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+ CIA - Murder, Inc audio

excerpt from my letter to a CONSERVATIVE:  (see John Kerry note and Jane Fonda note below, and check out Gloria Steinem, CIA)

I've heard Viet Vets tell me they knew of no instances like the ones you describe (pissing on a coffin, spitting on the troops.)  I doubt there were widespread instances (doubtless some occurred somewhere, it's a big country) and I'll tell you why.  Yet I'm considering your story and viewpoint that this did occur.  Did it depend on what year?   

I do know that for one example, Alan Canfora www.alancanfora.com went from being mostly non-political to an activist and a Kent State casualty (wounded by a firing squad)  
for the very same reasons you describe for supporting the Vietnam Warfriends coming home in body bags.

The difference is Canfora (and others like him) blamed our POLITICIANS -- including the politicians in the Pentagon and top officers seeking promotions -- NOT the soldiers --- which obviously included his living and dead friends, including his dead best friend from childhood, for whom he was motivated in the first place to take a stand --- and of course he did NOT blame the Vietnamese people who were, after all, never trespassing inside America, nor affecting America one whit.

Recognize also that this "progressive" idea of "shaping the whole world" and "spreading democracy by force" was Wilsonian and was once criticized as communist by what used to be known as Conservatives. 
I've sent essays by Joseph Stromberg on Woodrow Wilson.

Hear about Zarqawi, and hear from the troops, suppressed from mainstream media, and how --- just like during Vietnam --- they're trying to make the antiwar right and the antiwar left HATE the ruthless soldiers.  Divide and conquer.

Given the known intensive work of COINTELPRO ---
  • planting rumors of a white actress impregnated by a black militant due to her political affiliations,
  • planting rumors of rivalry within the Black Panthers to spread dischord and violence,
  • planting rumors within the peace movement,
  • manufacturing "snitch-jackets" making someone appear as tho they were working for The Man,
  • infiltrating the BPP (which after all started out as a Constitutional Protection 2nd Amendment group like a lot of white Patriot groups) with FBI personnel (even as their membership coordinator),
  • infiltrating "public, grassroots" Communist party offices (so that the only dues paying members were FBI, and their treasurer was FBI),
  • NOT infiltrating the real communists at the Tri-Lateral Commission or the Stalinist Spy who founded the World Bank,
  • also infiltrating the grassroots peace movement with FBI agents posing as radicals encouraging violent actions  (unlike today where the nuetered national peace movement does not need to be infiltrated because it is manufactured by the CIA-corporates as a demographic market to be managed, and there is no large independent grassroots peace movement to speak of),

 ... I therefore find it not only plausible but LIKELY that many of the stories of disrespectful protesters were manufactured or hyped in the following years, but also that provocateurs were hired to stage some events and that the antiwar New Left was propagandized internally and used as "useful idiots" to destroy the peace movment --- the goal of Nixon --- by damaging it's public credibility.

Far Fetched?  Check the video below. 
It's on-the-scene coverage (and analysis) about how Fed authorities engineered RIOTS, MAYHEM, VIOLENCE, and PROPERTY DAMAGE in Seattle in 1999, in order to shut down legit political demonstation by normal people --- which was opposition to the same Globalization that Jerome Corsi of Swift Boats is finally coming out against now. www.Takeoverworld.info/vid/AJ-Police_State_Provocateurs-012505mdm.wmv 

(I've written about Nixon's escalation and we know about his efforts to neutralize the grassroots opposition, but I've not forgotten that Johnson first escalated this, or that JFK escalated it and made clear plans to withdraw [iv'e confirmed recently these withdrawal plans were real, not smoke] and that helping the French and taking over Vietnam from France went back to Eisenhower and maybe Truman --- but the big deal about aggressive anti-communism came from Allen Dulles of the CIA and his band of Nazi SS compatriots over in Germany.

The Dulles brothers WERE Nazis in suits, and were philosophically in favor of Hitler winning, because Hitler was a puppet working for their people.  I have a fascinating clip naming names including SS ties in New York ..
www.Takeoverworld.info/mp3/emory/Dave_Emory__John_Buchanan__Bush-Nazi-past.mp3 )

Seeing how much I'm seeing of the wars between Communism  --- both the Totalitarian kind and non-Totalitarian socialism, should it ever come into existence --- versus Totalitarian Fascism --- I THOUGHT that the whole point of America was a middle ground, a govt responsible to serve the needs of the public and the principles of Liberty without discarding the right to make a profit (which people will tend to do anyhow, unless everyone became a saint) (and would require intensive surveillance to prevent -- like the War on Drugs).

Therefore, I think it's counterproductive to dialogue to label EVERY left-leaning political concern  (that isn't a trojan horse of the Establishment Corporate Left)  as "communist" just as it would be foolish to label every pro-business concern as "fascist".

Having said that, the Bush admin comes from a long line of Fascists and the entire govt has been morphing into the worst of BOTH worlds, totalitarian fascism and the merging of govt power (of the gun) with corporate power (instead of respect for the entire Constitution) plus the creation of a totalitarian communist oligarchy with all it's paranoia and suspcion, AND the intentional creation of a dependent population via state-controlled "education".
I'm trying to understand how it is that intelligent people come to equate the mass invasion of a foreign country like Vietnam and the killing of it's citizens with anything like "defending America" or "repaying America", as you mentioned.  I think I answered my own question, above.

I DO appreciate your friends sentiment and love of country, and I'd hope the same type of people would defend ME and defend my America (
and I hope I could get up off my butt to join them in the case of fighting a real enemy, even at 45), but I think that allowing oneself to be duped by POLITICIANS into serving in illegal, unethical, and immoral wars so that resource extraction executives (Eisenhower said "rubber and tin we so greatly desire"), arms manufacturers, and ulimately finance capitalists behind it all can get extremely wealthy, is no greater service to America than performing fellatio on the same avaricious politicians ... and that propagandizing such wars to secure political power is one of the oldest tricks in the book for the power-hungry, right next to the oldest profession -- prostitution -- and the other old political tool, organized religion.

you cited as offensive:  this includes Michael Savage (who also wrote homosexual literature and notes to his friends about gay trysts) and includes many of the Neo-Cons now in charge of the world.  (I'm not against gays, I'm against insane right wing fanatics pretending they aren't gay.) 

I think the difference is, the "street communists" tended to be for maximum freedom, including economic freedom, not totalitarian Stalinism, while the "Neo-Con communists" and "Tri-Lateral communists" who strongly favored Joe Stalin are clearly in favor of authoritative rule by themselves, in the most Machiavellian sense.
As I said, I also know that the Winter Soldier commission included testimony BY the troops, not by John Kerry. The men who threw their medals over the wall and talked about storming the White House were the soldiers.  

In the documentary "Sir, No Sir", I saw a crowd looking like a mini-Woodstock of soldiers cheering Jane Fonda, who was on stage doing comedy and music with other singers and soldiers.  I think the documentary said she even helped stage popular USO-style events overseas in Asia, for soldiers who were sick of Bob Hope.

As a matter of fact  -- I just had a brainstorm -- it might even be (and in retrospect seems more plausible) that John Kerry's Antiwar Protester Image was CREATED and USED by one faction in power in Washington (which would be represented by the Tri-Lateral Commission today) as a political relief valve for the troops and hippies, so they would let him carry their message to Congress in a "civilized" fashion and stage a big drama to affect neutered political change.  It's always been a tactic of politicians to turn revolutionary fervor towards structured and controlled political processes.

I imagine that despite his public denials of being influenced by demonstrators, Nixon did look out his window at of 50,000 angry men who were trained to kill by the US Army, possibly attempting to storm the White House and arrest the real traitors, and possibly wreck the entire elite domination structure.  If Nixon didn't care, surely the CIA caredBob Woodward - The CIA's Very Own 'Deep Throat'

After all, Kerry and Bush were in the same league since youth.  Yale-based Skull and Bones is where the elites go to pick top CIA operatives and other establishment personnel.  It would make more sense that he was an infiltrator than a genuine antiwar person hanging out with grunts who were too poor-born to get out of the war.

After considering that John Kerry ----  Yalie, Eastern Establishment Elitist, member of Skull and Bones (where they go to pick CIA and other leaders) along with George W. Bush (and his father and friends) ----  was more likely working for Intelligence when he ran interference in the antiwar movement and channeled the soldiers' rage into a dramatic performance in Congress (would they have let Kerry in otherwise?), rather than being a man who genuinely joined up with radical anti-establishment soldiers ...

Jane Fonda, establishment actress:  Was it Jane's assigned task to infiltrate the antiwar movement, take a highly visible position, then betray it by going down in flames on a Vietcong anti-aircraft gun??

Or was Ms. Jane Fonda just 'dumb' about how "image" and "props" and "photo ops" works?  You tell me.

Refer to George Galloway and Jimmy Walker here for an example:

July 26, 2006

Autism in the army. meeting recruitment goals


Flipping through an old issue of The Week (May 19, 2006), I found an interesting story. It appears that the family of Jared Guinther, an 18-year-old from Oregon, was trying to get him released from the army, which recruited him in spite of the fact that he is autistic. Guinther, who rarely speaks, "wasn't even aware of the war in Iraq until a recruiter enlisted him last fall to be a calvary scout, the Army's most dangerous job". Guinther's mother tried to intervene, but the recruiter told her that he himself was dyslexic and that Jared "doesn't need mommy to make his decisions for him".

Ultimately, the Army did release Jared from his contract, but this raises a host of questions about agency, autism, and Army recruitment practices. Jared's parents believed he could not understand the consequences of making such a decision, and who knows better than the people who raised you?

Gloria Steinem in Ms. office., 1983:
"I've sued twice to hide my CIA ties!"

Remember as well, Gloria Steinem ADMITTED she was CIALook it up.  Before becoming a public icon, she was spying on student activism in Europe in the late 1960's, for the CIA.  She was not smeared by right wingers. She was in bed with right wingers (literally).  She was exposed by a number of people but primarily a real feminist-rights group called RedStockingsSteinem, and her CIA handlers, have threatened lawsuits to suppress this information.

When she returned to America, some people ... let's call them "Uncle CIA" ... CIA-Clay Felker and others helped Steinem in ways like fronting her money to start Ms. Magazine, getting her PR spots in other major publications, etc.

"Oh, just to be helpful to her, blah blah", free-thinking individuals in the CIA were promoting Leftist causes at the time ... some "nothing" answer ...
while making statements about the "fact" that the CIA is a liberal and far-sighted organization.

Actually LYING, because CIA was sponsoring "lite-left" media and events to counter Marxist interests, but was also not above using provacteurs like Steinem to "cause trouble", to stage riots at festivals, to break up socialist youth conferences, particularly the 1962 Helsinki conference and the 1959 conference in Vienna.

Steinem also dated a lawyer for 9 years named Pottinger who was a civil rights attorney for the Nixon administration (which not only trampled civil rights, but conspired to frame "radical leftists" for terrorist acts), Pottinger was later linked to CIA arms smuggling and the Iran-Contra affair.  (Ms. [magazine's] first publisher, Elizabeth Forsling Harris, played some key roles in setting up the assassination of President Kennedy.  Katherine Graham, of the CIA-infested WaPo, was a principle shareholder in Ms.)

Now one of the things that's intriguing about Steinem's association with Pottinger concerns the fact that Pottinger was not only possibly involved in an arms smuggling scheme to Iran. What is very intriguing is the fact that J. Stanley Pottinger was involved, while working for the Nixon/Ford Justice Department, not only in helping to block the investigation into the assassination of Martin Luther King, but also in operating in connection with former Director of Central Intelligence and current Vice-President of the United States [1981-89] George Bush in covering up the assassination of Orlando Letelier, a dissident Chilean diplomat who was blown up (as many of you, I'm sure, here know) in the middle of Washington, DC. Although U.S. intelligence has disclaimed any involvement in that, that claim has been destroyed by a number of different books.  ... So what we have is, Turpel and Wilson, [Skull and Bones'er] George Bush, and J. Stanley Pottinger, as well as James Buckley (and later, [Skull and Bones'er] William F. Buckley), working not only to assassinate Orlando Letelier, but to cover it up and deflect blame for the crime in the direction of the Chilean left.

That and more was part of Steinem's pre-feminist role.

Unlike a grassroots movement of women struggling for liberty, justice, recognition, and an end to being treated as 2nd caste citizens, the Establishment Women's Lib Movement was utilized as a Trojan Horse to help create chaos and splits within the more dangerous antiwar and black liberation movements, by attacking the male hierarchichal structure of such movements (which still embodied some older cultural norms, as the movments were newly emerging out of 1950s attitudes) in a destructive fashion.  Redstockings said that her ideology was also poison to the genuine Women's Movement.


something to think about while championing the latest "hero of the Left":
Steinem, with her matchless zing and clarity, nearly brought down the house when she speculated on why the military doesn't want women in combat. "Can you imagine what would happen if every welfare mother, every underpaid waitress, every sexually harassed secretary, had two years of military training?" she asked.

Well I would ask in connection with that, Can you imagine what would happen if the most visible and (at least so far) effective feminist spokesperson in the United States, namely Gloria Steinem (regarded by many as the doyen of American feminism), can you imagine what would happen if she had a background in the Central Intelligence Agency?

Well you don't have to imagine what would happen. Because, in fact, Gloria Steinem has an extensive background in the intelligence agencies -- namely, the CIA -- and a number of the people in her mileau have very obvious intersections with the National Security establishment, going up to the present time.
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And don't forget, Operation Mockingbird (by any other name) was confirmed by Congressional investigation.  The CIA did infiltrate major US media (and Europe, and Latin American elections) by putting gatekeepers and propagandists in key, lynchpin positions in major media like the WaPo, NYT, etc. as well as major TV stations.

Some major media heads (corporate america) were extremely cozy with CIA ... like Henry Luce of Time, and Ben Bradlee of WaPo, as well as Dan Rather (who got to view the Zapruder film while the govt kept it confiscated) and Peter Jennings (who I watched LIE OUTRIGHT to the camera by displaying a cleverly edited JFK clip while "debunking" conspiracy theories in a documentary called JFKii).

In England, the CIA put out a major publication of "Leftist thought" called Encounter.  In Australia, CIA and the Nazi-backed Congress for Cultural Freedom and CIA helped start Quadrant. 

All this was meant to neutralize genuine (non-totalitarian) socialist thought and movements.

CIA also helped conduct a 40-year postwar campaign of terror bombings of public venues to blame the Red Brigades in Italy and Spain.  This was eventually named Operation Gladio.  The fear was that after the defeat of Hitler, some leftist political group might win an election.

Don't forget that Mr. "Fairplay for Cuba" Oswald, Russian spy who denounced the USA, actually received (and repaid) a LOAN from the US Embassy for he and his bride to return to Louisiana, where he grew up near CIA operative and infamous drug courier Barry Seal and got flying lessons at a 'special' Civil Air Patrol base (CAP) from OSS operative David Ferrie (photo record of that).

Beware of the CIA-Left.