More on the demonic rantings of Texe Marrs

A friend of The Refiner's Fire has brought to our attention that "Pastor" Texe Marrs blames everything bad that has ever happened to the U.S. on - none other than the Jews and Israel! He spouts off all kinds of lies and accusations, but never once provides any real proof. We've never personally met Texe Marrs but, judging from the hideous things he espouses, we're guessing he either has an "SS" tatoo on his rear end, or he wears a white sheet over his head....

At his website Conspiracy World, Marrs espouses the following:

Our politicians and our evangelical leaders assure us that America is the most blessed nation on earth. Many claim we are blessed by God because we, as a nation, have blessed Israel. But is this true?

Review the shocking list below of plagues and evils that have furiously raked this country since we helped found and began actively supporting wicked, earthly Israel ("Sodom and Egypt"—see Rev. 11:8) in 1948. Decide for yourself. Has America been blessed—or cursed—by God for its support of Israel for over 50 years?

NOTE FROM THE REFINER'S FIRE: For the sake of space, we are not printing Marrs' entire list (which can be seen at the link above). However, you will be able to see enough to realize that Marrs' article does not provide one shred of evidence to show that the Jews and Israel were the supposed cause of America's woes! He never mentions HOW the Jews supposedly caused Americans to become decadent. He never once mentions that man's choices and willful SINNING was the cause of America's ills. Note how he carefully AVOIDS mentioning the rampant evil being perpetrated in America by Americans BEFORE 1948. Our challenge to his rantings is presented in blue, immediately following each bulleted item....

  • Drug Scourge drug dealers rob, steal, and murder; nation plagued with LSD, ecstasy, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, oxycontin, zoloft, xanax, alcohol)

    Note from TRF: And the Jews were responsible for this HOW? If Marrs would double-check his history, he would see that the first law that prohibited the use of a specific drug was a San Francisco ordinance that banned the smoking of opium in opium dens in 1875. Cocaine was prohibited early in the 20th century.

    A study on Alcohol Prohibition states, part: Starting from around 1906, the homicide rate rises steadily through 1933-1934, when it begins a general decline until approximately 1960, interrupted by a spike during World War II...Roughly speaking, therefore, there have been two periods with high homicide rates in U.S. history, the 1920-1934 period and the 1970-1990 period (Friedman 1991). Both before the first episode and between these two episodes, homicide rates were relatively low or clearly declining. Prima facie, this pattern is consistent with the hypothesis that alcohol prohibition increased violent crime....

  • Witchcraft & Satanism (churches of wicca and satan are now flourishing and have tax exempt status; Santeria, Native American nature and spirit worship; New Age movement; scores of movies and books promoting witchcraft and satanism)

    Note from TRF: An article called The History of Satanism states, in part: Wicca as we now know it is derived from 19th-century occult philosophy -- including literary Satanic philosophy, among others -- projected onto a non-Christian Goddess and God, plus some de-Christianized Golden Dawn style ceremonial magick, plus assorted turn-of-the-century British folklore, more recently re-shaped by neo-Pagan scholarship and by modern feminist and ecological concerns. At least several different sides of Wicca's convoluted family tree can be traced to 19th-century literary Satanism, some forms of which had more in common with present-day Wicca than with present-day Satanism. How were the Jews responsible for that?

  • Pedophilia (child molestation rampant throughout society, even in churches)

    Note from TRF: Amnesty Magazine is just one resource that shows how child molestation was already rampant in the U.S. at the turn of the 20th Century: The system, which began with President Ulysses Grant's 1869 “Peace Policy,” continued well into the 20th century. Church officials, missionaries, and local authorities took children as young as five from their parents and shipped them off to Christian boar....Virtually imprisoned in the schools, children experienced a devastating litany of abuses, from forced assimilation and grueling labor to widespread sexual and physical abuse. How were the Jews responsible for that?

  • Pornography (multibillion industry; child porn rampant; porno is #1 seller on internet and at video stores; snuff "death" films make millions)

    Note from TRF: Just a small history lesson on porn: 1684 - The sexual farce Sodom; or the Quintessence of Debauchery is published posthumously, penned by the second Earl of Rochester John Wilmot. 1750 John Cleland publishes Memoirs of Fanny Hill. 1785 The Marquis de Sade writes The 120 Days of Sodom....With the advent of film and video, this "industry" naturally caught fire WAY before 1948! But HOW were the Jews responsible for this?

  • Homosexual Depravity (same-sex marriages; transvestites, drag queens; gay culture; homosexuality taught in schools; sodomy legalized)

    Note from TRF: Read the Bible, Marrs! It's full of homosexuality and depravity by sinners. Homosexuality in History states, in part: The earliest record of someone receiving the death penalty for homosexual acts in what would become a part of the United States was in St. Augustine, Florida in 1566 when a man was executed by the military. The United States maintained the death penalty for convicted "sodomites" until about 1779 when Thomas Jefferson proposed that Virginia drop the death penalty for the crime and replace it with castration. Some states have revised the punishment for sodomy over the years, and some states and localities have passed laws protecting those who commit homosexual acts. How were the Jews responsible for that?

  • Tax Systems (agents of the IRS and other tax authorities are law breakers and thugs; taxes have gone up ten times since 1948)

    Note from TRF: ...And the Jews are responsible for this HOW?

  • Murder (kids are killing parents and teachers; parents are killing kids, serial killers and violent teens are murdering at a brisk pace; culture spawns violence)....Defunct Schools (atrocities abound: guns; knives; drugs; test cheaters and plagiarists; homosexual teachers; lax discipline; gangs; rapes; SAT and achievement test scores drop like a rock; many parents forced to home school or put kids in private schools. Nevertheless, school taxes explode upward)

    Note from TRF: Doesn't the Bible TELL us that these things would happen? Does the BIBLE blame the Jews? Again, Marrs evidently doesn't know how to support his allegations with PROOF!

  • Language (profanity and filth are heard on TV, radio, everywhere)....Idols (worst example of humans are often made into celebrities and idols—the raunchy and dishonest are promoted as exemplars and role models

    Note from TRF: HOW are the Jews to blame? Have you tried looking to Hollywood - and the CHOICES they've made, along with the movie viewers CHOICES? How are the Jews to blame for this? Put your money where your mouth is, Marrs, an show us some PROOF!

  • Political Trash (a President of the U.S.A. rapes women and even has sex with and defiles a young intern at the White House using a cigar. The majority howl their approval; his wife is a lesbian whose campaign theme is "As bad as she wants to be." Democrats and Republicans alike are wicked and demented; movie star Arnold Schwarzeneger gropes women and poses nude in gay men's magazines, then gets elected Governor of California)

    Note from TRF: Again - HOW are the Jews to blame? Do you have PROOF that Hillary is a lesbian? Got her on video or on tape? It sounds like she has a valid case of libel against you, buddy! "Political trash" is nothing new; in earlier times people kept their "trash" private and quiet. With the advent of television and today's piranha-like media, NOTHING is private or sacred anymore. But HOW did the Jews cause this???

Enough is enough! You get the gist: Marrs makes dozens of unsubstantiated claims in his list of "allegations" against the Jews. He provides absolutely ZERO proof, and in fact, CANNOT prove these ridiculous allegations because there is no evidence to support his claims. The Bible tells us that man inherited a sinful nature from Adam and Eve, and our decadent world is the obvious evidence. It has nothing to do with "the Jews", and everything to do with man's choices.

Marrs seems to be doing his level best to mock God, who promised that Israel would once again become a nation, and that this would happen in ONE DAY (Isaiah 66:7-8)! He seems to mock God by insisting that God's "chosen people" are the root of America's evil! In Genesis 12:3 God says: "I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you." What part of "I will curse" does Marrs find too difficult to understand? How DARE he spread such hideous lies and unfounded accusations about the Apple of God's eye? Perhaps his hatred is simply a reflection of his own black soul!

America, a nation founded "under God", has - until recently when President Bush helped to divide Israel and make thousands of Jews in Gaza homeless - been a very blessed nation. America was the only country in the world that opened its harbors to the Jews after World War II and so, for the first time in history, the Jews had a country that would not discriminate. America has been blessed for her continued support for Israel, and this is why, in part, she has become the target of terrorists. Satan inspires the hatred that people feel toward America, because he hates America for being a friend of Israel and for allowing the gospel to spread throughout the world....

In his effort to discredit the Jews, Marrs has resorted to the antics of those early "Christian" hypocrites (who wouldn't have known God if they fell on Him), who killed the Jews simply for being Jews. Not only did many our Christian forefathers hate the Jews and disengage themselves from them, they persecuted them throughout history, beginning as early as 69 A.D. Indeed, from the day that Stephen was stoned to death, there arose intense persecution against the Messianic community in Jerusalem.

As author Clarence H. Wagner, Jr. stated: ....World opinion of Israel is trapped in the old pit of anti-Semitism. After World War II, as the facts of the Holocaust came to light, many enlightened individuals and groups began to speak out for the Jewish people, albeit too late to save the 6,000,000 who perished. While it was no longer "fashionable" to be anti-Semitic, that did not make the problem go away... it only drove it underground. Currently, it is showing itself in the world opinion of Israel as people and governments have transferred their anti-Semitic feelings to a national level in the disguise of righteous indignation against the "aggressive Zionist state." The new anti-Israel or anti-Zionist trend is nothing more than the old anti-Semitism in new clothing.

From the things Texe Marrs says, he can only be described as a hypocrite. In My Heart Aches for the Jews he proclaims sadness over the heathen Jews, then continues to blast them with hate speech:

What a tremendous spiritual struggle I have undergone the past six months! As I studied and researched the scriptures and burned the midnight oil preparing my two latest videos, often my heart would almost reach the breaking point. How my heart aches for the Jews! (If his heart aches for the Jews so much, rather than to blame them for the world's ills and make them look like raving lunatics, liars, and murderers, why doesn't he get down on his knees and BEG God to open their spiritual eyes so they can know Yeshua?)

.....But our Lord, on the cross, cried out, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." Should we not pay heed to these pleas of Christ our Savior? Is it not incumbent on us, today, to also forgive the Jews, even when they so often are working to undermine and destroy the Christian church? Even when they and their leaders plot and strive to tear away the fabric of American morality and decency? (Notice how Marrs cannot hide his hatred of the Jews? On one hand, his "heart aches" for them; on the other, he reminds the world that the Jews are working to destroy the Christian church, along with American morality and decency. Too bad he can't PROVE the GARBAGE he espouses! In all his rantings there is NOT ONE SHRED of proof! He's like a little kid, harassing and prodding somebody with a stick, and then running away without telling anyone why he did it. We at The Refiner's Fire pray that God would forgive Texe Marrs, as he clearly doesn't understand the Bible - otherwise he wouldn't be "lukewarm" and insist that Torah, God's seventh day Sabbath, or the Biblical feast should be ignored and replaced by man-made holidays that are steeped in paganism!)

Yes, I do forgive the Jews. (No you don't, Marrs! If you did, then you wouldn't be knocking yourself out to bombard us with bogus information about the "horrible Jews"...) All Christians love and are concerned for our Jewish friends and neighbors. (All Christians? And you know this HOW? We at The Refiner's Fire have received many hate e-mails from "Christians". One "pastor" even threatened to find us so he do us physical harm...) The Jews live and work in unbelief, having for so long been taught lies about Christians and about Christianity by their rabbis and leaders. (What lies? People like YOU are living proof of the anti-Semitic mindset of many "Christians"!) This is both tragic and poignant, for, by rejecting Christ, the Jews are embracing the Evil One who opposes Christ. (Texe, do you really believe that YOU are embracing the mind of Christ by spouting hatred toward and spreading lies about the Jews? HYPOCRITE!) Satan is no doubt thrilled over the prospect of bringing so many Jews down to hell for eternity. But as for me, I am saddened. My heart aches. (LIAR! Your rantings prove otherwise! YOU are a false prophet and a spawn of Satan!)

As much as we would have liked to "keep our cool" and remain detached and professional in our response to Texe Marrs, it was a real challenge. This man is not only drowning in hatred for the Jews; he is obviously "trapped in the old pit of anti-Semitism" - and we pray that the Holy Spirit will open his eyes before it's too late....