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Psychological Operations on Americans on 9-11, and in the coverup, and in past US history
unique - hear a cogent analysis of the alternative 9-11 Truth Movement as part of the coverup and ongoing psychological operation  (not one item, a cumulative viewpoint)


NextLevel060818a__a_NEW_911.mp3 - more Lebanon, hysteria about a new 9-11 attack, from the mainstream media AND CIA fakes
NextLevel060803a_Lets_Crack_It.mp3 - contributing and dissecting evidence to the case
NextLevel060729a_Lebanon_Gambit.mp3 - getting NATO involved, multiple assassinations and sudden deaths
NextLevel060615a_Cold_Fusions_CIA_Mole.mp3 - about Professor Steven Jones
NextLevel060609a_Free_Energy_9-11_&_More.mp3 - check out the song, Nigga, and lots of other good info

050507_9-11_Minority_Report_Orgy_Of_Evidence.mp3 - w/ soundtrack from the twisted-plot movie "Minority Report"
050214a_911_skeptics_lurch_right.mp3 - "poison pill", neo-nazi, fanatic right wing, (Alex Jones is not so extreme, but some of his guests are)
050821_Jones_Hopsicker,CIA_fakes.mp3 - may not really be CIA, but they're telling you what CIA wants you to think

060124a_Ivashov.mp3 - fake 9-11 exposure by Gen Ivashov, from the leadership of Putin's armed forces
060411a_Charlie_Sheen.mp3 - Charlie Sheen, roll out the media tabloid show
050808_CIA_Fakes,Dunne_interview.mp3  - explaining his CIA Fakes conception.

051020_Shock_Awe_Rise_Mil_Ind_Complex.mp3 - Shock and Awe, Rise of the Military Industrial Complex
History of the Shock and Awe going back to 1945

050729a_UK_coup.mp3 - rolling out the coup from country to country

040916_fascism,deathofpolitics.mp3 - politics is fuukin dead

051118c_Bush_badcop,Clinton_goodcop.mp3 - Hillary is next, mark his words.
just focus: Bush is the Evil Fascist, all the nasty neocons.  With anyone else, like the Democrats, everything would be OK.

050125a_Bush's_Iran_Bluff.mp3 - the FAKE conflict with Iran (?)
051216_Ahmadinejad_new_Saddam.mp3 - the President of Iran, and his counterpart, G.W. Bush, two performing fleas

more PSYOPS & Mental Programming
041021_Karl_Rove,Amer_Psyche.mp3  changing America's Psyche
060303_manip_sublim_psyop.mp3 - subliminal psychological manipulation, psychological operations on American mind
050811_Gay_Meteorite_in_Pedophile_Coup.mp3 - exposing fakes with satire
051123b_Woodward,CIA's_Own_Deep_Throat.mp3 - faking the scandal, creating the Watergate meme (Bob Woodward is CIA)

bush-on-breakfornews040707_Bush_Sendup.mp3 - amusing

050221_GI_special,Thomas_Barton.mp3 - Support the Troops - The Military Project archives, mirror sites
050128a_Dahr_Jamail,Flee_Baghdad_Mayhem.mp3 - reporter in the core of Baghdad, not "embedded"
050530_Dahr_Jamail,60000_disappeared.mp3 - 60,000 Iraqi civilians disappeared, family does now know where

041007_Hopsicker_CounterIntel,Saudi_Genesis.mp3 - Daniel Hopsicker of  -- good info, but focused on Saudis, not Global Terror by G8

060308_Weatherman_predicts,Global_Warming.mp3 - is Global Warming a scam perpetrated by the likes of ENRON????

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