I just re-visited the Blog4Bush site and Bush main website.  I'll be the first to admit, they have a wonderful program
If their stated plans were really true I'd be all for it, but it's simply not true.  Point by point, it's not what they say it is, rather some twisted double-speak opposite.  There is a lot of truth in my button, Bush/Orwell 2004.  War is Peace.  Bombing is Democracy.  Tax Reform is higher costs.  Even Christianity is rendered Evil by them.  George Orwell predicted it correctly.

In an exercise of naked raw power backed by enormous donations from the wealthiest power-mongers in the world, they have created what amounts to an Alice-In-Wonderland agenda, where everything is Thru the Looking Glass, every plan they have that makes life better for ordinary people really makes life much worse.  And people bought it anyhow.

An aggressive program to Strengthen Social Security is purposely designed to allow it to be looted by Wall Street's most shady investors, friends of government, just like the Savings and Loans $150 billion taxpayer debt bailout-ripoff, just like the Enron looting 401K funds and their stock value, which caused one of my retired friends who served at the top of Army Intelligence to have to go back to work at a menial job.   Partial privatization of Social Security means many Americans will be turning their earnings over to these vampires to make them grow.  Then when they need the funds, nothing will be there, but Bush will be long gone.  
Bushies don't explain how Social Security works in relation to US debt, but suffice to say it is all one big kitty, and a top economist who has a book to warn Americans (which corporate-tied AARP is refusing to promote) says that Bush's direct looting of Social Security money these last 4 years to fund the tax cut for billionaires leaves us so deep in the hole that it will be nearly impossible to either tax OR borrow the funds needed to pay SS benefits to those who paid in diligently today.  It delves deeply into the numbers and charts, but makes it simple.
Allen W. Smith, Ph.D., “The Looting of Social Security: How the Government is Draining America’s Retirement Account
An aggressive program to Protect America from Terrorists, only -- believe it or not -- the terrorism seems to have been manufactured from within.  Each of the main terrorists has documented ties to US Intelligence, and many had top security clearances, and connections with US officials during the time they were "plotting" 9-11.  Even if that remains unprovable -- and it really IS already provable, but for a legal system which may be politically hamstrung from bringing it out in open court -- it is definitely true that tens of thousands of Iraqi people have been murdered exactly like my Jewish relatives going to the gas chambers, for something they never did

If it's any consolation, Democrats and Bush were equally guilty, helping kill 2,000,000 Iraqis mostly children in their own right, by enforced starvation and disease, a campaign of slow terrible murder which caused two UN administrators of Food for Oil to quit in protest crying 'genocide'. 

Repeat:  TWO TOP OFFICIALS QUIT under Clinton, saying Iraq Sanctions = Genocide, and YOU were never told.
The PATRIOT Act designed to protect America's freedom does exactly the opposite.  It shreds the Constitution, which is why top Republicans have joined the ACLU. 

Repeat.  Top arch-conservative Republicans Barr and Armey actually joined the same American Civil Liberties Union, which Limbaugh and friends have been bashing as anti-American for years, to counter Bush and Ashcroft. 
Bush's Support for our Troops has amounted to abuse of our troops, cuts in funding for soldiers and families, cuts in benefits, cuts in spending on VA.  And needless death and maiming in a pointless war.  We can "win" in some sense, because we can ultimately turn Iraq to a chunk of glass and kill everyone, but short of that it means murdering our own troops. 
Bush has a Clear Skies program to make us all healthy, except it does the opposite, it allows companies that earn greater profits by outsourcing waste management in the air and water, to "manage themselves".   Same for water and forest regulations, which pisses off some hunters and nature people.
Even the Absolute Cornerstone of the Bush ideal, morality and family and God, is fictitious.  Abortions are up 3-11% due to Bush economic policies, according to dissenting Christians and government records.  Not to mention murder of the already born.  Didn't God say anything about Murder?
The Rove-inspired Anti-Gay initiative in OH was opposed by Republicans, because while it does nothing in regards to "same sex marriage" which was already outlawed --- and which I believe is an unconstitutional interference of government in the affairs of individuals --- what it does accomplish is fuck over HETERO-sexual non-married couples, as well as any other similar relationships people get into (good friends, lovers, brother and sister) whenever a legal conflict arises.
I can't find a single wonderful Bush policy that actually resembles what they claim it does in sound bites. 
So I congratulate Republican voters on winning, it was a fantastic marketing of Republican ideals, but please check and get back to me: What is it that you really won?

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