Banned from Dem Und, AND Freep

I got my first time post on Democratic Underground deleted.  Here's how:
Below that is how I got BANNED from posting at Democratic Underground, with NO REPSONSE from Admins.  The only link is to "read the rules".
I also got BANNED by Free Republic after ONE post, challenging the War on Terrorism with facts.

I can say I voted for Clinton and Gore, and organized for Kucinich and Kerry, but now I know some real reasons why REAL Republicans probably voted for Bush.

1. Waco -- approximately a dozen people incinerated on US soil

2. Ruby Ridge -- a teenage boy, family dog, and mother holding an infant all shot to death, the mother right thru the forehead.
3. Unconstitutional bombing of Bosnia, undeclared, run by NATO, to dismember Yugoslavia for Neo-Liberal Wall Street capitalism and looting ... based on hype and feel-good lies
4. A flurry of unconstitutional executive orders, including the pre-cursor to the PATRIOT Act.

Mount Carmel was a religious commune, weird perhaps, but any religion can be considered weird. David Koresh, he may have been a (non-convicted) pedophile for sleeping with teenage girls, but that was no reason to incinerate people and their children. There were many opportunities to arrest suspects, to serve a warrant, etc. FBI leader even offered to intervene, as well as other Seventh-Day Adventists, but none were allowed.  FBI and BATF had their plan, and it included a test of overwhelming military force and shoot to kill orders.
Some of them are still in prison.
Compare to Katrina.

Ruby Ridge involved a white separatist in Montana.  So he wanted to live separately from blacks.  I guess his opinion was to have a white nation and black nation, but he has said he did not *hate* blacks, it was just his political opinion. FBI sawed off a shotgun 1/4" too short and handed it to Randy Weaver. Then he had his fingerprints on it, so they tried to extort him to be an informant. He refused to be a rat, refused to surrender to a bogus arrest warrant, and paid the price with his family's lives.

Clinton's war in Bosnia involved siding with the Bosnian Muslims, not just any Muslims, but Al-Qaeda types. Clinton admin recruited help from actual Al-Qaeda leaders. A Republican Party Committee report --- which was submerged in favor of Monica --- went into great detail. Leftist site has an article called "Osamagate".

Historically, Serbs were slaughtered in great numbers in the past by Muslims from Turkey --- btw, I'm a Jewish pro-Palestinian activist -- and finally fought them off at great bravery against overwhelming odds. Needless to say they grew alarmed at the violent insurrection being mounted by the Bosnian sect. The KLA was listed by our State Dept as heroin-running terrorists.

It's disputed by a friend, but articles indicate that the forces which were backed in Albania (i think) were Ustashi Fascists, who even horrified the Nazis by their brutality. After the NATO action, they came to power and out came the old rhetoric and Nazi symbology.

Since most Muslims, Albanians, Christians, Serbs, etc. got along fine and intermarried in most areas, it is alleged that the sudden appearance of ethnic violence was launched by CIA puppets and paid assets, which was then hyped and exploited in the media to "sell" the 72 days of bombing as a "peace-keeping mission".

The terms of the Peace Accord before the bombing included complete and total subservience to NATO/US military rule, including slating the costs of occupation to be borne by Serbians.

No wonder Milosevec died. He was going to testify.

At the time, Sean Hannity blamed Clinton for this war in words he won't say about Bush.
So did Phyllis Schafly. So did Ramsey Clark.
Other conservatives DO speak out, like Alex Jones who considers the Fox-bots literal demons. (Jones feat. Cynthia McKinney AND Dennis K in two of his docu movies, American Dictators and Matrix of Evil. See )

Most conservatives are mum about the worst Clinton crimes. BTW, I thought it was just Jerry Falwell, but I saw a photo of the Vince Foster police report, and the first one said he died in his car.

What Bush is doing with Executive Orders and "signing statements" like the one which exempted him from following the anti-torture McCain bill he signed, Clinton did this before, just slightly less extreme. Republicans who believe in the Constitution were appalled at this and other *real* *live* police state apparatus being erected.

Bush-bots won't ack that, preferrring the accusation that he was a wimp and sex-freak who backed gay rights.

Clinton is A MEMBER of the Bush crime family syndicate, the 'soft cop' variety. No time for details, but google Mena, AK and Boys on the Tracks. Hopsicker has a video called Drug Lords on that.

I suppose THESE are valid reasons they hated Democrats --- and some have finally had enough -- but the FAKE CONSERVATIVES rarely bring these up. Maybe they know that Bush is Clinton on steroids, or they focus on bashing some of the warm, benign, good-hearted liberal proposals he backed.

In essence, I read that Clinton was hired to push thru the most destructive NAFTA, and that was the main thing that mattered. It makes serfs out of Americans and Mexicans alike, and opens US cities and states to lawsuits for damages from "projected sales lost", when local laws are democratically passed which in any way restrict corporate rule or malfeasance. Thus every country in the world which exercises democratic rule, but which still wants to trade, may be subject to paying huge fines and compensation from the public sector (TAXES) to corporations --- BUT ONLY TO FOREIGN CORPORATIONS, domestic corporations don't benefit, unless they sue another country.

THIS IS THE CLINTON LEGACY. Notice, Kerry supported that too. Bush is pushing CAFTA and FTAA, which are intended to gradually make "borders" meaningless, and created a North-Central-South American SuperState like the EU. (You might be shocked at some video of vegan anti-FTAA protestors vs. the riot squad robocop who were shooting at them.) Fine and dandy, but it won't be run by the US Constitution anymore, so that's MORE police state, more erosion of rights and enviro, MORE POVERTY, world run by corporations and their Boards, some of whom are ruthless and inhuman.

I'm afraid.

"I never would have agreed to the formulation of the Central Intelligence Agency back in '47, if I had known it would become the American Gestapo. " -- Harry S Truman (1961)
So YOU removed Msg 290?  On a thread castigating Michelle Malkin (for posting the names and numbers of Liberals on her website, leading to actual death threats) and people talking about HATING ALL Republicans.  Something I said was inflammatory?  Rule-breaking?  
It should be clear, having voted for both Clinton and Kerry and campaigned for Kerry and Kucinich, I've never been a Republican.  I'm not trying to FREEP your board.  Why the censorship?  I'm talking about evidence and history. 
Is anything negative to the DLC immediately removed here?  If so, this is no better than Free Republic, who banned me for writing about 9-11 and govt complicity of key security officials HELPING the terrorists.

Gary Goodman