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It is not 100% necessary and is often counterproductive and dangerous to try to take a stab at what specifically happened on 9-11.  Considering all the shrouded information, we have some many solid facts, but also a lot of open questions --- some which I would not call "unanswered questions" but rather "unanswerable questions" --- challenges for which I say there NO REASONABLE EXPLANATION CAN EXIST.

That line of questioning asking for "what's YOUR theory" is almost certainly bait for discrediting.  The clear facts about our leaders' relationships with terrorism, past creation of fake terrorism, and intentional coverup of 9-11, other information which is directly provable, is together sufficient to indict and prosecute. --  Wag the WTC - Fintan Dunne (original psyopnews site is gone) came out immediately saying this: This 'Wag the WTC' blockbuster is making a pile of money for some.
The World Trade Center Demolition and the So-Called War on Terrorism
TALL TALES OF THE WAG MOVIE - Let's all hold on to our emotional hats. Let's stop reacting and stop overreacting.   We are MEANT to react in shock. The whole purpose of the audacious World Trade Center attack was to psych us out.   Does the WTC attack feel like a movie?  It does?  Well of course it does!  It has been specifically written as a movie script. Are you getting the picture?

Having studied for years how Americans react in movie theaters, the game planners have decided we are now ready for movie spectaculars in real life.   You are witnessing a cathartic and intense psychological operation. It is designed to alter your perceptions and hence your politics. It's a classic PsyOp. Its a made-for-TV movie with all the cliché blockbuster elements.

THE PLOT THICKENS - As evidence has mounted, our concerns about the events at the WTC have grown. Yet, at this time there is no credible investigation by any official U. S. agency of the possibility of additional bombs in the World Trade Center. Neither has there been a call by any leading U. S. politician for an official inquiry into these events.

President Kennedy's death in Dallas at least spawned the Warren Commission investigation. But, so far the only examination of the WTC incidents is taking place on alternative web sites such as this.

Within days, media reported that massive insider trading had occurred on American, United, and Merrill Lynch.  People "in the know" were betting on heavy losses.  Those transactions are confidential, but
both Congress AND the President have the power and the means to investigate that ... but nobody has opened up an investigation. They say nothing interesting happened from that trading. Fuggeddaboudit.
As mentioned above there has been no inquiry into the FIVE NORAD DRILLS.
See a small sample of what Mike Ruppert, LAPD found under the WHO PROFITS? section, and order his movie Truth and Lies of 9-11, or watch a lo-fi version on my 9-11 Amazing audio-video page.

Ruppert has been characterized as a CIA asset, in part for attempting to tie Peak Oil directly to 9-11, when government statements going back to the 1940's show that control over the Middle East, control over profits, and preventing others from getting oil would be a factor driving US policy with or without Peak Oil.  I mean, we didn't overthrow the government of Arbenz in Guatemala due to Peak Bananas.

Many credible critics have come up with very good reasons to distrust Mike Ruppert.  There are questions about his background.  I think the level of minutae he has uncovered to 'prove' exactly who did what gets cumbersome and counterproductive, except in an actual imaginary court case.  He points to "Dick Cheney" as a main operator, which anyone could figure out, but he substitutes "Peak Oil" theory for the simplicity of the G8 carrying this out in complicity for the purpose of ushering in global corporate dominance.

NEVERTHELESS, Ruppert provides a lot of factual information about the involvement of our intelligence with narcotics, money-laundering, terrorism, and economic crime and plunder of the world and of American people --- good analysis, if a lot of it turns out to have come from Gary Webb and Chossudovsky

Nine *alleged* hijackers stayed in Venice, FL, many attended several flight training schools.  Local residents had some awareness of the hijackers living in the community.  There is public information on property ownership, financial status, criminal backgrounds.
Much surprising and suspicious information. But neither FBI nor police nor mainstream media has investigated most of that.
From mainstream press and the government, cooperative research has compiled 81 events and 6 essays on Mohammed Atta.
In addition, wikipedia has some straightforward accounts with lists of news articles.
Complete 911 Timeline searchable database, by Paul Thompson & friends

Using Lexis-Nexis --- lawyer-corporate search software --- a researcher can find a trail of mainstream news articles and published government documents showing a clear trail of government complicity to the terrorists, to Al-Qaida.
Michel Chossudovsky, a Canadian college professor economist, was present on September 11, 1973, when the CIA assisted Augusto Pinochet who bombed Santiago the capital of Chile, killed President Allende (a socialist poet) after cutting off his hands, and launched a 40-year dictatorship and reign of terror with executions in the stadium, blood literally running down the streets.
Pinochet was backed by CIA, Nixon, Kissinger.  Chossudovsky watched the ruthless capitalists out of the Chicago school of Economics (home of Leo Strauss and the neo-cons) as they transformed Chile from a middle-class paradise to wretched poverty, a success of the "free market".

See what Michel Chossudovsky has unearthed, and an MP3 of his talk on my 9-11 audio page in the "Guns and Butter" section.

Michel Chossudovsky is the author of the international best-seller "The Globalisation of Poverty " published in eleven languages. He is Professor of Economics at the University of Ottawa and Director of the Center for Research on Globalization which hosts the critically acclaimed website: . He is also a contributor to the Encyclopaedia Britannica. ... the 2003 Recipient of the Human Rights Prize of the Society for the Protection of Civil Rights and Human Dignity, Berlin, Germany.
... seven times recipient of the Project Censored Award , Sonoma University School of Journalism, California.  2000 (double award), 2001(double award), 2002, 2004, 2005).
Global Research (Canada) was granted the Democracy Media Award in 2002, 2003,  2004 and 2005 by

Globalization of Poverty, was classified No. 2 in the Top Ten "best" non-fiction titles in Germany, July 2002, by a panel of writers, journalists and scholars.

Chossudovsky - War and Globalization
The Truth Behind Sept 11
NOT the most "dynamic" presentation, but most informative.
(medium quality 100mb or so)
Chossudovsky_Disarm the War Machine
Chossudovsky_Paul O'Neill and Democrats

(very low-fi compressed video 37mb)

Hopsicker, Daniel - I question his veracity on some of the LEGENDS around Amanda Keller, allegedly Atta's girlfriend, but some of these live interviews are still worthwhile.
Mohamed Atta_and_the Flying_Circus(med)mp4.avi  (81mb - mp4 is like Divx)
Hopsicker_-Atta_&_Flying_Circus-28.wmv  (low fi, still good)

Alex Jones' Martial Law

Ralph Schoenman with Mya Shone and their rock solid guests on Guns and Butter from an amazing circle of investigators and revolutionaries provides political analysis in terms of history and capitalism and war and terror, to warn us and to counter the spin. Schoenman's site has many great talks and guests interviews with much more detailed information on how things really work, and experts on 9-11 and government corruption. Link to more

Michael Parenti is absolutely excellent, broad picture, don't miss it, and he discusses the War on Terror, but not specific on 9-11.  I have since learned that Parenti denounces all Sept. 11 conspiracy viewpoints.

Various audio and
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Many other relevant and educational pieces on politics, a taboo historical perspective, one massacre recorded live, and even some humor.  Alex Jones covers 9-11, Martial Law, Police State, and the Illuminati   Alex Jones, too

Radio and public TV host Alex Jones
originally attacked government corruption as a mainstream Conservative. He studied  mainstream news articles and public govt reports, books, which reveal the the mechanism of a centrally-ruled global government, and a private media system "owned" and dominated by spin, and also -- to his surprise -- various trappings of occultism and evil.

FTW - From the Wilderness  Mike Ruppert's website on 9-11  Mike Ruppert's mirror of FTW, exposing CIA-Drugs-Cocaine-Terrorism
"Oh Lucy! - You Gotta Lotta 'Splainin To Do"  Paul Thompson gives credit to Ruppert at FTW  Chossudovsky, olitical-intrigue perspective, clear links btw Al-Qaida and CIA, the economic New World Order, linking Neo-Liberal Globalization with the War Agenda  Taking Aim  deep truth about government criminality by Ralph Schoenman   Guns and Butter, Ralph Schoenman, Mya Shone  if site down try this article  &  Building 7 + problems with physical evidence   (not 9/11 review dot org)  physical evidence, videos, plus debunker  or
A-Q_is_US_intell.htm brief list of Al-Qaida - US Intell connections


  gets right to the heart - Northwoods

"In case after case, if we dig even a little bit, we find that nearly everything our government denounces PUBLICLY, it engages in privately. And I do mean everything. From overthrowing democratically elected governments (and installing ruthless dictatorships in their place), to training terrorist death squads to kill innocent civilians. From allowing American citizens to be infected with syphilis (so the effects and spread of the disease could be studied in a "real world" laboratory), to KNOWINGLY contaminating civilian and military personnel with depleted uranium"Check the credentials of the speaker...and then you tell me: IS THIS what they consider "Supporting the troops" these days?"
ANTIWAR.COM  deep conservative, friend of Pat Buchanan, about War not about 9-11 conspiracy  New World Order - CIA, covert ops, high-tech weapons, a former Intelligence guy

Third World Traveler --Quotes and Articles about US foreign & domesic policies, covert operations
Stan Goff - Feral Scholar US ARMY, Master Sgt, ret. Special Forces. (book on page 1-a) (article)
Stan Goff - on Mind over Matters - Your silence will not protect you! 

Ralph Schoenman who investigated JFK, and his friend Mya Shone
Excerpts from Rep. Cynthia McKinney's 911 Hearings: Did The Commission Get It Right? with Jim Hoffman and Bonnie Faulkner

all radio shows by Guns and Butter (one of the few REAL Leftist truth outlets):
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