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Here's two of the biggest and most obvious facts:
JFK assassination: Secret Service Standdown or JFK secret service stand down or Kennedy Assasination - Secret Service Stand Down!!!!!!!!

LBJ's Secret Service Instructed Motorcade Route Changed

In this video, narrated by Marine warrior, special operations,Bo Gritz  (he's associated with far right Christians)  looks at who pulled the SS agt off the JFK limo.  It wasn't Castro or Oswald or the Mob.  It was the boss of the Secret Service.
JFK_Drugs_and_CIA_James_BO_Gritz.wmv 20 min video

Allen Dulles was fired by President Kennedy, in part because of the fiasco of the Bay of Pigs, where CIA tried to "force" JFK to order an invasion by launching their own clandestine attack.

Despite being a 'fired' ex-employee, Allen Dulles was appointed by Lyndon Johnson to serve on the Warren Commission to "investigate" the murder of his former boss.

JFK had not only fired Dulles but he had sworn to dismantle the whole CIA (Nazi) operation. These men obviously had a serious grudge, personal, financial, political, power.
Allen Dulles was business partner to W's grandfather, and employer to W's father, George Herbert Walker Bush.  He was also a Nazi-collaborator, more like one of the key lynchpin men in charge of the Nazi operation.

Besides CIA, Kennedy had fired General Lemnitzer and General Cabell, of the Joint Chiefs, over the Bay of Pigs.  Kennedy fired or relocated other CIA killers, who were then involved in a plan to assassinate a Head of State --- Castro.  We know some of them had deep grudges.  Cabell's brother was Dallas Chief of Police, in charge of Kennedy's route change, and in telling the police to "only act as observers".  Earl Cabell is seen lying on camera in a news clip, in a Google video called Evidence of Revision, part 1.

Kennedy had sent Fed Marshalls to Mississippi, to integrate U-Miss with black student James Meredith.  Thirty-five Marshalls were killed by anti-integrationists, so Kennedy sent in the Army to U-Miss.  The Army!  Like a Civil War re-enactment. Think the large population of KKK and other bigots across the South had a little grudge with Kennedy?

Kennedy reduced the Oil Depletion Allowance, a major tax break. Texas oil barons like Clint Murchison, H.L. Hunt, George Bush, and a bunch of Lyndon Johnson's friends were obviously affected.  Kennedy also took the "bully pulpit" to accuse Big Steel of price gouging.  This is the type of policies right wingers call "communist".

Besides all this, since Kennedy cancelled the Bay of Pigs operation, and made peace with Russia during the Cuban Missile Crisis, when a true anti-communist would have launched a thermonuclear exchange leading to the deaths of only 169 million Americans to beat the Soviets.  This means Kennedy was our Pinko President, which is synonymous with "Agent of Satan" to the Christian Right of that day and now.

One more item:  Kennedy had threatened Israel's freedom to build a nuclear weapons program at Dimona, unchecked and unmonitored by the United States.

Whether or not Oswald was involved in shooting JFK, two things he was not was "a lone nut" or "a communist".

Oswald loudly outed himself as a commie, while serving in the U.S. Marines, but was not disciplined.
Oswald left the Marines to take care of his mother, who was not ill.
Oswald went to the Soviet Union, publicly denounced America, and supposedly began to give away military secrets.  The Soviets believed he was CIA.
Yet when Oswald decided to return to the US, the US Embassy wrote him a loan for $435 to finance the trip for himself and his wife, according to Appendix A of the Warren Report, which says that Oswald repaid the loan in full.
Oswald returned to the US and made allies with anti-Bolshevik "White" Russians.
Oswald briefly joined a communist pro-Cuba group, left for some reason and formed Fairplay for Cuba
Oswald passed out flyers for Fairplay, which were stamped with the address of the same small office building as a far-right cop close to FBI's J.Edgar Hoover named Guy Banister.
Police and other witnesses saw Oswald, Banister, and David Ferrie together, there's a photo of young Oswald getting flight training from Ferrie.
Marita Lorenz of Operation 40, the anti-Castro CIA group, testified in court that she saw Oswald, with E. Howard Hunt, Sturgis, and others in a hotel room, preparing to kill Kennedy.
Oswald appeared on a TV show for a long segment to discuss how wonderful Cuba was and how great Castro was, and to complain about US actions against Cuba.  Oswald got this in 1962!!!  While the US was engaged in trying to destroy the Cuban Revolution, this dissenter was honored with a TV appearance. This TV appearance is incredible in itself, especially in light of the fact that the membership of Fairplay for Cuba only reached as high as "1": Oswald himself.
In other words, Fairplay was a "cover" for him, probably to gain him access to kill Castro.

SIMPLEST JFK PAGE I'VE SEEN by amateur web guy
Common sense on JFK and Warren Report
There was a conflict between JFK and the CIA.
The First action in any murder case is to look at the victim's enemies.
How did it take 10 years to LOSE in Vietnam

JFK assassination and how the media handled it
http://www.progovernment.com/DeepBlackLies.htm  LOCAL

Marine Sniper Craig Roberts on Lee Harvey Oswald     Count the Bullets

        In 1963, Lyndon B. Johnson took office following the assassination of President John Kennedy, which pretty much everyone agrees was definitely an assassination. The only disagreement seems to be over whether it was done by the CIA, the FBI, the KGB, the Mafia, pro-Castro Cubans, anti-Castro Cubans, expatriate Nazis, Woody Harrelson's dad, or - by some of the more dubious theories - some guy named Lee Harvey Oswald.
        Alleged assassin Oswald was, as we all remember, indicted, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed in just two days by a tittie bar owner named Jack Ruby who also happened to have connections to the CIA, the FBI, the KGB, the Mafia, pro-Castro Cubans, anti-Castro Cubans, expatriate Nazis, and Woody Harrelson's dad.
        Five years later, the assassination of Robert Kennedy was the key factor in the presidential election victory of Richard Nixon. Like Mark Hanna in 1904, Kennedy was much too strong of an opponent. LBJ, knowing that the big boys play hardball, had wisely but unexpectedly chosen not to seek a second elected term of office. Nixon was, therefore, pretty much given a clear playing field.

According to a 1997 New York Times article, the CIA conducted a covert propaganda campaign to squelch criticism of the Warren Report. The CIA urged its agents to use their "propaganda assets" to attack those who didn't agree with the Warren Report. In a dispatch from CIA headquarters, the Agency instructed its CIA agents around the world to:

  • 1---counteract the "new wave of books and articles criticizing the [Warren] Commission's findings...[and proposing] conspiracy theories ...[that] have frequently thrown suspicion on our organization";
  • 2---"discuss the publicity problem with liaison and friendly elite contacts, especially politicians and editors;" and
  • 3---"employ propaganda assets to answer and refute the attacks of the critics. ... Book reviews and feature articles are particularly appropriate for this purpose. ... " The aim of this dispatch is to provide material for countering and discrediting the claims of the conspiracy theorists..."

"Cable Sought to Discredit Critics of Warren Report" New York Times, December 26, 1977,p.A3

Here's the MEMO :  CIA assets - Countering Criticism of Warren Report

Allen Dulles, Warren Commission member, fired by JFK as CIA Director:
"But nobody reads. Don't believe people read in this country. There will be a few professors that will read the record...The public will read very little."
(September 6, 1964, Warren Commission internal memo)

Read these thought provoking quotes on the Warren Commission below

Click here (below) to see the infamous memo from J. Edgar Hoover about his opinion on the sentiments of the "misguided anti-Castro Cubans". Hoover wrote this memo TO the State Dept, regarding information he furnished to "George Bush of the C.I.A.".  The goofy thing is that the anti-Castro Cuban attack squad Operation 40 was run by the CIA, and GHW Bush of the CIA, so there would have been no logical reason for CIA to have been inquiring about it from Hoover.
Bush claimed to have first joined the CIA in 1974 -- over a decade later --  ... as it's DirectorMembers of Operation 40 and the CIA, who badly wanted war with Castro, were implicated in the Kennedy assassination.
Thanks to www.cloakanddagger.de for this Dixie Mafia image, but I'm don't think they are trustworthy on other matters.
The Bush Family Connection to the Nazis (interesting timeline)

The only part I don't quite get is that J.E. Hoover was also deeply embedded in the Mafia, which he publicly claimed did not exist. He was hanging out at gambling joints run by top Mafia, and attended their parties.  Hoover was equally anti-Communist as Dulles and the CIA.  [bizarre profane expose on Hoover] FBI was the major input of evidence for the witchhunt run by Joe McCarthy and Richard Nixon.  Hoover also did not like the Kennedy brothers.  RFK had sworn to clean up "organized crime", meaning Hoover's pals.  Hoover had wiretapped offices and had possibly blackmailed Kennedy, or at least warned him.  But Hoover had also apparently done JFK's bidding in shutting down a CIA-anti-Cuban op in Louisiana.

Hankey suggests that Hoover was trying to cleverly expose Bush for posterity, due to his distaste for the killing of JFK.  Possibly, true.  Maybe Hoover thought that destroying commies or liberals accused of being commies was fine, maybe he was sympathetic to the Nazi ideology and corruption, but maybe he thought that President-killing was just going too far.  A moral line in the sand??
I think, most likely, Hoover feared the CIA, and was covering his ass or buying some kind of invisible protection here for himself with this unnecessary memo.

Click here  page 308 from Volume XVIII of the official Warren Commission Report.
Lee Harvey Oswald --Repatriation Loan, June 1 1962.
It begs the question as to
why would the United States government lend $500 to a Marine who defected to the Soviet Union for "political reasons" and ... ?

Barry Seal - In 1955 Seal joined the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) in Baton Rouge. Soon afterwards Seal took part in a CAP joint training mission with the New Orleans unit that was run by David Ferrie (one of Jim Garrison's witnesses who died). According to John Odom, a fellow CAP member, Seal met Lee Harvey Oswald during this training.  (I hope I can find the photo of the 3 of them.)

In most ways, the Kennedy assassination was a major gain for those who wanted to clandestinely rule America.  In one way it was a setback, and risky, because the bloody daylight murder was so messy and required so much coverup.

Bo Gritz Letter to George Bush   www.serendipity.li/cia/gritz1.htm
Serendipity is an anti-semetic site, but I could not avoid including this Open Letter.

This REALLY renders the whole "fun" mainstream conservative-liberal debate extremely absurd.

The Bushy Knoll   Oswald with David Ferrie of CIA  Ferrie also trained Barry Seal, long time CIA drug runner associated with Bush   Why Does George W. Bush Fly in Drug Smuggler Barry Seal's Airplane?
WHY HAVEN'T WITNESSES COME FORWARD?  short life span for witnesses.

Most people nowadays, even the most gullible, have some suspicion that the govt killed JFK, or at least that Oswald didn't, or at very very least that Oswald was not some "Lone Gunman".

It took decades, but the facts about the John F. Kennedy assassination began to dribble out.  The single-bullet theory is not only implausible, it's physically impossible.  At least 13 shots were fired at Kennedy. Many missed.  He was caught in a "hail of gunfire", which is what the early reports stated, not 3 bullets,  This series of linked photos really tell the story.

Oswald might have PLAYED a commie, but his closest associates were anti-Commies.  Commie was his "cover".  His military career placed him as a special ops Marine, slotted for a high level Intell assignment.  He began openly talking "Red" while enlisted (and this was tolerated!!!!).

Hopsicker located a photo of the Civil Air Patrol in Louisiana, with young, grinning Lee Harvey Oswald, a young Barry Seal (who became infamous narco-trafficker with links to Operation 40, a CIA anti-Cuba terror team [linked with JFK murder, by both eyewitness legal testimony and corroborating coincidence], ties to Iran-Contra, and ties to Presidents Bush and Clinton, killed before testifying on narcotics).  Both teenagers were learning to fly with instructor David Ferrie (a former OSS operative who was subpeonaed by Jim Garrison but "committed suicide" the day before testifying).  What's the odds of that?  The local CIA recruiter + JFK suspect with 2 young intelligence recruits in one early photo, all 3 dead before giving evidence in separate cases?

Oswald got a LOAN from the American Embassy in Moscow for $435, long after he had renounced America and claimed he told the Russians "everything". He get fast-tracked back to America.  "Fair Play for Cuba" shared an office with Guy Banister, a leading anti-commie cop with FBI links.  Oswald's name popped up in an FBI memo written by J. Edgar Hoover, regarding his expense account, while Oswald was still AWOL in Russia.  Allen Dulles was Director of the CIA, boss of Operation 40, who was fired by Kennedy and next appeared on the commission investigating the murder.

There's much more, but this is sufficient.  That these and other obvious facts were covered up for decades, and even denounced as paranoid conspiracy theories.  This required total complicity of the mainstream media, something neither Oswald, nor Castro, nor the Mafia could have arranged.

Who was CIA Agent George de Mohrenschildt?
Click to see an incriminating de Mohrenschildt Chart.

Gerald Ford's Role in the JFK Assassination Cover-up
Members of the Warren Commission present their report on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
L-R: John McCloy, J. Lee Rankin (General Counsel), Senator Richard Russell, Representative Gerald Ford,
Chief Justice Earl Warren, President Lyndon B. Johnson, Allen Dulles, Senator John Sherman Cooper,
and Representative Hale Boggs.  Credit: LBJ Library photo by Cecil Stoughton

Newly released documents show, however, that Warren Commission member Congressman Gerald Ford pressed the panel to
its description of the wound and place it higher in Kennedy's body. Ford wanted the wording changed to:
"A bullet had entered the back of his neck slightly to the right of the spine." The panel's final version was:
"A bullet had entered the base of the back of his neck slightly to the right of the spine."
Harold Weisberg, a longtime critic of the Warren Commission's work, said:
"What Ford is doing is trying to make the single bullet theory more tenable."

Gerald Ford was so close to Hoover that he served as the FBI director's informant while he was on the Warren Commission.
This is confirmed by an internal FBI memo of Dec. 12, 1963. Written to Hoover by his deputy Cartha DeLoach, it says:
"Ford indicated he would keep me thoroughly advised as to the activities of the commission. He stated that would have to be
done on a confidential basis; however, he thought it had to be done." The Washington Post disclosed the memo in 1991.
Newsweek had earlier described Ford as "the CIA's best friend in Congress."
Ford was very close personally, and ultra-loyal politically, to Nixon.
It was Nixon who recommended to President Lyndon Johnson that Ford be appointed to the Warren Commission.

Not only was Ford leaking the commission's deliberations to Hoover and Sloyan (and presumably, to Nixon), but
on the eve of the publication of the Warren Report, he rushed to publicly endorse its coming finding that
Oswald was solely to blame for Kennedy's murder. In the Oct. 2, 1964 issue of Life, he stressed that the
"sorely disturbed" Oswald's "faith in Communism and the writings of Karl Marx" made him
"look to Cuba as the as the place where … his shadowy philosophical theories might possibly come to fruit."

Was Ford acting in league with his friends at the CIA and the FBI to give advance support to what he knew would be the report's
lone-killer conclusion? Almost certainly, the answer is "yes."
Especially when you consider the fact that the man most responsible for placing Ford on the commission
President Richard Nixon – later described the "Oswald did it by himself scenario" as "the greatest hoax that has ever been
perpetuated." Nixon's assertion – contained in a tape of an Oval Office conversation with aide Bob Haldeman –
was not made public until 2002.

Who Killed Yitzak Rabin
Was Israeli Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin was assassinated by his own security service?  (The Israeli JFK)

STUNNING and ENTERTAINING movie about JFK as little as $10
EXCERPT of JFK ii online

CLICK HERE FOR INFAMOUS Nov 29, 1963 MEMO by J. EDGAR HOOVER of the FBI entitled "The Assassination of John F. Kennedy", describing how certain information was furnished to GEORGE BUSH of the CIA who flew from Dallas to Washington to visit Hoover to "inquire" about the Anti-Castro Cubans in Florida. 
Hoover explained how the
Cuban community was saddened by JFK's murder (they weren't), how there was no policy change on Cuba ... but the memo itself is silly because the Anti-Castro "Operation 40" group was a CIA operation, NOT an FBI group in the first place.

The Bush Family Connection to the Nazis (interesting timeline)

While it is possible that one man could fire a rifle and shoot a president, simple common sense says the entire operation could not have been carried out by a lone stalker. Too many things needed to be in place.

Russians allege that Oswald was a very poor shot.
While apparently terrorists and guerillas have bombed buildings and civilians in the past, and the targets of WTC and the Pentagon are plausible, simple commons sense says that an operation of this magnitude could not have been coordinated and carried out undetected by a bunch of guys in a cave, and "sleeper cells", any more than by the sleepy local bowling league.
In Dallas, the Army violated standard procedures and stood down and there is live video of the President's Secret Service protection being called off of the limo by their boss.  The route to Dealey Plaza had been suddenly changed (why wasn't Kennedy alarmed?). The body was illegally seized from Parkland Hospital and moved to Bethesda on Air Force One, and mutilated on the journey to disguise wounds. These things and more could not have been done by a lone nut, nor the Mafia, nor the Cubans, nor the Russians.
It had to be CIA.
In addition, the CIA had become an enemy of Kennedy, due to his policies which not only contradicted goals of the CIA and Joint Chiefs, but he wanted to disband them.  He had fired 3 top CIA officials..
On 9-11, NORAD stood down for 90 minutes from the first reasonable notice of hijacking, in clear violation of "mandatory procedures" since 1975.  Their boss, Dick Cheney, was recently given command over NORAD by Donald Rumsfeld, and a seasoned general was replaced by an inexperienced underling on his first day, who was not relieved when disaster struck.
The unprecedented delays -- standdown -- including the inexplicable lapse which allowed the highly protected Pentagon to be hit (in an area filled with mostly construction labor), could NOT have been caused by some "outside enemy".
It had to be CIA.

One of the main suspects (in the public mind), Allen Dulles, had made a career of political assassinations of leaders he deemed "too communist", he had been fired by Kennedy, he had a motive of revenge plus restoration of his vision of US policy, and yet despite all that (including that he was no longer a govt employee), he was picked to serve with other government sycophants on the Warren Commission.
The Warren Commission worked to prove the "official story", not to investigate.  "Inconvenient" facts and evidence and witnesses were dismissed.
The American public has long been considered "the rabble" by elites, and has long been really an enemy of the CIA, at worst, at least when free speech is exercised.  Human beings are been at very least considered "expendable", in furtherance of certain covert policies.  The CIA is the paramilitary intelligence control arm of Wall Street transnational banking conglomerates (including firms like GE which make appliances, nuclear weapons, and consumer/commercial loans).
The 9-11 Commission, arranged by Bush-Co, was created with the limited scope of finding procedural flaws and making procedural recommendations. 
"Inconvenient" facts and testimony was dismissed or excised from the report. 
The 9-11 Commission was filled with former Iran-Contra-Cocaine-BCCI crime syndicate who had protected the same people in the past  (W's cabinet is a near duplicate of Reagan's cabinet.)
Historically, the CIA is actually the rebirth of the Nazi SS.
There is footage of Lee Harvey Oswald training at a fake Civil Air Patrol (CAP) base known to be a CIA front, run by David Ferrie who was clearly CIA and was formerly OSS.  While Oswald served in the US Marines and rose to advanced status, he became outspoken about his "communist ideals", yet his 'treasonous talk' was tolerated by superior officers.  Reds in the military in the 1950's was less tolerated than gays today -- that does not happen in real life, and is a clear sign that this was a "cover" for future covert ops.  Join the Marines and try going pro-communist even today -- see how long you last.
It is known and openly admitted that Osama Bin Laden was a CIA asset -- just like Oswald.  It is known and openly admitted that Al-Qaida (originally "the mujahideen", before they got a proper name) was created by the CIA.  It is known and openly admitted that the Bin Laden family and Binladen Construction served the Pentagon, CIA, and western oil companies, including cross-investment and building projects, and the creation of Al-Qaida via Pakistan was a CIA.
Pentagon and CIA involvement with Al-Qaida is a subject of Republican reports on Clinton, Senate statements, statements of foreign leaders, documented with money trails, and other openly known info, like the State Dept designation of the KLA as terrorist.
It is a clear and gross violation of routine police procedures to disturb or remove evidence from a crime scene, even in ordinary homicides or robberies.  This may happen accidentally in street crimes, but not at JFK.  The limo, hit by bullets on the glass and roof, was immediately wiped clean by Secret Service, and then shipped straight to Ford Motor Company in Detroit to be dismantled and repaired.
The World Trade Center, in particular the 40-some steel center columns which experts say did not exist and the 9-11 Commission avoids discussing, had broken off in convenient 30-foot sections and were hauled away to be melted down in China, before proper forensics could be done.  The same company, Controlled Demolitions, also hauled away the Murrah Bldg in OK, and buried under guard of Federal officers.

Lee Harvey Oswald joined a gun club in Russia, but he couldn't shoot rabbits, and needed others to stand behind him and shoot. While people speculate that it was possible for a lone gunman to shoot the President from that window, inexplicably from a greater distance and worse angle than Oswald's best shot, and obstructed by trees, for Oswald this would not have been possible.
Most of the terrorists were rank amateur pilots at best, even in flying small craft.  Hani Hanjour was a terrible pilot who was refused a request to rent a small plane, yet it is claimed that he flew a 270° corkscrew, nosedived, and leveled out at ground level at 500 mph to plow into the Pentagon.  This is a feat which several seasoned pilots said they could not do or even would not even attempt in a large commercial passenger jet. 
The assassination story rests on a "magic bullet" which defied all laws of physics. (Also a giant bean stalk.) Flight 77's attack of the Pentagon rests on an unstated "magic pilot theory".  Another magic thing was the "magic Dutch boys", two Dutch flight school owners [one was Rudy Dekkers another his Dutch colleague] who got suddenly rich and suddenly owned airport property, despite FAA restrictions on immigrant nationals operating on airports.

Witnesses to the JFK assassination experienced things like having their stories changed by police, official intimidation, and untimely deaths of many witnesses.
Witnesses to 9-11, including the hijackers' neighbors in Florida. Several FBI agents and military officials who reported malfeasance such as obstruction of investigations and the government training the hijackers, were ordered to shut up, legally gagged, fired, or in the case of John O'Neill, killed.
Initial news reports included phrases like "a hail of bullets" and "a flurry of gunfire", rather than "3 shots".  Reports of extra bullets found, reports of gunfire from another location (grassy knoll), were squelched.
Timing that indicated that military interception jets were flown at half-speed, obviously on someone's orders (Cheney), was dismissed.  The owner of the Towers saying Bldg 7 was "pulled" has been excised from history. 


Read these thought provoking quotes on the Warren Commission .

compiled by Martin Shackelford

John A. McVickar, Assistant Counsel, U.S. Embassy, Moscow, 1959:
"Oswald was following the pattern of behavior in which he had been tutored by person or persons unknown...that he had been in contact with others before or during his Marine Corps tour who had guided him and encouraged him in his actions."

Henry Luce at a dinner party, 1961:
"We can't afford to make a mistake in America. So if this young Kennedy makes a mistake, he's got to be impeached immediately. We can't wait for a second."
(quoted by Mort Sahl, who heard it, in "Heartland")
Kennedy aides Kenny O'Donnell and Dave Powers:
"The president's orders to reduce the American military personnel in Vietnam by one thousand by the end of 1963 was still in effect on the day he went to Texas. A few days after his death, during the mourning, the order was quietly rescinded."
(from "Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye")

Dave Powers:
"If the bullet that wounded the president was not the same bullet that wounded John. Connally, and I testified that it wasn't, and John Connally testified that it wasn't, then there would have had to be more than one assassin."
(May 13, 1976, interviewed on WGBH-TV, Boston)

Dr. Milton Helpern, the nation's leading forensic pathologist at the time of the assassination:
"Selecting a hospital pathologist to perform a medico-legal autopsy...and evaluate gunshot wounds is like sending a seven year old boy who has taken three lessons on the violin over to the New York Philharmonic and expect him to perform a Tchaikovsky symphony. He knows how to hold the violin and the bow,
but he has a long way to go before he can make music."
(quoted by Marshall Houts in his biography of Helpern, "Where Death Delights")

Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry:
"We don't have any proof that Oswald fired the rifle. No one has been able to put him in that building with a gun in his hand."
(November 5, 1969, United Press International)

Marina Oswald's initial reaction:
"I love Lee. Lee good man. He didn't do anything."
(November 29, 1963, LIFE magazine)

Robert Oswald, Lee's brother, after visiting Lee in jail:
"All the time we were talking I was searching his eyes for any sign of guilt or whatever you call it. There was nothing there--no guilt, no shame, nothing."

H.R. Haldeman, on a panel to investigate Watergate, March 27, 1973:
"If you want Earl Warren, he'll do it." (said to Richard Nixon)

Sen. Richard Russell, Warren Commission member:
"They [the FBI] have tried the case and reached a verdict on every count."
(January 27, 1964 Warren Commission Executive Session)
"So much possible evidence was beyond our reach."
(September 29, 1964, Atlanta Constitution, upon the Report's release)
"We have not been told the truth about Oswald."
(Letter to critic Harold Weisberg)

Hale Boggs, Warren Commission member, on the Single Bullet Theory:
"I had strong doubts about it."
(quoted by Edward Jay Epstein, "Inquest," the first study with access to Warren Commission members and staff)

John J. McCloy, Warren Commission member:
"It was important to show the world that America is not a banana republic, where a government can be changed by conspiracy."
(quoted by Epstein, "Inquest")

Sen. John Sherman Cooper, Warren Commission member:
"We had to lift the cloud of doubts that had been cast over American institutions."
(quoted by Epstein, "Inquest")

Allen Dulles, Warren Commission member, fired by JFK as CIA Director:
"But nobody reads. Don't believe people read in this country. There will be a few professors that will read the record...The public will read very little."
(September 6, 1964, Warren Commission internal memo)

J. Lee Rankin, Warren Commission chief counsel:
"We do have a dirty rumor [Oswald was an FBI informant] that is very bad for the Commission...and it is very damaging to the agencies that are involved in it, and it must be wiped out insofar it is possible to do so by this Commission."
(January 27, 1964, Warren Commission Executive Session)

"At this stage, we are supposed to be closing doors, not opening them."
(July 1964 response to staff counsel Wesley Liebeler's request that a conspiracy lead (Silvia Odio) be pursued, quoted in Epstein, "Inquest")

"They [U.S. intelligence agencies] could have conspired all together to try to conceal it [information] from us...It's been very rare in our history that any of these agencies have come forth and said 'we made a mistake'."
(May 1975, WRR Radio "Allen Stone Show," Dallas)

Burt W. Griffin, Warren Commission co-counsel:
"I don't think some agencies were candid with us. I never thought the Dallas police were telling us the entire truth. Neither was the FBI."
(April 24, 1975, Rolling Stone)

Associated Press dispatch:
"Washington, D.C..--An agent [James Hosty] who investigated the assassination of President Kennedy testified today that he flushed down the drain a note that Lee Harvey Oswald had delivered to the Dallas office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation."
(December 12, 1975)

Waggoner Carr, Texas Attorney General (former FBI agent):
"All of the records were in the hands of the two agencies [FBI and CIA] and, if they so desired, any information or files could have been destroyed or laundered prior to the time the Commission could get them."
(September 2, 1975, Houston Chronicle)

Senate Select Committee to Study Government Operations with Respect to
Intelligence Activities (Church Committee):
"On two separate occasions...[FBI] Director Hoover asked for all derogatory material on Warren Commission members and staff contained in the FBI files."
(1976 "The Investigation of the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy: The Performance of the Intelligence Agencies," report by Sen. Richard Schweiker and Sen. Gary Hart subcommittee)

Sen. Richard Schweiker:
"Had Oswald been convicted twelve years ago, he would be entitled to a new trial today based upon the FBI and CIA coverup."
(June 23, 1976 statement)

Sen. Richard Schweiker:
"Now I don't know who killed cock robin, but we do know Oswald had intelligence connections. Everywhere you look with him, there're fingerprints of intelligence."
(December 15, 1975, Village Voice)

Victor Marchetti, former Executive Assistant to the Deputy Director of the CIA:
"The more I have learned, the more concerned I have become that the government was involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy."
(April 1975, True magazine)

Lyndon Johnson, on being handed the first copy of the Warren Report:
"It's, uh, very heavy."
(September 24, 1964)

Jack Ruby:
"The Warren Commission! What the hell do they know? Did they learn anything you couldn't read in the papers the next day?"
(Letter quoted in Argosy magazine, September 1967)
"I do not want to die. But I am not insane. I was framed to kill Oswald."
(to psychiatrist Werner Teuter, quoted in London Sunday Times, August 25, 1974)

Richard Nixon:
"If ten more wiretaps could have found the conspiracy [to assassinate JFK]--uh, if it was a conspiracy--or the individual, then it would have been worth it."
(August 22, 1973 press conference)

Henry Fairlie:
"The fact that more than one person is engaged in an enterprise does not necessarily make it a conspiracy."
(September 11, 1966 New York Times column)

William Raspberry:
"You don't have to be a third-order conspiracist to understand that the [JFK] investigation has to be reopened."
(September 15, 1975, Washington Post column)

Marianne Means:
"Theories about second assassins and missing bullets, which were once the exclusive property of idiots, are now debated seriously by responsible people."
(Spring 1975 San Francisco Chronicle column)