience of the Soviet and Chinese revolutions of 1917 and 1949. Both of these revolutions degenerated into revisionist police states in which a new ruling class distorted Marxism in order to justify the permanent suppression of the independent political voice and independent politial life of the working class. The result of this myth has been a "crisis of theory" which has led to the paralysis of the left and the growth of both the reformist and sectarian diseases which currently infect (and greatly undermine the work of) nearly all progressive organizations.
This myth, and the resulting crisis of theory, must be smashed up so that hundreds of thousands of activists will be able to understand that a world without bourgeois rule must be the goal of the progressive movement. TOP BOURGEOISIE = NEW WORLD ORDER.  Same thing.

Early socialist efforts in America were less about establishing socialist government, as much as they were about demanding that government respect socialistic efforts carried out by free men (and women) -- such as union organizing -- without resorting to violent suppression and repression. The first big leap was for people to join together to fight for the Bill of Rights to be enforced by government, rather than the whims of the wealthy, and the interests of capital investors.

Early Labor writings of the US-based IWW do mention Marxism, because as a rigorous analysis of capitalism, Das Kapital was written in 1867See below.

Predictably, workers who began to organize with other workers against the Tyranny of Capitalist Bosses, were met with fists, boots, clubs, and machine guns of either hired private mercenary squads -- who were normally spared police interference no matter how violent they were -- and who had protected status in courts and all other aspects of police and judicial matters.

Workers who went on strike, or threatened to strike, or even organized for the possibility of striking, were treated like criminals and terrorists.

Violent suppression of labor was how Wackenhut and Pinkerton got started, and they eventually became the FBI.
"Allan Pinkerton's hatred for criminals shaped his agency's penchant for stretching and breaking the law."
"William Pinkerton"dreamed of a worldwide web of data and social control, dreams that later saw greater expression in the development of the FBI's fingerprint files and IBM's early punch-card technology (which was later used by the Nazis)
"The Pinkerton National Detective Agency was above the law. A word from [William] Pinkerton or one of his officers would send any "scrub" citizen to the scrap heap or the penitentiary.   A man without wealth or influence trying to expose the dastardly work of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency would be like a two-year-old boy blowng his breath against a cyclone to stop its force" - former Pinkerton Detective

Here is an article how Wackenhut was founded by an FBI agent, how it carried on terror activities where the CIA didn't want to dirty it's own hands, and how they shipped chemical weapons to Iraq.  It also runs security at US nuclear sitesNow it's the top firm running "security" which makes society more insecure and private prisons(read these two excellent articles)
A private company, Wackenhut Corp.,
guards the Savannah River nuclear facility.
(Allan Detrich, Post-Gazette National Bureau)

The history of businesses hiring security firms and using them like a private army is long and rife with abuse. Pinkerton, the nation's oldest and second largest security company, earned its spurs in the late 19th century when its guards served as a private army for robber barons intent on wiping out unions. Pinkerton provided the firepower when Ford Frick issued the order to gun down striking workers at Andrew Carnegie's Homestead steel plant in 1892.

Private security companies today have kept that union-busting tradition alive and well. As corporations faced with labor disputes turn more and more to so-called permanent replacement workers, guard firms are utilized to crush militant opposition from unions. A rapidly expanding subset of the industry specializes in strikebreaking.

In 1990, SRC helped precipitate a melee when its guards used martial arts sticks against striking newspaper workers in New York City.

Timothy McVeigh, the accused Oklahoma City bomber, signed on as a security guard after flunking the Green Berets' psychological tests.  there are security officers in this nation who are convicted murderers and rapists, who are thrilled at the sight of fire, who think that a uniform gives them authority, and that a gun gives them power, who cannot control their urges or contain their wants, who prey on those they are hired to protect

The American people are getting close to a real big taste of what we've allowed our system
(corporate, finance, government) to inflict on others, worldwide, those who are even more powerless to stop the machine than we are.

Counterpoint:  Dr. Sutton states: "Sooner or later people will wake up. First we have to dump the trap of right and left. This is a Hegelian trap to divide and control. The battle is not between right and left; it is between us and them."
Similarly, in the international field left and right political structures are artificially constructed and collapsed in the drive for one-world synthesis, i.e. authoritarian socialism controlled by monopoly capital.
OK, so the source website is,  which may be considered more a font of spirituality or mythology than practical economics and politics.  What people of Sutton's ilk are ultimately saying is that it is "Christ vs. Satan". 
At least they recognize that Bush is definitely on the Dark Side, as a member of a Nazi dynasty and as a member of the Order of DeathI have to testify, I saw video of them worshipping evil deities ... just like those weirdos who torture animals while crankin' Cannibal Corpse.
But, while I'm arguing that socialism is not inherently authoritarian, the part I can agree on is that even dry economists like Chossudovsky and Marxists like Parenti detail how global monopoly capital (NWO) is on a rampage to destroy societies, civilization, the livable environment, and undermine even basic liberty.  My difference is I simply call that Fascism, to distinguish a movement aimed at State-Corporate power vs. a movement aimed worker emancipation.  What this points out is the truism that humans seeking personal and economic freedom ought to carefully evaluate all "saviors", and not fall for some Trojan horse.

George Soros' "Open Society Foundation" should be called the "Open Your Wallet Society".


Neo-Liberals demand that countries "liberalize markets" and "open their markets and their banks" to "foreign capital penetration".

That's like when you get a visit from John Gotti's lieutenants and they tell you to "open up to foreign capital penetration".   You better open your wife and kids to foreign penetration, too. 
But what if you don't want to be "penetrated" by foreign capital?  Afraid it might hurt?
IT WILL!  They say so.  They call it a "bitter pill", "painful adjustment", but they "promise" it's only for a short time.  Maybe a few years or decades.  Then the generous corporations will make everyone wealthy and prosperous.

You're a communist, and you risk a CIA assassination or your country bombed until you agree to "democracy" and "lots of penetration". 

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is opposed to Neo-Liberalism, becaue he's sick of Latin Americans getting repeatedly "penetrated" by Wall Street banksters, who insist that "you'll love it, it might hurt at first but it will feel good later".

The NATO bombing of Kosovo was not about "helping people", but instead the US demanded that Milosevic allow Yugoslavia to be "penetrated" by Wall Street and London and NATO-countries. 

When Russia finally got "penetrated" by capitalism, they saw billions of dollars and hard assets like metals and airplane factories flow out of their country at garage sale prices, and massive poverty and starvation as bad as the Stalin's era. 

All over the world -- including the Rwandan genocide where liberals say "we didn't help enough" --- we helped plenty -- the US-based globalists have demanded various "restructuring", "free market reforms", and capital "penetration" which has destroyed local economies, leading to unrest, blame, and violence.  Think that can't happen here?  It already is, and they are fanning the flames. 


It must be noted somewhere on this page, that while "non-market" economies like the Soviets and Cuba performed less-than-perfectly at complex centralized planning, while nevertheless providing life essentials for everyone in the absence of obscene wealth, this does not prove anything about inherent flaws.  The US has long engaged in massive centralized planning ... but for the benefit of a tiny group of obscenely wealthy elites who "buy" that favoritism from government and "buy" the politicians, rather than for the benefit of the entire population.

Furthermore, "Communism" did not collapse. (Thomas L Wayburn, PhD Chemist)
It was driven down at a cost that can be roughly estimated as the magnitude of the National Debt of the United States, which today is about 8 trillion dollars of productive wealth, with interest payments currently at $1 billion each day --- to accomplish the task of destroying the ability of the USSR to function and serve the Russian population.

THIS IS IMPORTANT:  The National Debt is actually hundreds of TRILLIONS higher, because all the money collected from Social Security and "loaned" back to the Feds, i.e. put on the taxpayers debit sheet, went NOT to build up anything in American public society, NOT to the people or the taxpayers, but as a payment transfer to the private Military-Industrial complex.  Plus the creation of Al-Qaida as part of "Cold War" strategy. 

Does it make sense now how rational it was for politicians to seek to protect their Cold War military budgets, how convenient it was to shift from the engineered fall of the "menace" Soviet Union during the Bush administration (with the help of terrorist Yeltsin), to the rise of a sudden new threat of "global terrorism", engineered in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing under Clinton? --- It was revealed in open court that FBI managed the entire bombing "sting" operation, from recruiting the bombers to giving them live explosives.

Thomas L Wayburn: Business divides up what is left over after the people who actually produce wealth have been paid enough to keep themselves alive and perhaps just this side of open rebellion.  It is fair to say that the Harvard Business School is a school for crime no less than the state penitentiary, except that the graduates of Harvard will steal a great deal more.
The function of business is to transfer wealth from the producers of wealth to the ruling class, which produces nothing.

Thomas L Wayburn on Preservation of the Species:

Marxism is based on the theory that people will voluntarily produce material wealth for the common good to the best of their ability, provided only that they are supplied with a sufficient portion from the common pool of wealth to supply their needs and to satisfy their desires.  In practice, Marxist leaders, like leaders of every stripe, do not rely on volition, but resort to coercion just as the feudal capitalists they overthrew had done.  No one knows whether the theoretical premise of Marxism is true or false, as it has never been tested.  Actually, saying that Marxism, or any aspect of Marxism, e.g., economic planning, has been proved invalid is like saying that failure of cold nuclear fusion proves that all nuclear fusion is impossible, which would mean, of course, that the sun isn’t shining

Analogy of American Party Politics

at the turn of the 20th century

Burger King and Taco Bell are two competing restaurants.  But whether you like a Whopper or Burrito, either way Pepsico, Inc. takes the profit, because both companies are subsidiaries of Pepsi.  (This is not to say that there are not menu differences, nor to deny that good, loyal people work at both restaurants.)

Likewise, the Democrats and Republicans are two competing management systems, possibly with slightly different sets of people to pay off, with slightly difference emphasis and "style" --- especially on issues which have little relevance to economics and robbery --- but in reality both parties are mere subsidiaries, bought and paid for by a tiny cabal of billionaires and hundred-millionaires.

The billionaires'
"Advisory Groups" finances both teams and chooses leaders loyal to them, and promotes whoever they prefer on TV and in the News while keeping up appearances of uncertainty and rigorous "debate", and needless to say they exerts immense control over most aspects of the US economy.  In reality, the entire world political-economic system is their play-toy and tool. 

The point is not to promote political apathy.  Americans have resisted tyranny in the past.  The point is to stop getting caught up in their game of partisan bickering, and instead exposing their hand, and making them play our game.

Since the meetings and agenda of the
globalist "Advisory Groups" are mostly secret, we must speculate.  The most reasonable explanation to me is:
What we witness as elections are partly pomp and fake drama to keep the public engaged in
democratic electoral rituals and
debates about irrelevant non-economic matters debating side-issues rather than substance,

--- this was the recipe recommended for a form of "democracy" encouraged by strategists of past decades, like Samuel Huntington, Walter Lippman, and others --- the appearance of democratic participation minus the risks to the elites of actual democratic power ---

and partly the somewhat real playing out of power grabs between competing factions within the globalists pool, seeking to emphasize one
set of  billionaire agenda and methods over another set of billionaire agenda and methods.

This is not a conspiracy theory.  This is really stupid-obvious.

They draft and promote plans directly to government, they even write their own legislation, for the specific reasons of protecting and enhancing their own wealth and power, they meet with Senators and Presidents directly. 
You can sign petitions which they ignore (and can further ignore now that voting machines are rigged), you can send emails defined by category and if lucky get a canned response.

They also own the Fortune 500.  How could they --- why would they --- NOT control everything?

This "irrelevant political democracy" has been a function in Latin America and elsewhere for decades, everywhere the CIA and Pentagon has instituted it or warped it --- now controlling the United States of America.

Here's how leftist critic Ben Seattle pictures it:

On this site, he describes a vision of "new Leninism" in an environment of free information, where there is NO government running things, only self organizatiion.  I see the worthwhile value of a government (by any other name) that is hired to provide various services to people, not adding ruling power and control.

History of Capitalist Sabotage in USA

America was penetrated hard, first by foreign capital in 1913 when the US banking system was turned over to a cabal of private bankers based in London, and including the Queen.  They had met in absolute secrecy on Jekyll Island, off North Carolina, where they claimed to be "duck hunting" as they tried to figure out how to "sell" their scheme to the American public.  Part of their subterfuge was "pretending to be against it".  The other subterfuge was naming it the "Federal Reserve" to fool people into thinking it was government, instead of a private bankster cabal, and that they kept a reserve of money.  Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express.  There is no reserve of money.  They just print it up like counterfeiters, and sell it to America, AND to the rest of the world.

(It was therefore a giant hilarious pun by that funnyman Dick Cheney when he and Anthony Scalia went "duck hunting" while in the process of not discussing Cheney's upcoming case on disclosure of his dealings with the Energy industry as a public official.  Hahahahaha.  Probably about 1 in 1000 Americans "got" Cheney's dry "F-You!" humor on that.)

The next major penetration was the Great Depression, which the sweet-talking bankers said they could prevent, but instead they directly caused Americans to have to stand in lines for handouts of bread and watery soup, and sleep on the curb.

Another big penetration was Nixon completely dropping the gold standard so he could print "free money" to finance War, causing double digit inflation and mass poverty for the next decade.   Gold had already been partly dropped under the international postwar Bretton Woods conference, but Nixon took it another step.

Reagan is sometimes lauded for stopping inflation via "application of pain" (you didn't know Reagan was into Sadism?).   The pain was not applied on anyone in his economic class.  He also dumped on the public the problem of bailing out the Savings and Loan pirates, sticking each American with tens of thousands of dollars in debt, after Reagan's and Bush's friends (and son Neil Bush) (and Democrats) stole all the money.


Most people on the right and mainstream, even the most honest and well-meaning paleo-conservatives, see "socialism" strictly as a centralized State Capitalist bureaucracy run by a police state system, the standard western view of Soviet Russia.

Despite the many flaws of communism, much of what is "known" in the West about "communist tyranny" is exaggeration and propaganda, originally emanating from the desk of 
Nazi Josef Goebbels -- who was one more tool of the US and British investment class -- and that Nazi "anti-worker" propaganda was conveniently replicated throughout the USA by pro-Nazi media like Hearst News.  It was used to smear communism, Russia, China, American labor, and any government committed to ameliorate the lives of the working poor.

What is NOT known about American workers fighting and dying for basic rights and liberty is the result of
conscious centralized efforts to erase the history of labor struggles from textbooks, movies, TV, from "accessible" media.

The ideas of Socialism reflect the eternal struggle of labor and workers for economic Liberty versus economic enslavement. 

Real Leftists equate "socialist ideals" with people agitating against the American Aristocracy for the Bill of Rights during battles over ratification of the Constitution, and fighting in the courts and to actually enjoy these protections afterwards, to enjoy the right of free men to organize and form Unions or Combinations, groups of workers with amassed political power, the power to withhold work and bargain on a "levelled" playing field against the power of concentrated capital.

(Unions of Capitalist Investors --- like American Enterprise Institute, CFR, NATO, Cato, American Heritage, and thousands more --- are always considered acceptable --- and have actual direct influence inside government.)

Real Leftists equate "socialist ideals" with slaves rebelling against their masters in the South and fleeing to safe houses run by (often Christian) abolitionists before government finally caught up to people with the Emancipation Proclamation. 

Real Leftists equate ideals of "socialism" with American civilian rebellions in the late 1800's and early 1900's, preceding Soviet Russia but proceeding from Marxist ideas, led by ordinary workers fighting for social change and economic liberty ... later co-opted by "Establishment Liberalism", in large part for the purposes of "stability" and to benefit the profiteers.  

American history is littered with dead bodies of men and women and children made economic slaves so others could make a profit, and with the dead bodies of men and women who attempted to halt or mitigate that wealth accumulation in favor of more and fairer wealth distribution.  It's a fundamental right to be able to withhold work from "the market" for a higher rate, just like oil companies shut down refineries to fix a "glut" in the market, just like the Feds pay big farms to cut milk production in order to raise milk prices, but the government not only refuses to protect workers' right to strike, but is actively antagonistic and violent towards labor.

I connect "socialism" with desperate coal miners and their families (and even a sheriff) evicted from their homes or even killed by police, military, and gangs of private mercenary thugs hired by capitalist robber-baron owners, who preferred to kill workers rather than surrender or compromise on wages and working conditions.

The Police State, using US Military, FBI, and local "law enforcement", cracked down on the growing power of organized labor activists throughout the early 1900's and beyond, with such famous Labor-Business Wars as the Palmer Raids, the Ludlow Massacre, Matewan, and Haymarket

NOTE:  Part of the effect of Establishment Liberalism in the USA has been that the giant Labor organizations like the AFL-CIO have been penetrated, compromised, and neutered by the CIA and related forces.  AFL-CIO has also been used by CIA to defeat workers' revolutionary socialist movements rising up in other countries, via such CIA-funded institutions as the National Endowment for Democracy.

I connect "socialism" with Joe Hill (who was executed in a sham trial for a crime he didn't commit, even over the objections of President Wilson), Big Bill Heywood founder of the IWW, and with  Walter Reuther (who was framed as a "communist" and obviously assassinated by authorities) who
led United Auto Workers organizing against the violence perpetrated by FBI, CIA, local police, and hired thugs, including attempted assassinations in his living room.

I see these "socialists" ---  Reuther succumbed to political desperation and fearmongering by rejecting "communists" who had previously supported their cause --- as patriots fighting for Americans, not "America", and fighting for Liberty against a ruling elite made up of flagrant scofflaws and violators of the Constitution.

So, one thing for sure: 
The New World Order
(the title of Hitler's 2nd book) is NOT Socialism.  It is the OPPOSITE of Socialism.

On my Audiolinks page, I feature two prominent radical political agitators and philosophers (who each have their own page), Michael Parenti and Alex JonesParenti represents a Leftist resistance to Global Corporate Capitalism.  Jones represents a Christian, paleo-Conservative (old school) resistance to the New World Order and "crony non-free-market capitalism. 

Both Bush's have publicly praised the NWO.  Clinton supports it.  Gary Hart [video], acting as mouthpiece for the unelected Council on Foreign Relations said that 9-11, the (CIA-staged) terrorist attack was a wonderful opportunity to push forward the NWO.  The Republican PNAC crowd supports it, and so does the Democratic Leadership Council, though certainly not all Democrats nor all Republicans.

NWO leaders apparently DO also gravitate towards sites of evil rituals, like Skull & Bones groups and Bohemian Grove. That this is weird doesn't change the fact that it's real. But in my opinion, the occult practices seem to be NOT necessarily a primary function of "pure evil" and "Satanism", but a fashionable emotional and spiritual adjunct to viewpoints and policies about rulers vs. serfdom going back centuries  (and even primal sins like "greed", which is the glory and heart of capitalism)  which vary between mass public swindling and overt armed robbery / slavery.  

Think about that:  our "best" system of economics and organization is proudly based on the acceptance and universality one of the Seven Deadly Sins, and rewards whoever is the most sinful.

Which came first, the egg of evil, or the chicken of untrammelled greed manifested in ancient examples of human slavery and which happens to be manifested today inside an  imperialist-capitalist engine?

Parenti shows how violent imperialism and exploitation is the inherent nature of Capitalism, as Karl Marx explained. 

Alex Jones describes this instead as a perversion of "true free market capitalism in an environment of perfect liberty", as envisioned by Adam Smith. 

I tend to agree with critics who say that Adam Smith's (perhaps naïve) noble vision inherently contains the seeds of social destruction in it's core priniciples of greed counter-balanced by greed
, in that maximum greed generally triumphs over quaint notions like fairness, justice, and human compassion.  In other words, the "worst in human nature" wins.  The history of violent response to US labor struggles seems to attest to this point.

For a look at the worst in non-human nature, scroll down to Corporate Personhood below.

Others argue that it's the "worst in human nature" which undermines socialist ideals.

I would say that some synthesis of socialist mass cooperation combined with strong-but-decentralized oversight and citizen-diligence will probably yield the best results for humanity ... if we survive long enough to get there.

The NWO is NOT socialism, in any meaningful or historical sense of the word.

The "Socialism" pushed by the Council on Foreign Relations described here is really a tyranny of industrialists and "banksters". 
For example, this article says Col. Edward Mandell House called for a "state-controlled central bank" "as described by Marx".  Well, so did Abe Lincoln when he issued Greenbacks.  But the Federal Reserve founded by CFR members was the opposite, a "privately-controlled central bank rewarded and protected with cozy State-sanction".

Conservatives like Jones, who also OPPOSE economic and political tyranny, confuse the advancing Global Corporate One-World Government New World Order --- pushed by the Neo-Conservatives and by Establishment Liberals alike --- with Socialism and Communism ... when in reality it's the "New Fascism", corporate-controlled government, minus the jackboots and funny salutes.  

This is the rational reason why the NWO types in the 1930's supported Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, and attempted to stage a coup in America in 1934 [google] to institute a similar style of dictatorship in America.  Hitler and Mussolini crushed worker agitation, enslaved citizens (Jews and others) and protected industry, under the alluring appeal of Super-Patriotism. or self-sacrifice for glorification of the State (not God or individuals) (in the USA, humans are [were] Sovereign).

Well-meaning conservative Lovers of Liberty seem to have a skewed or cloudy view of the struggle of
peasants and serfs worldwide throughout history, which led to the birth of modern republican form of limited democratic government via Enlightenment era philosophers, plus grassroots rebellion. 

Libertarians and Conservatives tend to ignore the root history of labor and worker struggle, the ties between labor/human rights struggles and genuine socialist revolution.

Well-meaning Leftists confuse paleo-conservative values with right-wing fascist corporate statists like Reagan, Bush, and Clinton, et. al.

Well-meaning Conservatives confuse Leftist values with Communism.

Joseph Stalin instituted a bad dictatorship in Soviet Russia in the fractured shell of the Bolshevik revolution.  This is said to prove the failure of communism, a.k.a. the end of struggle for freedom from oppression.

One could argue on the same basis that the American system itself is a failure proven by the existence of George W. Bush in the White House.  Democratic and Republican Globalists occupying the seat of power really means that democracy was hijacked, not that it's inherently bad.

Some who argue in at least partial defense of Stalin and Lenin say that governments and movements under siege and at war for survival always must suppress democratic leanings in favor of a solid front of self-defense, and that the cause of Soviet totalitarianism was the 70-year assault by a coalition of western powers committed to stamping out this example of independent workers cooperatively running a country.

Good-hearted paleo-Conservatives call political leaders like Franklin Delano Roosevelt "a Socialist", while in actuality FDR was a member of a blue-blood artistocrat dynasty who instituted mild liberal mitigations (reforms) ONLY (or mostly) as a compromise with radical and empowered labor activism  (which also shielded capitalists from more direct labor activism and upset, via strict mediation requirements) (coupled with some anti-freedom trojan horses or "balloon payments" for workers).

For example, the fact that FDR instituted mild banking regulations on the rampant speculation which caused the 1930's Great Depression, does not make FDR a Socialist.  That FDR instituted other protections for working people via his "New Deal" reforms, some government-mediated economic safety nets mostly paid for by workers instead of by capitalist employers, does not make FDR a Socialist. 

The fact that regulatory boards were overrun and co-opted by corporate powers may have been an "escape hatch" intentionally installed by Roosevelt, but probably he either did not forsee that all his genuine reforms and protections would be undone, or more likely that this was the most he could politically get away with.

In reality, Soviet Russia was much like a giant labor union, which had it's own problems of bureaucracy and corruption, and a mostly illiterate public, but corruption (as well as economic disparity) in the USSR was a pale shadow compared to "legalized" corruption in modern America.

Statement of basic economic principles tied to 9-11 (esp. for conservatives)

Corporate Personhood

  • A human being is a person which was created by one Creator -- according to our Declaration -- and therefore inherently endowed with certain Inalienable Rights.  Everyone knows that those rights include Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  (This is not a religious opinion, it's a key principle in our founding documents.)  (Many world political leaders have tried to copy this, including "communist" Ho Chi Minh.)
  • A Corporation is a "person" which was created by Lawyers.
  • How is it that the lawyer-version has been judged to be superior to and entitled to more Liberty and more protection than the Creator-version of a "person"?   Lawyers and judges have slowly re-made corporations into omnipotent "gods".  Perversely, most right wing Christians and Jews do not recognize this as a violation of God's 3rd Commandment given to Moses.  That would be inconvenient.  
  • Ironically for "arch-conservatives", it was "Activist Lawyers" who made Corporations = Persons, a huge breakthrough of nearly 100 years of precedent-setting lawsuits and bribery, to eliminate The People's Sovereign control over these "legal contracts", giving them unrestricted power to eradicate any and all obstacles to wealth accumulation ... including human life and liberty.  Some call this a Betrayal of Adam Smith.  The "welfare state" came about as a cheap and temporary "fix" to mitigate this crime, and to neutralize public opposition to rule-by-wealth, or plutocracy.

one of the better artcles on corporate personhood, created by lawyers and judges, which the National Lawyers Guild rejects

The notion of "corporate personhood" was adopted by the Supreme Court under very dubious circumstances, when a court reporter used the term in a head note he created for an 1886 Court decision that actually declined to address the issue. (The case was Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad Co., 118 U.S. 394.)

In a later 1889 case, Minneapolis & St. Louis Railway Company (129 U.S. 26), Justice Field cited Santa Clara as holding that corporations are persons, and that inaccurate notion of Santa Clara's holding remains today. Nonetheless, other Supreme Court decisions support the opposite view.  ...

The consequences of corporate personhood are not trivial. Jerry Mander writes in his book In the Absence of the Sacred:
"Not being human, not having feelings, corporations do not have morals or altruistic goals."

A nonhuman entity that cannot possess morals is certainly not fit to be granted equal standing with a person.
  Indeed, granting amoral entities so-called equal rights with persons, which because of corporations' great wealth and power become greater rights, is so irrational it ought to be considered a kind of insanity.

  • The fact that small businesses can also incorporate creates a deceptive paradigm of mass acceptance of this arrangement, which in the long view does crushes small business "rodents" while protecting transnational (foreign) financial and industrial giants mostly owned by a narrow aristocracy.
  • The latest in an ongoing series of scams is the "international trade treaty" which overrides what few Sovereign Laws of the People remain intact, an assault on historical conservative and liberal values concerned with human Liberty.
  • Our United States government has not been "stolen" by the Globalists, by the New World Order, by transnationals, multinationals, by billionaire financial speculators ... it was BOUGHT, individually and collectively, by a miniscule class or network of billionaires and robber-barons adept at arranging government influence to facilitate these scams, a self-feeding system. Not to imply we were not also defrauded by robber-barons.
  • Favorable legislation, executive orders, and judicial decisions are now nothing more than purchasable commodities. What makes this "corruption" is that our government was NEVER intended to be put up for sale.  This pattern is one key essence of fascism.
  • As the march goes on, our sacred Constitution has been rendered the moral equivalent of toilet paper. Political debates rarely reference it, even in terms of possible deviation from it.  It has been ignored and renedered moot, or bastardized by hundreds of intellectual flights of fancy similar to the Santa Clara decsion above.
  • This website covers it pretty well, with numbers:
  • I completely disagree with some conservatives libertarians that this line of thinking must follow that government should never check or regulate business, corporations, or commerce.  Corporations can also be licensed to exist, but they need the choke chain they originally were tied to -- they should not run free in society any more than should a wild carnivorous animal in a city. If not chained by govt, they must be chained by workers.
  • As Adam Smith said, in some (mythical) perfect freedom, markets could provide maximum Liberty, but that was before modern Corporate Capitalism took root.   Corporate tyranny IS completely disruptive to all social order.  If Barry couldn't see that in the 60's he can be forgiven, but if anyone can't see that NOW, they have their head up their ass.

Thomas L. Wayburn