One worrisome thing was the unprecedented 90-minute delay in response to 1 then 2 then 4 reported hijackings.  Normally, dozens of times per year, response time to any off-course non-responsive flight is within 6-15 minutes, from the nearest military base. In this case jets didn't even take off until much later and based on timelines, flew at sub-max speed, arriving late for all 3 hits.

Mike Ruppert made a lot of phone calls and emails and learned that on September 11, Dick Cheney was in charge of NORAD (North Amer Air Defense) and NORAD was running FIVE drills on the morning of Sept 11, simulating terrorists flying hijacked jets into the WTC and Pentagon, called Vigilant Warrior, Vigilant Guardian, code names, etc. Some involved actual "live fly" planes, others were simulated radar blips.

This strange coincidence was either not reported in any newspaper or perhaps hinted in a paragraph somewhere, and is missing from the 9-11 Commission Report.  When Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney publicly confronted Donald Rumsfeld about how this shocking coincidence and asked him about it's impact on response time, Rummy said that the drills that morning improved response time.

In an equally strange coincidence, after the London bombing, Peter Powers, a consultant with the London Underground MI-6 Intelligence, came on TV to tell the world that the bombing ALSO happened to coincide with a set of drills he was hired to run by a private company, involving the exact same scenario, place, time.  10 cameras on the bus and over 100 cameras on the London street and were also inoperable or turned off.

What are the odds that BOTH terrorist attacks would coincidentally match simultaneous drills?

Mainstream media, even most "alternative" media, has been complicit for 4-years-and-counting in refusing to look at or mention -- nay, downright hostile towards -- this evidence which is right in front of them, and offered to them.

www.standdown.net - timeline of how NORAD did not respond according to standard operating procedure on 9/11