Let's take a look at what "Al-Qaeda" has accomplished so far
  • 1)  two entire countries turned over the western oil interests, Afghanistan now run by former Unocal consultants
  • 2)  3000 dead American civilians in NY, many more sickened by toxic and carcinogenic air, dying of cancer and other diseases, since Bush ordered EPA to tell them air was fine
  • 3)  6000 (approx) dead Afghani civilians, tens of thousands more starved to death, frozen, maimed and missing arms, legs, eyes, though the countryside is in utter chaos.  CIA-run heroin production which Taliban stopped, now skyrocketing.
  • 4)  120,000 (approx) dead Iraqi civilians, with triple or quadruple that number permanently maimed, terrorized, displaced, dislocated.  Robbed of all their possessions of a middle class lifestyle, or farming lifestyle, or whatever.  Iraq being carved up by GLOBAL oil interests, with American companies in the lead
  • 5)  2500+ American troops dead (which Kissinger called soldiers stupid animals to be used as cannon fodder for political games), probably 20,000 maimed and psychologically damaged (don't mention psychologically maimed Iraqis), many with permanent injuries, but don't worry, we'll cut benefits so taxpayers aren't affected
  • 6)  600+ Lebanese civilians dead, Shiite, Sunni, Druze, and Christians of all sects, mostly farmers, shepherds, and the very poor in the cities, based loosely off America's War against Al-Qaeda, and with Al-Qaeda offering to "help" Hezbollah, Hz refusing Al-Qaeda's help  (i think Hz is a legit resistance, as opposed to Al-Qaeda)
  • 7)  uncounted numbers (mostly Arabs, and American troops, but worldwide) who will die from cancer and other conditions and have an epidemic of birth defects, due to dumping radioactive waste (depleted uranium) all over Iraq, Bosnia, Lebanon
  • 8)  a few hundred dead Israelis, civilians and soldiers
  • as one American officer said about the staged Pearl Harbor event, "It was a cheap price" http://www.silverbearcafe.com/infamy.html (Lieutenant Commander Joseph Rochefort, head of the Navy’s Mid-Pacific Radio Intelligence Network.)

  • Gosh, it looks like this Al-Qaeda Project, rather than being good for Arab liberation, actually serves the role getting them killed and dominated by foreigners.
    Since Al-Qaeda was undeniably, irrefutably an American-British Intelligence creation in the first place ... Hmmm ... Makes you wonder.
    Arab people must be saying, with friends like him, who needs enemies?
    If I were an oil speculator/investor, I'd be sending Osama a case of Old Malt Scotch for Christmas.  Who's he working for anyhow?!!

    playboy cokehead Arab decoys in Florida.

    (The current President is literally an American Intelligence creation, by his father.  And John Kerry, like Bush and like Heinrich Himmler, is admittedly a member of Skull and Bones, only he and Bush told a giggling Tim Russert they can't talk about it.)

    for DEEPER info go here:  http://www.jfkii.com/ and for God's sake buy my friend John's friggin movie!!  It's GOOD, and it's not some Democrat partisan trash. 
    There are some strong similarities in these roles of Zionists and Al-Qaeda. 
    Who put the Zionists on the map?  Britain and America. 
    Who put Al-Qaeda on the map?  British-born Brzezinski working for America.
    I'd venture that Zionists are about as unhealthy for Jewish lives as Al-Qaeda is for Arab lives, although it doesn't seem like that on the surface right now.