In a bigger historical nutshell, all these events are related:
McCormack-Dickstein coverup of the attempted "Bankers' Coup" 1933 by American fascists reported by Smedley Butler,
Wall Street support for Hitler by a circle of wealthy investors includnig Bush ancestors and around Rockefeller and the Dulles Bros. both before and during World War 2, 
creation of CIA by these Nazis and Nazi supporters who were in OSS,
Cold War hysteria for over 40 years and counting,
Operation Paperclip (Nazi SS imported into CIA),
Operation Gladio which was 40 years of random acts of terrorist bombings carried out by CIA and ex-fascists in Italy and throughout Europe to blame on "the Left" i.e. legal Liberal and Communist Party orgs.,
steering the HUAC away from investigating Nazi fascists in America accomplished by Nixon who was Prescott Bush's protege,
decades of CIA terrorism across the globe but especially in Latin America and SE Asia,
Operation Mockingbird (by any other name, subversion of the US and world media by CIA), JFK's attempt to rein in the CIA after Cuba debacles potentially leading to nuclear holocaust,
JFK murder and Oswald's connections to Intelligence,
Allen Dulles who was Nazi and fmr CIA later fired by JFK then appointed by Johnson to run Earl Warren Commission on JFK murder,
Nixon finally "beat" JFK for Presidential election
Nixon's appointment to VP of Warren Commission member Ford when Agnew resigned over criminal behavior,
Bush Sr. officially appointed to head CIA in 1974 though he goes back to Bay of Pigs and Operation 40 attacks on Cuba,
"election" of Tri-Lateral Commission member Jimmy Carter with help from Rockefeller and Brzezinski and media calling him an "outsider" and a mild Georgia preacher,
subsequent creation of Al-Qaeda (Afghan Mujahideen fighters) under Carter by Brzezinski,
Bush running America from 1981 under Reagan through today including Bush's boy Bill Clinton,

going all the way back to the suppression of the IWW and labor and basic civil rights and safety of workers (virtual slaves) in the USA (during the late 1800's and early 1900's at the dawn of the Industrial Age,
to which the reaction was this fascism, including VIOLENT repression of workers by private goons who later became FBI,
AND SEPTEMBER 11, 2001  (and for that matter Sept 11, 1973 in Chile)
and several other major events
and subsequent GLOBAL WAR ON TERROR  to "make us all safe from terrrorists",

this has all been part of the same fascist anti-human, anti-freedom process of absolute tyranny of wealth and power carried out for decades and really for centuries but extended into the Enlightenment Age by the new merchant class mixed with the old aristocracy.

In other words, it's a big Fuck Off and Die to everyone in the world who does not serve their wealth and power.

This will be spelled out in detail on my webpage, as best I can.HOME PAGE

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