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Iraq War, Afghanistan

Have you Forgotten 9-11?
This talking point emerged before the smoke even cleared at Ground Zero.

I don't want to seem rude to say this, but I got such a good memory I have not even forgotten that Reagan called Islamic Radicals "Freedom Fighters" and dedicated the Challenger launch to "the people of Afghanistan", i.e. the Mujahideen warriors led by Osama bin Laden. Have you forgotten that Brzezinski operating under Carter had a policy of supporting "Moslem radicals" in the Cold War? Have YOU forgotten that Christian Coalition vehemently backed Al-Qaeda (before they were given that name by NY prosecutors), that Heritage Foundation had THREE pro-Al-Qaeda lobby groups, that Lt. Col. Oliver North gave money from selling weapons to Iran to the "Afghan Contras", that CIA and their Saudi and Pakistan friends gave $20-30 billion (incl. heroin profits) to Al-Qaeda, that Clinton gave the Taliban $6 billion, and Bush gave them $43 million in 2000, and I think a few hundred million when they came to Houston?  Did you forget that Bushco allowed Shiites to join the police and attack Sunnis in Iraq, but is now giving money and weapons to Al-Qaeda groups in 2007 to fight the Shiites nearby?  WHO supports terrorism?

NORMAL Muslims didn't support these guys, and most still don't.  The women of Afghanistan called these guys "psychotic" "deluded" and "medieval".  Al-Qaeda is even too radical for Hamas -- but not for the Right Wing in America.
How many people are still DEAF and DUMB to the point that Osama Bin Laden/Al-Qaeda/Mujahideen was supported by the Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise, Christian Coalition, World Anti-Communist League, Carter, Brzezinski, Reagan, Bush, Clinton (in the late 90's according to the (buried) Republican Senate Kosovo Report), and STILL supported under Bush Jr. in July 2001 (per President of Macedonia)?  (Kosovo collaboration included the Pentagon and private mercenaries like MPRI ... to what degree Pentagon tell the President what to do is anyone's guess.)
That Clinton gave the Taliban $6 billion in 1996, Bush gave $43 million to Taliban in 2001, while CIA gave an estimated $30 million to Al-Qaeda forces using money from narco-trafficking and arms sales (often via protected proxies)?
Is everyone DEAF and DUMB to the point that Egyptian Al-Qaeda guy Ali Mohammed was a top-level terrorist, Osama Bin Laden's and Zawahiri's top assistant, FBI/CIA informant, and US Army officer who was involved in every major embassy and Cole attack and 1993 WTC bombing, except (possibly not) Sept 11, but served NO jail time?
That FBI ordered LIVE explosives to be used in the 1993 WTC bombing that THEY planned with their Egyptian Intelligence Agent (Emad Ali Salem) with a Mossad handler?  (major newspapers like LAT and NYT, court transcripts, FBI testimony, taped conversations, and even according to new Attorney General Michael Mukasey who was a presiding judge)
That it is known that Timothy McVeigh had helpers, but that was quashed?  That one of his helpers was an Iraqi -- who was brought here by fmr CIA Dir (World War IV) Woolsey, and another was a son of a German diplomat who acted like a provocateur with McVeigh's friends?  That a retired Army General (Partin) with 30 years in Explosives looked at the forensics and said that the McVeigh truck bomb could NOT have caused the damage, and that there is live TV footage that morning discussing a 2nd and 3rd poss. 4th bomb planted inside Murrah?
That Chertoff got a terrorist doctor (Magdy Elamir) off scot free for embezzling $millions from NJ Medicaid for Al-Qaeda?

That FBI Anti-Terrorism chief Dave Frasca ordered his FBI agents like Robert Wright to stop pursuing terrorist leads in 2000,01, with threats to their jobs?  That Frasca's office interfered with Rowley and other leads, burying them, changing text of requests to ensure rejection, to the point that she joked about "an Al-Qaeda mole" inside the FBI?  That at least 10 more agents and military had similar complaints?
That Bush ordered that 9-11 NOT be investigated, and Dems agreed, Ground Zero evidence was shipped to China before volunteer experts got to inspect it, and that no one but the people of New York called that "obstruction of justice" or "tampering with evidence"?
That James Baker defended Saudi secrecy on terrorism, getting a 9-11 victims lawsuit thrown out in the early discovery phase? 
That top CIA Krongard said to NOT capture Bin Laden, and Bush agreed it was not important?
That the British ordered the 7/7 "mastermind" to NOT be picked up in the US, per John Loftus on Fox?

That the Indonesian fmr. President said that Bali bombers have links with Indonesian Intelligence?

That the alleged Madrid bombers had some links to police, where they may have gotten bombs, but the outgoing Bush-friendly Aznar govt shredded all records?

That Bushco allowed the 4th side of Tora Bora mountains to remain open to Al-Qaeda escape, and permitted a convoy of 1000 SUVs and Pickups to rescue leaders from Tora Bora, and permitted a three-day Airlift of Evil of C-130 cargo planes to rescue Pakistani and Taliban leaders from the
Kunduz airport to Pakistan?  (all per Seymour Hersh, with footage, on YouTube and in video 9/11 Press for Truth)
That Bushco is NOW funding and arming Al-Qaeda forces in Syria and/or Lebanon(also per Seymour Hersh, called “The Redirection” by White House officials)

That Bushco
has been alternately arming either sectarian side in Iraq for "balance", i.e. equal killing?

That Elder and Junior Bush and Jeb and CIA still protect Cuban terrorists in Miami, like Posada and Bosch and others which run rampant with narco-trafficking and violent attacks on Cuba?
How can anyone still talk about "fighting terrorism" with a straight face?
Did they put something in the water?
TALKING POINTS most commonly heard
A typical talking-point on the War on Terror is "protecting America's freedom" and "spreading democracy". 

The people who say this and their backers have written and spoken of extreme contempt for American democracy, and an intent of rolling back a "Crisis of Democracy" in the US.  The Bush administration, and previous ones, have taken gradual successive steps to role back democracy incrementally over many years.

Around two dozen or more U.S. foreign policy advocates and officials, including some on the Defense Policy Board with classified access, described the NEED for a "LUCKY" "major catastrophic event" (and other interesting phrases).  The context of this NEED was very ambitious plans for a massive spending program in the Pentagon and defense contractors, revolutionary changes including privatization of services, and an aggressive rollout of pre-emptive wars, starting in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Hundreds of Billions or even Trillions of dollars flowing to the private sector was suspended in motion, and some of the "think-tankers" and experts were known to have investments or investment firms standing to directly benefit from both war spending and a new domestic Security Industry, to add to the Military-Industrial Complex.

These were huge goals, and a strong desire to accelerate this process, to jump-start it.

The barriers?  The American public, Democracy itself, radicalism, "Vietnam Syndrome", and public aversion to unnecessary wars of imperialism, to death, to unnecessary sacrifice, and to fiscal irresponsibility, spending, and huge runup in debt (amongst traditional conservatives and democrats).  The solution? Americans needed to be shocked into "reality" by a bloodbath (using more ambiguous language).

Straussian Neo-cons have open contempt for democracy.  Trilateralist CIA and DLC type wrote "Crisis of Democracy".

If they hate OUR democracy so much that members of these groups are advocating the NEED for a new Sept 11 style attack in 2007 to stifle dissenters, or in 2008 to "teach" dissenters a lesson, how is this Permanent War really meant to "protect our freedom"?  Who can believe they are spreading democracy in Iraq or saving it elsewhere, while they chop up the Bill or Rights with draconian bills that challenge even the Magna Carta, and issue Executive Decrees which nullify basic Rights?

"Of all the enemies to public liberty, WAR is the most to be
dreaded because it comprises and develops the germ
of every other.
War is the parent of armies; from these proceed
known instruments for bringing the MANY under
the DOMINATION of the FEW. . .
NO nation could preserve its FREEDOM in the midst
- James Madison, Political Observations, 1795

Do they see this quote as a warning, or an action plan?

Privatizing large parts of military operations was the Pentagon's plan/experiment, long before the "opportunity" of Sept 11 arose.  This was part of Rumsfeld's plan and he even spoke to the Pentagon about introducing new 'efficiency' on the morning of Sept 11.  PNAC wrote about this too, I think.
Privatizing the fighting, rather than just support services and weapons makers, allowed more efficient looting of the U.S. Treasury.  Blackwater is a key campaign contributor, and the fact that they are LESS accountable or not at all was one of the key reasons for testing this process.

Veterans for Freedom supports "the mission".  Ironically, Bush celebrated "Mission Accomplished" in April 2003.  Since then Cheney and Rumsfeld have mimicked Vietnam era spokesmen who always claimed that "victory" was just around the next bend, a few more weeks or months.  Now they sometimes say that, and sometimes still say "100 years", the "long war" against "terrorists" who don't exist until we attack them.

Comparisons to Rwanda.
America created the genocide in Rwanda.  General Kagame -- the Ugandan military leader who is now known to have been behind the assassination -- had been trained in the U.S. and had just returned from Washington to Rwanda.

Comparisons to World War Two and Hitler.
An elite group of American fascists supported Hitler and the Nazis, and were against American involvement, and supported Hitler before, during, and after World War Two
.  These included Wall Street bankers, top industrialists like Standard Oil, Ford, GM, GE, IBM, US Steel, Alcoa, Chase-Manhattan around 2500 companies, and some shell corporations created by Averill Harriman (Harriman 15, Union Banking Corporation, United Steel Works, Silesian Coal near Auschwitz) and managed by George Herbert Walker, Prescott Sheldon Bush, and OSS/future CIA director Allen Dulles and his brother John Foster Dulles, who were corporate attorneys for Nazis corporations.

One of the Nazi companies managed by Bush supplied the Nazis with over 50% of their iron and steel.

The CEO of Rockefeller's Standard Oil -- who was close to the Bush family too -- was called before the Senate by Harry Truman in 1942, and accused of Treason and threatened with prison.  He "died" the next day.  His boss, David Rockefeller, was shipping oil from South America to the Nazis and had given the Nazis the secret for making gasoline fuel from coal, and built a plant for the Nazis.

Some of these companies were also accused of helping the Nazi war effort while shorting the American war effort, and obstinately refusing to shift to war production to help the US, to the point that FDR had to order the U.S. Navy to seize control of some production plants.
Additional Notes from top section
Taliban, Islam and Oil
The war in Afghanistan helped hasten the collapse of Stalinism a couple of years later. The civil war continued, first against the Soviet-friendly President of Afghanistan, Najibullah, and then between the warlords who had received approximately $10 billion from the US and Saudi Arabia during the conflict.
In June 1998, in spite of the deep economic crisis, the government of Pakistan paid $6 million in wages for the Taliban administration in Kabul.  (Pakistan is controlled in large part by the USA, CIA created the ISI, and I read it that America actually paid the Taliban govts wages in 1996.)

Afghan Taliban Camps Were Built by NATO
The New York Times August 24, 1998
The Afghan resistance was backed by the intelligence services of the United States and Saudi Arabia with nearly $6 billion worth of weapons.

Representatives of the Taliban made their first visit to the United States at the invitation of the Clinton administration in 1996 and twice in 1997.

"Now the Taliban will pay a price" vowed President George W. Bush, as American and British fighter planes unleashed missile attacks against major cities in Afghanistan. The US Administration claims that Osama bin Laden is behind the tragic events of the 11th of September. A major war supposedly "against international terrorism" has been launched, yet the evidence amply confirms that agencies of the US government have since the Cold War harbored the "Islamic Militant Network" as part of Washington's foreign policy agenda. In a bitter irony, the US Air Force is targeting the training camps established in the 1980s by the CIA.

The main justification for waging this war has been totally fabricated. The American people have been deliberately and consciously misled by their government into supporting a major military adventure which affects our collective future.

Airlift of Evil -- MSNBC
NEW YORK, Nov. 29 —   The United States took the unprecedented step this week of demanding that foreign airlines provide information on passengers boarding planes for America. Yet in the past week, a half dozen or more Pakistani air force cargo planes landed in the Taliban-held city of Kunduz and evacuated to Pakistan hundreds of non-Afghan soldiers who fought alongside the Taliban and even al-Qaida against the United States. What’s wrong with this picture?

Airlift of Evil 2
But then something inexplicable happened. Over a three-day period Pakistani military planes made non-stop flights in and out of the Kunduz airport, which was controlled by the Taliban. So all the important commanders and Pakistanis (hundreds) escaped along a safe-flight corridor supposedly guaranteed by the Americans.

Needless to say, many people were upset. Northern Alliance soldiers were livid, American soldiers were outraged and named it “Operation Airlift of Evil,” and the Indian government sent diplomatic notes of protest to the American and British government, as it believed all these Al Qaeda and Taliban soldiers were destined for Kashmir.

Airlift of Evil 3
In a December 1997 article BBC reported "Taleban in Texas for talks on gas pipeline", Unocal executives said they were meeting with the Taleban to discuss the construction of an oil pipeline through Afghanistan. 

As MSNBC reported in an article titled "The Airlift of Evil", hundreds of Taliban fighters were escorted out of northern region of Afghanistan and into Pakistan.  Pakistani cargo planes also evacuated Taliban soldiers to the amnesty of Pakistan.  The alleged "enemy" was allowed to go free, while the US forces staged raids and phony operations battling Taliban conscripts.  Under the facade of 9.11 justice, the Pentagon took control of Afghanistan's lucrative drug trade. (which boomed after being slowed to a trickle by Taliban)

Iraq War - specifically
-- WMD threats or none, Saddam's culpability, democracy for Iraq, etc.

In May 2007, Dick Durbin of Senate Foreign Intelligence (with John Kerry) announced that while they listened to Bush and Cheney "sell" the Iraq War, he knew and was shocked that Bush was lying and misrepresenting the Intelligence they had ... but he said nothing until now.

But the LIES about the Iraq War , threats, and WMDs were knowable from multiple angles.

1.  Military spending by the entire "Axis of Evil" is less than 0.25% of American spending before the War.  That's 1/4 of 1%.  Iraq's wealth -- and military spending -- was miniscule, except when handed massive foreign aid by the United States.

2.  During the Gulf War in 1991, not a single Iraqi Air Force sortie flew against US jets and helicopters, while U.S. forces attacked civilian vehicles and totally destroyed a 60-mile long convoy of retreating Iraqi troops and civilians, after first disabling their passage ... it is arguably a war crime to attack forces which are retreating in a non-combat mode.

3.  Prior to the Gulf War, multiple State Dept officials under James Baker (Joe Wilson, April Glaspie) "greenlighted" and even encouraged Saddam to seize back oil-rich Iraqi lands stolen by Kuwait for slant drilling, to "rectify your border dispute".  Glaspie also defended Saddam to Barbara Walters, and members of Congress defiantly defended Saddam from Liberal critics in the media.

4.  Prior to the Gulf War, during and after the Iran-Iraq War, Kuwait acquired slant- or horizontal-drilling equipment by buying Santa Fe Drilling for $2.3 billion, then pumped $14 billion of Iraq's oil and put it on the market, pushing Iraq to the point of bankruptcy, and destroying Iraq's postwar recovery.  Kuwait bought Santa Fe Drilling from Gen. Brent Scowcroft of the National Security Council, presumably upon consultation with Gen. Scowcroft on how to use it.  In other words, pushing Saddam to invade Kuwait was a trap.

5.  Prior to the Gulf War, Bush (illegally in some cases) gave so much money to Saddam for "agricultural supports" that even his own State Dept objected -- and this made mainstream news.

6.  Several reports discuss the near total destruction of Iraq's public infrastructure of water, sewage, electricity, food, and medicine during the Gulf War, and U.S. pressure on the U.N. to prevent Iraq's attempts to rebuild their infrastructure to save lives.

a)  Iraq Water Treatment Vulnerabilities -- a Pentagon report which was exposed.  Pentagon predicted huge outbreaks of disease, and the time for epidemics to spread, IF the infrastructure was destroyed -- which is a war crime.  It was done, and it happened about as predicted.

b) Two or three appointed U.N. Oil-for-Food administrators quit their jobs over reasons of conscience.  Denis Haliday, Hans von Sponeck, and another less-public woman "refused to administer a genocide", caused by U.S. pressure on the U.N. to block all "dual-use" equipment and supplies, such as spare computer parts, pumps, chlorine for water purification, etc. Both admins said that Saddam's methods of distribution were impeccable and efficient.  Monies necessary for survival were diverted to pay *reparations* to Kuwait and to Exxon and BP.

c)  Madeline Albright told 20/20 News in 1996 that the excess deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children to disease was "worth it" for U.S. foreign policy goals.

d)  The Fire This Time -- Let Iraq Live - a book on the "tightest embargo in modern history", and the wanton destruction of Iraqi society.

e)  By the late 90's, world public opinion against the embargo had grown in disgust, and pressure to end it was growing.  U.S. officials feared a missed opportunity to attack and seize Iraq as pre-planned by PNAC.

7.  If Iraq had pitiful defensive capabilities -- let alone aggressive capabilities -- in 1991, how much LESS in 2002?

8.  The New York Times, Judith Miller, Congress, the Senate, the White House, and the CIA all knew that their intell source Chalabi was a convicted embezzler and CIA said he was a terrorist who targeted movie theaters and school buses in Iraq in an earlier attempt to topple Saddam.  Reports and testimony coming from terrorists and embezzlers is typically not considered very reliable.

There was evidence in inconsistent reports and in other ways that Chalabi was lying, and the Iraqi National Congress had been created by the CIA to replace Saddam.
CIA also knew that "Curveball" was a criminal too, or "unreliable".  This was also reported online, if one looked.

Yet none of these sources or the media directly explained to the U.S. public that Bush's sources should not rationally be considered to be credible or reliable.  One could only find this by searching links and being "plugged in" to the right information on the Internet, meaning searching Google for key words, based on other articles, reports, and finding credible authors and professors.  Almost no one with a wide public audience was willing to "put together" and analyze this information ... and mild media criticism did not begin until a few months after "Mission Accomplished" in April 2003.

9.  CIA analysts reported being pressured by the White House - including unprecedented personal visits by Rumsfeld and Cheney to Langley -- for them to produce reports favorable to the White House position, regardless of what their intelligence said.  Rumsfeld was quoted as saying "Heads will roll ..." if demands were not met.

10.  Colonel Karen Kwiatowski took an early retirement at 20 years, upon pressure from Deputy Defense Secy Doug Feith (dual-citizen of Israel) to produce daily "talking points" and spin in place of legitimate intelligence, following initiatives coming from Feith's Office of Special Plans, which Rumsfeld created to sell the Iraq War to the American public and Congress.

11.  Scott Ritter confirmed as a top inspector that over 90% of Iraq's previous WMDs from the USA and Europe were destroyed and completely accounted for.  Despite what was presumably a lack of a healthy computer infrastructure like in the US and the Pentagon, Iraq had more success and accuracy in accounting for their weapons than the Pentagon itself, which "lost" $3.3 Trillion over a few years time, and which is also missing some serious hardware.  Ritter argued that any possible unaccounted-for WMDs were either destroyed or so badly decayed over time that they were no longer dangerous.  Not "drinkable" but not deadly.

12.  After previous wanton destruction of Iraqi civilians and the city of Baghdad, words of concern for the lives of Iraq's civilians and "democracy" was a repulsive cynical joke.

13.  Given terrorist acts committed by Blackwater and other mercenaries, hiring low-paid foreign mercenary soldiers, Israeli Mossad agents running unknown operations, the known history of Israeli false-flag terrorism when they've been caught (like recruiting men for "Al-Qaeda in Palestine"), and Bushco alternately arming the Shiites to counter the Sunni Republican Guard rogues, then helping the Sunni massacre Shiites, Mosques being blown up during a complete lock down curfew, and British Special Forces captured driving an explosive-laden vehicle while dresses in Iraqi garb, and many other things, it seems fairly clear, or at least worth considering, that America is secretly fanning the war to keep it going, until Democrats shift the rhetoric from war to permanent "peacekeeping".

Democrats are now talking about "breaking up Iraq into ethnic enclaves, separating the fighters, as an unfortunate but necessary solution.  However, the breakup of Iraq was part of Israel's "Clean Break" strategy from 1997.

Sectarian violence.raging out of control, and leading to partitioning of Iraq into ethnic enclaves, as a possible outcome of U.S. attack, was predicted by David Wurmser an Israel advisor who works for Dick Cheney.  Wurmser's book said that civil war in Iraq was a predictable result of toppling Saddam, but suggested that he be toppled anyhow.  His wife runs the MEMRI website, which features "bad guy" Muslims but never normal peaceful Muslims, unless they are ex-Muslims or harsh critics.

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