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Did you hear about the Al-Qaida Lunar Launch Project, AL-QAIDA ON THE MOON?  Did you hear about Al-Qaida Space Missions?  Did you hear Bush call "Rocket-propelled Camels" a threat to US space weapons systems?


Well that's because it's BULLSHIT.  It's just a crazy joke I made up. 
Or maybe it's a conspiracy theory
Could Al-Qaida really launch a moon mission?  They live in caves and ride donkeys and old Toyota pickups.
Did you hear about Al-Qaida's $200-billion BIO-TECH labs in the caves of Tora Bora and along the rugged and mountainous border of Pakistan, where "illiterate 14th-century psychopaths"  construct deadly viruses by manipulating DNA?  The (secular-democratic) Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) describes these Taliban types in just that way.

Did you hear that story about "illiterate cave monkeys" led by a billionaire dressed in a sheet --- who has contacts including CIA, US military contractors, and construction/oil corporations, and who makes bad videos with no music, and "poor-sounding" audio tapes?

Did you hear how this "Osama" character defeated our $12-trillion superpower military defense system with automated standard response procedures, using a primitive attack coordinated from 10,000 miles away.  You heard about that, didn't you?

Never heard it put that way, have you?  Maybe that's BULLSHIT too.  Or we deserve a $12-trillion refund.  But no, instead they're throwing MORE money at it.


But you did hear the deadly Ames strain of Anthrax, right?   Bush taking CIPRO weeks before the Anthrax hit?  You also heard that this was a unique American weaponized strain, from a US bioweapons lab, right? 

Did you hear about
USAMRIID the lab in the USA at where govt scientists re-engineer deadly viruses like smallpox??   O
nly for science of course, only for research.  That is not a joke.
Now we know that Ft. Dietrick facility where the  of Anthrax must have come from

... FBI might be "dragging its feet" in pressing charges because the suspect is a former government scientist familiar with "secret activities that the government would not like to see disclosed," said Barbara Hatch Rosenberg, director of the Federation of American Scientists' Chemical and Biological Weapons Program.
Anthrax page is here:
Rosenberg's report is no longer here:

Take a look at U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) and ask yourself "
could Al-Qaida have come up with this stuff?"

from their site:  USAMRIID works with private companies, like one very close to Rumsfeld.
From 1997 to 2001, Donald Rumsfeld was chairman of Gilead Sciences Inc., a biopharmaceutical firm in Foster City, Calif. He has also served as a director for Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and has millions of dollars worth of stock in both Amylin and Gilead, including some 68,200 vested shares in Gilead worth from $1 million to $5 million.

***Flu 'Oddities' Section***
Emergency warning as global flu epidemic fears grow
Killer flu recreated in the lab
Flu victim exhumed after 85 years
Scientists are preparing to exhume the body of a woman who died of flu 85 years ago to find out how the virus killed millions across Europe. [Why?] Phyllis Burn died aged 20 in 1918, a victim of the 20th Century's worst flu epidemic, which killed more than 50 million people. She was buried in a lead coffin, thought to be virtually airtight, in Twickenham, south-west London. Scientists wearing protective clothing will remove lung samples from the body.
Microbiologist Death Toll Mounts As Connections To Dyncorp, Hadron, Promis Software & Disease Research Emerge  [now missing]
--A Career In Microbiology Can Be Harmful to Your Health

SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome):
A Great Global SCAM
by Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H.

My name is Dr. Leonard Horowitz, and I will be your SARS tour guide. As a Harvard graduate in public health, and expert in the fields of medical sociology, behavioral science, and emerging diseases, I am best known for my work exposing the man-made origin of HIV/AIDS in the national bestselling book, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola - Nature, Accident or Intentional?

In the weeks and months following the 9-11 attacks on America, I traced the widely publicized anthrax mailings "mystery" to U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) commissioned biological weapons contractors with ties to Britain's MI6, Porton Down, the Anglo-American pharmaceutical cartel, including the Bayer, Hoecsht, Baxter and Merck Corporations, and ultimately to George Soros-a global banking and investment industrialist and chief money manager for Europe's wealthiest oligarchy-owners of the Genomic Institute that performed the DNA sequencing on behalf of the anthrax vaccine maker/British Porton Down subsidiary, Bioport.

Henry Kissinger, for instance, as National Security Advisor (NSA) under Richard Nixon, oversaw foreign policy while considering Third World population reduction "necessities" for the U.S., Britain, Germany, and other allies. This Bush nominee to direct the 9-11 conspiracy investigation, a reputed war criminal, then selected the option to have the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) develop biological weapons, according to the U.S. Congressional Record of 1975. Among these biologicals were germs far deadlier than the SARS agent (thought to be a strain of coronavirus). Under Kissinger's watch as NSA, influenza and para-influenza viruses were, for example, recombined with quick acting leukemia viruses (acute lymphocytic leukemia) to deliver a weapon that potentially spread cancer like the flu.

If the legions of recognized authorities herald the coming of the "Big One," why do the same persons disregard this author's publication of U.S. Government, National Institutes of Health, and National Cancer Institute documents showing that the U.S. Army's 6th top biological weapons contractor in 1969-1970 prepared mutants of influenza and para-influenza viruses recombined with acute lymphocytic leukemia viruses? In other words, how would you like to have a strain of the flu that spreads cancer by sneezing?

More disconcerting, the U.N. is known to be heavily influenced by Rockefeller family members and corporate interests. History shows Rockefeller fortunes built the U.N. building in New York City. During WWII, the Rockefeller family and their Standard Oil Company supported Hitler more than they did the allies according to court records. One federal judge ruled Rockefeller committed "treason" against the United States.  (Rockefeller is involved in the CFR, founded the Tri-Lateral Commission,and helped found the United Nations.)

Following WWII, according to attorney John Loftus-an official Nazi war crimes investigator-Nelson Rockefeller persuaded the U.N.'s South American voting block to favor Israel's creation only to assure secrecy regarding his support for the Nazis. Earlier that century, John D. Rockefeller joined Prescott Bush and the British Royal Family in sponsoring the eugenics initiatives that gave rise to Hitler's racial hygiene programs. During the same period the Rockefeller family virtually monopolized American medicine, American pharmaceutics and the cancer and genetics industries. Today, the Rockefeller family, foundation, U.N. and WHO remain at the forefront of administering "population programs" designed to reduce world populations to more manageable levels. As per a recent advertisement Foreign Affairs - a prestigious political periodical published by the David Rockefeller directed Council on Foreign Relations - the U.S. population is being targeted for a 50% reduction.

Our Leviathan military IS vulnerable to guerilla warfare tactics and ingenuity, as Stan Goff (Army Master Sgt, Special Forces, ret.) explained in his revolutionary book Full Spectrum Disorder, but despite the relevance of that statement, it overlooks many critical points of what really happened -- like all the times when desperate FBI agents were ordered to NOT follow up on Al-Qaida investigations.

You probably about something about heard how Al-Qaida were funded by the CIAs black budget and heroin sales, trained in the arts of guerilla warfare and high-tech terrorism by CIA's co-partner?
--- but only for the first 10 years of course -- Lots of people know that!! 

You probably don't know that one of CIA's co-partners in preventing terrorism sent a hundred grand to the terrorists in Florida a few weeks before 9-11 ... but the FBI said they know about that. 

You probably don't know about the band of Al-Qaida terrorists operating in Gaza -- which turned out to be Arabs recruited by Mossad after all.  That even made Israeli newspaper like Haaretz.  More on Page 1.

Why on earth would the American power elite and their puppets launch terrorist attacks just to blame them on their enemies.  On countries they want to bomb, want to invade?  Hmmm.

I just can't grasp any possible motive why powerful elites would want to kill Americans, to bomb their own people.  That would only lead to an unhealthy atmosphere of fear and obedience and subjugation and subservience to govt "authorities".

People who already feel that all war and killing sucks -- or know so from war experience -- already agree with peace and non-violence efforts.

People who think we are under siege by Al-Qaida, that Al-Qaida is under your bed and in your closet, disagree intelligently -- sometimes violently or virulently -- because they consider antiwar sentiment to be a form of cowardice and/or a national suicidal death wish

Placating terrorists?  Negotiating with the criminally insane?  That's stupid!  Why wouldn't you want to kill terrorists before they kill you, your friends, your family?!?  (That's the top war excuse.  Govt. media repeats the tape, trains people to play it back.)   THAT COULD BE TRUE.  But it's not the real truth.

It's also true -- as James Bamford (NSA expert) said -- that Arab resentment and hatred is not about our "freedom" of speech, our freedom to watch porn or buy designer clothes.  What they hate is US repression of their lives and murder of their people, either directly or by proxy.
But that important question of 'niceness' vs. 'ruthlessness' in foreign policy is NOT really germane to discussions of 9-11, because all the terrorist leaders were US employees, not "enemies".

Gary Goodman
scary 'at'